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A Guilty Pleasure

Man, the arguments people have online are just plain funny. Especially when one side has no clue what they're talking about, or say something so off topic or use stupid sayings like "ur mom" or "Ur a girl, you wouldn't understand". I love to read these- they just go back and forth and don't get anywhere. I'm just going to list a few that were just so stupid it's not even funny.

On YouTube, I watched a trailer for Disgaea 3, and this one girl said that she thinks Laura Baily plays the voice of Rasberry (or whatever her name is) and that she also plays the voice or Tohru from Fruits Basket. This one dude commented saying that Fruits Basket is an anime for girls and no dude would watch the anime. I was like "Where did that come from" It was pretty funny.

Another one was on shooting games where one girl said that guys only want to shoot things and play war games. All these guys were like "she's a girl, they only play girly games and girld don't like shooting games." Then these other girls were like- "I'm a girl, and I play shooting games..." It went back and forth. I was thinking how stupid the guys were for persumming girls don't like shooting games or video games in general and how stupid the first girl was for saying that guys only want to kill things.

Another funny one was on this anti-yaoi website I found. (if you don't know what it is, just Google it) The website was made by a girl, and she was having an argument with these other girls who like yaoi and all their hate mail. The anit-yaoi girl was complaning how she keeps getting yaoi fans sending her e-mails about how "bad" her website was. TIP- If you don't like something and make a "anti" website/club for that thing, don't complain it you're getting hate mail because there is always going to be people who do like it. People have the rights to do these things, I just find it funny when they complain about all the hate mail they're getting when they should have the brains to actually know that that would happen.

You know what is really funny? When people write Lol when they aren't actually laughing. Lol.:lol: