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Female Gamer Spotlight - Featuring Yours Truly

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Hey gang if you head over to the "Lady Gamers' Creed " Union there's a new feature called "Female Gamer Spotlight" featuring none other then .... ME! I know! WTF were they thinking right? As you can see by the logo above, the article even features one of my digital paintings (below is the full version). So what are you waiting for? Go check it out or else feel my wrath!!!

**Ninja Nun is a commision I recently completed..


Alright boys .. stop oogling her and check out the interview!

Oni's Interview


Valis - Memories of a Blue Haired Girl

In the early 1990's when all the kids were playing their new “Super Nintendo’s”, I was playing my Turbografx-16 CD!! It was the first videogame console to support a CD-ROM. Today they’re standard but back then it was an experience to behold.

I have many fond memories of playing my Turbografx-16 CD, but out of all the games I owned the “Valis” series will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is because the main characters in the Valis series were brave young heroines. As a girl gamer, I could connect with Yuko and friends better then I could with Mario or his brother Luigi, Sonic the Hedgehog or Solid Snake.

(All TurboGrafx CD games suffered from horrible box art)

Another reason I loved playing the Valis games was for the fantastic cut scenes. Valis utilized the CD-ROM audio so it featured a robust soundtrack and full voice acting. At a time when all gamers had was reading text and 16-bit midi sound, this made the games even more enjoyable and exciting to play.

(Valis was a typical side-scroller with great cut scenes and music)

The last Valis Game I played was Valis IV that I had imported from Japan. Since then I waited for the next installment to come. Finally, after years of waiting and two whole console generations later I caught wind that a new Valis game was in the works. I was ecstatic.

To my horror and dismay, when the game was finally released last year, I discovered Yuko and her comrades had taken a dark and treacherous path. Valis was now being dragged through the mud as an adult “H-Game”!!!.

What twisted mind could have done this? How could this happen?!? One of my cherished childhood memories now shattered, I hang my head and say farewell.

Valis Links:

Unofficial Valis Homepage

Telenet Japan
Wikipedia - Valis Entry
Official Valis Homepage (Japanese) 18+

PC Engine Duo is MINE!! :)

Uhhh Huh. That's right. Yours truly is now the official owner of her own --> 
  (Shown Below):

Yeah I know it might be odd to you all .. well with these crazy Wii-motes flying around smacking into these HD-Televisions sets that only a Playstation 3 with it's fancy Cell processor would feel home sitting next too. But that's what everyone wants nowadays.

Not me, nu-uh! I don't care for all this new technology ... I want OLD technology. The pop corn is a-poppin and I'm getting ready to jump into one of the best 2-D adventure games ever made: Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo (Demon Castle Dracula X: Rondo of Blood) 

I bought it today at my local Game Trade Shop. This little baby just happened to be sitting there with a reasonable price tag. My childhood memories of playing Bonk's adventure took the best of me and I snatched it with a dozen games (that was all they had :P )

So ... go on now, play that Gears of War or Twilight Princess .. I'll be here rediscovering gaming bliss with these vintage gems!

Forum Moderators

Most forum Moderators are deficient of the intellect it takes to operate a toaster. I'm being generous when I say that, but for the majority of the mods on popular websites like GS in general, carry a feeling of superiority because they've been granted exclusive rights to make decisions on our behalf. Ain't that sweet? They were given this power because they demonstrated a measure of wisdom and tolerance. I hate to break it to you but you can be extremely "wise" and still lack any intelligence at all. I've seen plenty of half-witted Mods in my day and GameSpot, for example, has an overabundant supply of these simpletons. They are nothing but self appointed egotistic sadist on a mission to carry out "their Will" for us.

It's not an easy job by no-means. They are the keepers of the all mighty TOS agreement. With their fingers indefinitely hovering over the "ban" button, you are just one click away from becoming a victim of their authority. You have disrupted the fabric of decency and need to be disciplined. 

The old saying "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." this goes for all the Liberal Mods out there, of any degree. I'd also like to note that Mods have cohorts who try to gain their favor by flattery or obsequiousness. Pure sucks ups.

I get modded all the time. Has it made me realize the errors of my ways? Has it made me change the way I conduct myself? Have I conformed by their rules?  I'll let you figure that out. Without people like me .. there would be no need for moderators. It's a love hate relationship, in a sense, we give them purpose.

These are just my opinions, though probably not constructive it's my right to have them. If a mod is reading this, please exercise the following methods at your discretion: Closed/Locked/Deleted/Banned/Point reduction/Suspended

Silent Hill The Movie

What a great Movie!  I really enjoyed it :)  I'm glad they didn't stray away from the true SH look and feel like they do with most Game to Movie translations.  Let's hope for a sequel! That would be great!

GameSpot's Zero Tolerance

Gamespot seems to have an extreme intolerance of anti-social behavior that causes disruptions to its delightful community. Even the slightest “infraction” is treated as major offense and enforced by a moderator at their personal whim.  I suppose the only way to never get a violation here is to act disingenuously.

I remember a time before GameSpot and Gamefaqs merged, where one could speak his or her mind without getting moderated like crazy. What happened to leniency? Is there no such thing as unjust moderations? I suppose you’re just better off conforming to the CNET conglomerate rules and regulations. The days of the internet as a place for “Free Expression” are coming to a close.

So I too now will conform and take my place with the rest of the cattle. Don’t be surprised if you find me spewing derivative comments such as “Bethany M. RULES!!!”.