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Does anyone know where I can get a free website with no strings attached?
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Well after digging deeper in the CoD series I find more terrible kids. Lets start with Boot Camp. The "camp" was designed for people to get acquainted with the controls and game-play. It also serves as giving newbies a fair chance to get Custom slots without destroying their K/D. It is really unfortunate to see experienced players make new profiles over and over again to boost their friend's streaks and play newbs in boot camp all day. Are they that terrible? Apparently so.

I personally earned my 31 kill streak in veteran, going in by myself, so that I could be proud of it. It wasn't even that hard considering that I ran out of ammo at 24 and had to no-scope people up to 31.(Kar98k) Why bother beating up on nubs and achieving a streak that you will never be proud of? These kids may think that they're proud of it, but deep down in theirs hearts their not and secretly know that they are nubs.

Whats worse? That's simple... How about being experienced, playing in boot camp, and glitching at the same time. Yup, I've seen that too. The worst part is that the particular kid that was doing this probably considers himself a pro and brags to all of his friends how good he is. Glitching is not pro, its Nubcake. Glitching in boot camp is BK Nubcake. Think about it. Who would waste their time finding and practicing these glitches, except a person with no life that wants to prove that he's terrible at a game. If I were that bad, I'd just find a game that I'm good at and leave this one alone.

When I first purchased this game, I was amazed at all the Kill sprees and Win streaks. I really thought I was playing against pros. This was until I had seen that nobody ever does better than me. I'm certainly not saying that nobody is better. I'm just saying that I haven't PLAYED anyone that is better. I couldn't understand how they accomplished the streak on they're profiles. Well thats because I never visited boot camp.

For those of you out there that claim that your done with glitching, that's not good enough. You still have your sprees and streaks that people laugh at because they know that they're not real. (especially when you can't glitch and you get severely owned) So do yourself a favor, erase your cheated profile, and make another one so that your not a laughing stock for the world to use as a form of amusement. It bad enough that glitchers make are wussies and terrible players, but being laughed at and looked down upon is just ridiculous. If you like harsh treatment, feel free to continue and I will keep pooping on you and making you quit games.

The one player that I do respect is Blue Hen. I got matched with him on several occasions and he knows how to play. I don't know if he has ever glitched, but I can say that he does as well as I do by running around and owning. I bow down with a kudos to him, especially since he consistently play well. (Host or not, good connection or terrible connection) People leave when they see us because they know that we can play, and they are scared of our skills, not because we're going to run underneath the map and knife people. Blue hen and I are contenders, not pretenders. And I'm sure that I can speak for him when I say that we are proud for the world to see it.

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What can I say about these dirtbags. They feel the need to use exploitations in the game and they are still terrible. I personally would have too much shame if my win streak or kill streak wasn't legit. It wouldn't even be worth playing. I personally like the fact that there are some cheaters around because it gives me a personal satisfaction to own them. A particular case the comes to mind occurred today. I join a game on cliffside and there are dogs everywhere and my team was getting owned. i look at the score and see that Suarez was on a 10 kill streak. (10-0) I immediately look for the "notorious" shadow. I find it right away. He's firing a MG and goes to his pistol. I figured that he was out of ammo so I ran out of the building with two dogs chasing me. I sprinted and jump off a cliff, looked down, and no-scoped him right in the brain before I hit the ground. I then spent the rest of the game spawn-raping him, and the rest of his team. At the beginning we were losing 180-80. We finished beating them They are almost as bad as those terrible players that feel the need to have a comma for their profile name. (so that they won't be seen) If you are so bad that you need to cheat, go to a game like Cooking Mama. It may be easier for you to accomplish something in a legit manner. Don't be stupid enough to show people that you are a nub-cake.
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I love the sound of Fiber Optic audio on a 5.1 yamaha surround sound. It is simply amazing.
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It amazes me how many people accept them now. I never had any prolbem with them. I just mind my business and they mind there's. I rent apartments to them now and again and I must say that they are the cleanest people ever.
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Make sure you purchase one that was built after august 27, 2007... The newer ones have updated (64 nanometer I believe) these ones will be far less likely to fail by red ring of death. They are also silent even in HD.
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I am looking for a few ppl to run game with. I started this profile off with a 8.75 k/d but I'm teetered off to a 2.5 k/d. I carried my team all night last night to earn a 25 win streak going in by myself. I just need a few people that I don't have to carry. F/C = 1548-2125-2105 Thanks...
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I've heard great things about conduit but I haven't done much research on it. Thanks for the advice, I'll certainly keep it into consideration. I've been a CoD fan since the beginning, and thought that I'd give it a try, especially since I have it for the 360 and its incredible. It was a let down for the wii and Treyarch needs to hear the truth, especially since its over-rated by thousands that simply don;t know any better. I will keep myself busy with Ghost Squad until conduit comes out. Ghost Squad is a great game, a great value, and retains its value much better than CoD. (approx. $14.99 at your local Gamestop)
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What happened to this game? It seemed ok at first glance, but a more detailed view shows it true color. My first impressions was that the game was fun and challenging with the wiimote. Then after a few games I began to notice certain things. Wow, I'm owning these kids. A second later, I can't get a kill. Another second later I'm killing everyone again, but I can't even hit this one guy that's not even at his controller. Maybe its my connection. Nah, my connection tests much higher than most others. Straight LAN. WTF. The next game no kills. I leave the party after this one. I start another and this time I'm the only one in the room so it appears that I'm host. I wait patiently and as the game starts, I lead off with an 18 streak. I finished that game with 29-3. Next game- 21-8. Then 41-6. As soon as I leave, take a break, and join another, back to the same bs. Glitchy, laggy players running everywhere. I can shoot some, and others are taking full clips without a penetration symbol. I decided to bring my TV and wii to my buddies house. He networks from his house and has a t1 connection. I started a game and immediately pull host. I can only say that I destroyed everyone for 3 hours, to the point where it became boring. People were dumping clip after clip and couldn't hit me once. Host shoots faster, reloads faster, has less recoil, takes more hits to die, and has a larger grenade-damage radius.(I forgot to mention that host has a knife-lunging ability much like a sword lunge in Halo) Connection means everything in this game and the only way it could be less skillful would be if it was restricted to blind people. It stands alone as the most inconsistent shooter I have ever played, providing that a cable or broadband connection is present. I'll be sure to trade mine this week. I'll even take Chicken Shoot as an even trade.