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Why R games expensive???

Games are getting too over priced these days. I remember when you could get the newest games, like Zelda, for $30 when they first were released. People spend $50 for the newest Madden game, when next years game will come out and the one you spent 50 on will be selling for $30. Now Microsorft and Sony sell games for $60. It's ok for people to spend so much if they want, I just dont like to spend my money that I spent so hard to make on one single game when the price will go down. If I walked into a Gamestop with $60 in my pocket, I would rather spend it on cheap games and get 10 games instead of just one. Of course, it's just my opinion and all, but still. If a new game comes out that I really want, I usually just rent it from Gamefly. If prices keep going up every generation, then that means, technically, that by next generation, a single game will be about $70. Sony was planning on making PS3 games $80, for new releases according to rumor, but decided not to due to competition with other developers. If people thought the PS3 was expensive, what about the PS4?