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Just Cause End part

This is my Game of the Month of September 2006 (I count it as September because it was released then). I will begin to go a monthly Game of the Month, and I picked JC for Sept. 06 because of the GTA elements and interesting missions and story. BTW, game of the month November is going to be Gears of War. If it's not, I have been replaced by aliens who hate gory fun. I never liked GTA. Its sexual content was utterly repulsive, but I did like the rest of it. JC takes the carjacking elements, adds a grappling hook, and lets you freely roam San Esperito, even after you take care of El Presidente. The game gives you ultimate reign of the island's fate; you can lead factions to power or ditch them and do everything yourself. My review will be in shortly.

Just Cause Part II

I love the Achievements in the X360 JC. They are sometimes easy to get, but always fun to do. Completing story mode will net you 3 achievements, but the truly challenging ones are where you have to survive as most wanted for a set amount of time, or do a number of stunts. JC is the best game so far in Q3 of 2006.

Foley scandal...repulsive

This entire thing is just disgusting. I have no problem with Foley being gay (though I'm sure the Republicans are glad to be rid of him). The thing that disgusts me is that he sent those creepy messages to that page kid. Plus, uber-Republican FOX News tried to take the blame and fool the unsuspecting public by labeling him (D-Florida) in their press conference coverage. I hate FOX News.

Just Cause

I just got JC for my 360. Actually, I didn't even know it was on Xbox until I walked into the GameCrazy! I have already bombed coca silos, liberated villages, stolen countless cars and leapt off motorcycles, deployed my parachute, and then grappled and hijacked a boat. The system is ingenious! It is all too easy to hop from vehicle to vehicle as Rico, like in Pursuit Force (PSP) on steroids! You always have ammo for your Pitbull pistols, and you can find many more vehicles and ammo to help you overthrow the island's El Presidente! Shooting guys and taking their motorcycles and cruising down the coastline before jumping off and swimming across the river is an excellent way to pass the time as you help guerilla factions and drug lords. I traded in NBA 2K6 and Xenosaga III to get this game, and it was worth it!

X06: Halo Wars

At X06, Halo was announced to be going into a Real-time strategy game, developed by a studio that is no stranger to the genre, but has never worked before with Halo. It is set before Halo 1, and allows you to real time command groups of Spartans, who were in abundance at that time, with the fuirst battles against the Covenant. Will you command your ships and Spartans as a stamdard group, and when you encounter enemy forces, you will shift to a 1st person view and do battle, possibly giving orders to your squad on the fly? Or will the batlles be played out automatically, based on statistics, in real time like in LotR: BFME2? I pray to god that you get to shift into 1st person and do some blasting as MC and the other Spartans. Hearing AIs in your head would be nice too. Perhaps running through the training sessions from Halo: Fall of Reach? I hope to play the battle on Cote d'Azur. This could set up the Fall of Reach, and allow for games that detail if the other Spartans survived. Playing like BFME2 would be fun, but I would rather have the Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires approach: Revert to the original gameplay when you encounter foes. You could command your units' movements and formation in real time, just like in Empire Earth II (PC), but I will not like it as much if you can't play 1st person as a Spartan. Besides, without 1st-person gameplay, the Spartans won't be done justice. They are meant to blast through thousands of Covie troops, swap weapons and navigate enemy-infested lairs, and without 1st-person view, that can only be achieved to a certain end. Besides, how will the Spartans know when to throw grenades? If battle is automated, the main part of Halo will be gone: it was meant so that you can choose which weapons you blast Elites with, not some computer! I am confident that Bungie will protect MC from the BFME2 formula. Good luck, Halo Wars!

The Ultimate Minds of Videogamedom!

I wonder what would happen if we stuck Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, and a bunch of other video game makers in a room with each other and let them make a video game together. What would we end up with? I am all for the individuality of consoles, but i would like to dream that for once, everyone could put their differences aside and collaborate to make one badass game. What game would be produced? It would probably be something like this: It would be set all across the universe, with many mixes of genres. You could travel to the Mushroom Kingdom as Solid Snake and play through various game scenarios to complete his storyline. Imagine, playing a Halo level as, say Sam Fisher! Imagine grabbing an elite from behind. It would go on like that, mixing locales, play modes, and story lines. Maybe you would be master Chief trying to rescue Princess Peach! Then would begin the bloodshed as people decide what console to put it on...

Stephen Colbert

This guy has to be one of the funniest man on the planet. His political satire is always fresh, no matter how many times you watch the show on your TiVo. I don't agree with most of his positions since he tends to side with George Bush and the conservatives, but that doesn't mean that he's not funny. I printed out his "Colbert Nation Covenant" from and it's wicked funny. The irony of his statements is always so hilarious, and so is the 'bullet point' during the Word. I wonder what it would sound like, were it not just a digital dot...

School of Rock

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I has tons of rock, and they got Led Zeppelin to let them use one of their songs. I actually just watched Jack Black's pitch to Zeppelin to get the Immigrant Song, and it was really funny. Just a great movie.

The Oblivion Rants, Part IV: Necromancy oddity

The Mages Guild is against Necromancy right? I walked into the Anvil guild hall and promptly summoned a zombie. Nobobdy cared. I tried a skeleton. Still nothing. How weird. Either this is a glitch in the game's code, or these people are all hypocrites who wouldn't dare attack their Archmage, even if he was a Necromancer. But, if you wear the Necro robes, they yell at you to take them off. Just plain weird. Maybe the expansion will fix this.

The Oblivion Rants, Part III: Downloadable Content!

I do not have XBox Live, but I think that DLC should be sold as discs to the public as fast as they appear on Live. They just released a collection of XBL Arcade games to the masses, so why not with Oblivion? I know they are working on an expansion, but I won't be satisfied unless it has the Vile Lair, the Wizards Tower, and the Pirate cave thing on it, plus a whole 'nother helping of quests. Mehrune's Razor and the Orrery would be nice, but I want something original too. Something all those XBL junkies will have to go out and buy.
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