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I'm Back! And I got Animal Crossing City Folk!

For the last 4 days, my computer wouldn't connect to the internet... So I haven't been able to get on. But anyway, I got the new Animal Crossing game on Sunday. It's really good. It may just be the same old AC game but with some extra features added in, but that doesn't stop it from being really good.

I decided to transfer my DS character over. You start with that character new- no money, no nothing. Well, you can buy all the furniture you've had in the DS version, so I'm totally going to bring back my Master Sword! The city is pretty cool- lots of stores and the guy who sells balloons and likes to give people stuff. That explains where the floating presents come from. Well, all the people you've had in the DS game move on over into City Folk. And my favorite new feature is at the clothing place where you can now change the design on the front, back, and sleeves instead of all over. But using the Wiimote to design stuff is really hard if you don't have a steady hand... Anyway, it's a really fun game and just as addictive as the last two!