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All Trophies unlocked with Journey. Wonderful game and experience. Truly a work of game-art.

ICO going for Platinum

My ICO & SOTC Collection is in the drive of the PS3 the theme of ICO plays on the XMB when you go over the disc.

I'm going to look at my trophy collection.

Woohoo, ICO 80%, and then the euforia stops. I need only finish the game in under 2 hours for platinum! ahhhh I know it's possible so. Let's go!!! (you tube here I come for a few shortcuts in the castle)


Playing mission 6 of SupCom2 campaign. I'm beginning to get a feeling for the new way of waging war on massive scale.
In the first installment you only had energy and mass. Now you've got a third one, research. bye bye tiers hello research. it's a little getting used to but it works.

The thing's different but I think it's still SupCom

Beginning with SupCom2

Bought Suprem Commander 2 yesterday. The critics like it, the veterans of supcom 1 have mixed feelings. I don't know yet. There are some major differences. Don't know yet if that's good or bad. Well see, first i'm going to play the campaign, then skirmishes and online. See ya soon!