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Valis - Memories of a Blue Haired Girl

In the early 1990's when all the kids were playing their new “Super Nintendo’s”, I was playing my Turbografx-16 CD!! It was the first videogame console to support a CD-ROM. Today they’re standard but back then it was an experience to behold.

I have many fond memories of playing my Turbografx-16 CD, but out of all the games I owned the “Valis” series will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is because the main characters in the Valis series were brave young heroines. As a girl gamer, I could connect with Yuko and friends better then I could with Mario or his brother Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog or Solid Snake.

(All TurboGrafx CD games suffered from horrible box art)

Another reason I loved playing the Valis games was for the fantastic cut scenes. Valis utilized the CD-ROM audio so it featured a robust soundtrack and full voice acting. At a time when all gamers had was reading text and 16-bit midi sound, this made the games even more enjoyable and exciting to play.

(Valis was a typical side-scroller with great cut scenes and music)

The last Valis Game I played was Valis IV that I had imported from Japan. Since then I waited for the next installment to come. Finally, after years of waiting and two whole console generations later I caught wind that a new Valis game was in the works. I was ecstatic.

To my horror and dismay, when the game was finally released last year, I discovered Yuko and her comrades had taken a dark and treacherous path. Valis was now being dragged through the mud as an adult “H-Game”!!!.

What twisted mind could have done this? How could this happen?!? One of my cherished childhood memories now shattered, I hang my head and say farewell.

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