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Video Games That Need a Movie Adaptation

These are my choices for video games that need a movie made for them :D even though they might not be that good...

1. The Ledgend of Zelda- It would be good Lord of the Rings with action around every corner and epic boss fights, this might be my number one choice!

2. Silent Hill- Ok, there already is one movie, but what about the rest of the games? The first one was scary, and I want that horror to continue through the second and third games. Maybe the fourth, even though it was the least scary in the series.

3. Resident Evil 4- The last Resident Evil movies that cam out stunk-they didn't follow the Resident Evil storyline, and they were not scary. There needs to be a movie that follows the original storyline-and probably one from the best game so far.

4. Call of Duty 4- Everyone is getting a little tried of all the WW2 movies out there, so how about a little futuristic warfare in the movies? Out of all the ones so far, I think this one is the one that would most likely be good.

5. Disgaea- This is for fun, but there should be a Digaea musical Romeo and Juliet **** An epic battle between angels demons, and the futile love between a demon prince and ditzy angel addicted to love... Pefrect!

Ok, these are the video games that already are getting a movie that I heard so far- Prince of Persia, Gears of War, and the rumor of a Halo movie is on the streets lately, but I don't know if it's true or not.