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GameSpot's Zero Tolerance

Gamespot seems to have an extreme intolerance of anti-social behavior that causes disruptions to its delightful community. Even the slightest “infraction” is treated as major offense and enforced by a moderator at their personal whim.  I suppose the only way to never get a violation here is to act disingenuously.

I remember a time before GameSpot and Gamefaqs merged, where one could speak his or her mind without getting moderated like crazy. What happened to leniency? Is there no such thing as unjust moderations? I suppose you’re just better off conforming to the CNET conglomerate rules and regulations. The days of the internet as a place for “Free Expression” are coming to a close.

So I too now will conform and take my place with the rest of the cattle. Don’t be surprised if you find me spewing derivative comments such as “Bethany M. RULES!!!”.