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Horror returns

Remember back then in 2008,when game called Dead Space came out.It was masterpeace of Visceral Games .Not trashed by EA microtransactions and such.That was horror game.Claustraphobic small rooms,and tention you never felt again in sequiels.

Well fans made amazing live action video.In fact what EA did with Dead Space 3 live action movie,it's nothing compared to this.Are you ready to get back by your memories,to those dark rooms filled with hiden morphs about to jump and kill you?Are you ready for dark rooms,and feeling that some one is watching you and about to kill you in horible ways?

Well no...? To bad.

Eric Zaragoza made this happen,returning sleepless nights because of how much you're fightened of dark rooms.




Just don't say,i didn't warned ya,okay ^^

I'm using facebook - Mine drawings

It's not like state - I'm using facebook i'm cool - yo! ..more like i would love to share with you guys & girls mine drawings which ones i upload to mine facebook account.

Enjoy! (from animals to video games characters)


Btw who uses Facebook feel free to add me for fun :) 

Corvo Unmasked

Guys/Girls aren't we love DISHONORED..

Well certainly I do!

and ..we love Mysterious guy with supernatural powers - Corvo.

We may never see his face in game,but early concept arts of game back in 2009 June/July alow us to do that.

Back then game was planned to be set on 17th century of London.

Yup! Game was in development back in 09!

Anyway here they are early concept arts of DISHONORED.







Yet another pointles blog.

But here in country I live - Lithuania ,and I think in whole Europe at Septemper 1st begins school year.And well mine 20th birthday.And well,it's 00.02 here in LTU so mine Birthday!

Wow already 20.I even remember mine 7th birthday.Well I'm not much changed ,just apearance a little.Even minde friends say I'm looking like 16,and when I go to horror movies in cinema sometimes they ask for passcard,yet I'm still childish inside.

I think today i will gonna sleep more than usual and not go to school as I must ,but what ever,mine birthday :)

and a song of mine day ,every September 1st I'm listening this song.


Anyway whenever who born at September 1st or August 31st Happy Birthday from the bottom of mine heart :)

It's Our Day!

Act of Genesis AMV (Past-Pressent-Future)

I like bloging okay :P

Anyway i founded AMAZING AMV which one repressents PAST-PRESSENT-FUTURE of mankind,enjoy! :)


PS: If we eventually will reach that kind of future,in fact we are at this state,and we are almost at the peek of it,yet getting closser and closser.. if so I don't want to see future of mankind.

It made me think about future of our planet.

Everyday we destroy nature by cutting tonz of woods,killing tonz of animals,even rare species.

Even droppedsweeps are destroying nature by poluting it,factories put out tonz of toxic gass to air,and we are breathing it...

Everyday we as humanity kill each other,even we are killing ourself.

And nature fights back ,by tsunami's ,tornadoes ,volcano eruptions.

Earth-Nature-and every living thing in this planet are connected with us,like we connected with them.So if we will destroy that connection doesn't it mean we will destroy ourself?

Is that kind of future we want?

What are your thoughts on this?