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My Top 5 Favorite Characters in Brawl

This is my list of my favorite characters that I love to use all the time, starting with number 5 up to my number one favorite.

Number 5- Pikachu

He is one of the fastest characters anf has good attack power to match. The only downfall is his final smash, which sometimes kills you if it ends anywhere but solid ground. Plus he's cute.


Number 4- Toon Link

He's faster than Link, and has equal power. I love playing as him, but he's not my best character. His final smash, in my opinion, stinks because it's usless if it fails to hit.

toon link

Number 3- Sonic

He's the fastest character in the game, but sometimes a little too fast. His final smash is one of my favorite, and he is pretty strong.


Number 2- Kirby

Come on, it's Kirby. I love every single one of his attacks, and his ability to use other characters attacks. Hif final smash is just plain funny.


Number 1- Ike

Probably the strongest character in the game, plus he's just so cool looking. His final smash PWNS.