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I'm sorry if I have not responded to any comments or questions. I'm really busy with school. This upcoming Monday is the last day of the trimester so i'll be responsive when the new trimester comes. Good bye my fellow gamers!!

My twitter

Click on the Mario Sports Mix link on my Twitter to see that would be ok for Mario to actually talk.


As I have stated before, I am going to get SSF4 3D, RE Mercenaries, and MGS for one more game. What will it be?? I was thinking of getting Dead or Alive Dimensions. Could anyone tell me if the Dead or Alive series is good and if I should try out this game when it comes out??

Price Update

The official price for Nintendo 3DS games is $39.99 USD. There are a good amount of 3DS titles for preorder and I have chosen to get the following two games first: Super Street Fighter 4 3D and Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D. If you guys didn't know, I pre ordered MGS 3D a long time ago. That was just a quick update.

Price for SSF4 3D Will be revealed on Jan 19

I was questioning with Yoshi Ono (creator of street fighter) and asked him if he could tell me the price of SSF4 3D edition and responded that it will be revealed on January 19 at the Nintendo event. This means that we will most likely get all the pricing details we need for the 3DS.

New buy

Got Soul Calibur, memory card, another controller and House of the dead 2 all for the Sega Dreamcast.