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Top 10 Bosses I Have Ever Faced (10-6)

10. Tabuu(Super Smash Bros. Brawl- His attacks are strong enough to take you out in one hit! I lost the first time (played through on hard first time) and it was a while ago, but I think I had Ike, Pit, Lucario, and I think Meta Knight on my team, but I forget.


9. Cerberus (Devil May Cry 3)- 3 headed dog+Ice powers+Dante=awsome They say three heads are better than one!

Dante vs Cerberus

8. Lamington (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)- Ever since I finished the anime, I anticipated the epic battle between him. He was level 80, and my team was level 60 and Laharl was near lv. 75ish. It was mega difficult, and I lost the first few times. I decided to use the infinite health cheat from my gameshark. I finished with the normal ending (I think)


7. Minotaur (God of War)- He just wouldn't die, and I was getting mad and had half of my health left. Then, I figured out what you had to do; use the crossbow cannon thingy on the ledge to kill him when all of his armor was off. I took his armor off, then consulted the cannon thing and implaed him to the wall! It was cool, if you don't mind the sight of gallong of blood running from a corpes body and covering the floor while intestines and gore cover the area. (I went a little overboard in the discription)


6. Orochi (Okami)- Orochi is a snake with eight heads for each elements with a large bell on his back. Too bad the thing is the size of a mountain and there is no possible way for a little wolf to scale it. Hey, remember that old tale about the hero who got the beast drunk then rescued the maiden? Let's try that then. Yes, you have to get the thing drunk then dish out damage to its back then slice off the things head one at a time. Simple, right?