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OmegaAlchamist Blog

Time and TIme Again

When ever I think about time, the cliche images come to me. A clock, numbers, flashbacks of precious moments. Then they're the times when I think of her face, the moments we've shared. I think of my joys, hopes, and dreams I yearn for. I think of what I could become. It is this when I know time is an obstacle one must overcome. Life is a waiting game and you wait to act at the perfect time. What they don't tell you is any moment is the perfect time. Better to regret something you did rather than something you didn't do. That way, learning something will be inevitable!


Well, I'm here for a little while again. I've been alriht but am TOTALLY bussy. School is pounding on me and trying to juggle that with the point of staying a kid is hard!!!! Oh well....if anyone can do it it has to be good old Omega! ;) Well guys until next time see ya guys later!!!

An Old Face in The Crowd....

Well everybody I took a vacation. I haven't been on much because I've been having the best time of my life! Freshman year is going good, have a purple belt in my martial arts and am now dating the girl of my dreams. My life had finally settled in my favor and I'm lovin it! I hope that all my old friends are doing well. I don't know if I'm going to come here regularly anymore but I just wanted to say hi. I could never forget all of my friends I made here. See you around! :)



Well...It's me again.

Sorry I haven't kept in contact for a while friends.:cry: Life's been busy, and if I have time I usually am perusing some other life pleasure. If any of you guys remember my last blog, I just wanted to say that the wedding was great and I met some pretty amazing people.:D I also graduated from my grade school and am on summer vacation. Next year I'll be a high school freshman, which I am so excited for! I also have a pretty jam-packed summer. I'll be taking mixed martial arts, learning Latin, and working at my school, so if I find any spare time between those moments I'll gladly say hi. So I wish all of you the best and until next time be safe and good luck!:)


On Wednesday I'll be leaving to go my Uncle's wedding. I'm a groomsman so I'm pretty excited. I won't be back until the following Wednesday so I probably won't be able to usea cumputer until then. It's in Hawaii so wish me luck.


So, I've been on GS for almost a year now and I like it hear. I was just wondering if you guys wanted to see a video of me? I'll do it if enough people say yes, or I'll do it anyway!:P So... give me an answer.

OMG and Canadian Ukulele Band

Well, I practically crapped myself when I found out that GTA IV got a perfect 10! I heard it was good but for GS to give it a 10 it must be something!!! Also, and world renown(supposedly) ukulele band from Vancouver, Canada came to my school Tuesday. They said they played all over the world which I thought was kind of cool. They were actually pretty entertaining. They even played the Mario Bros. theme song!:P In the game department, the only thing I've been playing is FE Radiant Dawn. Almost beat it and I'm doing pretty good. Until next time, see ya and peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Can I here a WHAT WHAT!!!

Hiphip hurray!!! I am back. I've had some... things I have had to take care of, so that is why I haven't been around as much. I may explain some things later but now is not the time. I feel like I missed a lot so I need to hurry up and strart contributing!! I've been trying to but Gamespot welcomed me back by not letting me post anything so that's annoying!:evil: Good ol' Glitchspot:P. So, glad to see you guys again and hope you had fun without me and stayed safe.

Kinda Sorta Back...

Well, tomorrow is my spring break. I may me on more but I'm really putting all my time in Brawl and Oblivion. Any extra time I have I may be on here but most of next week I'll be in LA to see my baby cousin! I made a video with my friend a couple days back so I may upload it later if my friend gives it to me. Peace guys and if you need anything, you know where to find me.:P

Good day yesterday

Well yesterday was great. It was volleyball in PE class and I got put on the BEST team. We have two people who are on actual teams,(one wasn't that good:() Shane, who can jump super high, Matthew, who is pretty powerful, Jonny, who is actually pretty good, and me who suprisingly kicks ass at volleyball. At first, I didn't know how good we were going to be because we were facing this seemingly good team. To make a long story short, the first game we barely won and the second game we slaughtered them!:twisted: We had fun!:)