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So I was at GameStop yesterday, and someone sold all of their anime! It was the buy 2 get 3 free sale, and so I decided to go all out. I got...

Street Fighter Generations Alpha

Saiyuki vol. 3

Hellsing Ultimate 1

Teen Titans complete 1st season (though I ment to get Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU vol. 2 but they couldn't find it)

and Elfen Lied vol. 1

I'm back again- woot!

Lol, I went camping at Hershey, and we went to Hershey Park and stuff. Well, I did what my younger brother wanted to do at the park, and went on the little rides and what not. It was fun, but it started to rain while we were there. I got a cold from the water park, but I'm fine...

I almost finished Final Fantasy 3 on my DS while were were camping, so that's good. Nothing else new...

Most Screwed Up Part In a Video Game?

Well, I have a feww parts...

1- When Raiden is betrayed by Snake and captured by Ocelot and co. He had all of his gear, including clothing, taken by Snake, and he has to escape butt naked... It was... different playing as a butt naked ninja dude doing flips around in the nude... *cough*

2- In Silent Hill 2 when Pyramid Head rapes the nurse, and you watch from a near by closet until he notices you... Oh please no...

3- In Super Mario Sunshine when Baby Bowser says that Peach is his mom... I fist had nasty images of Bowser doing it with Peach:roll:, but it was all a misunderstanding... Thank god.

4- In God of War, the beginning on the ship... With the women and the lil pot... Ahhh! My poor virgin eyes:cry:

5- The fact that you can pee on an enemy in Okami and do damage... An the fact that you play as a FEMALE wolf and she lifts up her leg when doing that...

Well, that's all I can think off, except for every single porno game ever made in Japan, because I usually don't like to see two girls "doing stuff" with each other...


I woke up today at 7 PM, and am still tired. Sorry I haven't been on yesterday, I was at Hershey Park. I flippin was so tired, that I even went to sleep at Hershey Park...

Most Annoying Side Characters?

Here are the three characters I just cannot stand.

Cait Sith- I just cannot stand him. He's cute and all, but he's just plain annoying. I hated playing as him in Dirge of Cerberus. His voice would make me want to cut my ears off. He's cute, just annoying.

Navi- "Hey, listen" "Hey, Listen" Ahhhgh, it just got plain annoying after a while. At least she told me what I should be doing when I came back and started playing and forgot where I was supposed to go, but she just tells you at the wrong time! I had a flippin heart left, and she starts to tell me I had to go see the princess right in the middle of being chased by those stupid skeleton things in Hyrule field. I died!

Ashley- Resident Evil 4 is one of my all time favorite games. I love the enemies, even the ones I had issues with. As fun as it may be, I hated looking after the stupid girl the entire game. She couldn't fight, and running in the middle of danger wasn't something she did. She cries for your help a little too much. You think she could do something for herself once in a while. The one thing I hated about her folowing you around everywhere was the fact that you can become easily surrounded in the game sometimes. I would have to watch my healt, her health, and the fact that she wasn't captured again.

Games Coming Soon That Look Awsome! Part- 1

Alll right! A lot of people have done this, and I decided to make a list also! This is my list of games that are coming out soon that look just plain awsome! So get ready...

Sonic Unleashed (Multi)

Dr. Eggman is the main bad guy in this story, who called a powerful beast from its sleep to destroy the world. This time Sonic must collect seven broken containments and awaken the power of the Chaos Emeralds to put this beast into a sleep it will never wake from again. The gameplay shifts from the original 3D Sonic games, into a 2D mode like from Sonic Rush. SEGA finally lets out the "Hedgehog Engine" to give players a sense of speed and complete control over Sonic. Hopefully it's better than the last Sonic games controls... Sonic gains new attacks during this game, such as a "lock-on homing attack" allowing players to lock onto their enemies before Sonic attacks them. The game was supposed to be the third instalment in the Sonic Adventure games, but time led it to be just a single game. The most notable thing in this instalment is Sonic's Werewolf form, allowing Sonic to transform into a powerful monster at night time. Not much more on that feature has been released to the public.

Sonic in 2D AND 3D!

Infinite Undiscovery (360)

The Order of Chains, led by their leaded the DreadKnight, chain up the life-giving moon to keep its position in the heavens. The darkness and sinister power of these chains spawn deadly and foul creatures that constantly attack the world. The darkness soon spreads, causing death to the entire land. Capell, the main character, joins up with Aya to find a way to stop the darkness and the Order of Chains from destroying the world. The gameplay is action-packed, real-time battled where players choices can affect you every step you take in the game. Besides enemies, other things can stand in your way also. The weather changes, and natural disasters such as tsunamis can completely block you path until they end. Since it's a game by Tri-Ace(Radiata Stories, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time), you can expect it to contain action around every corner.

Infinite Undiscovery looks good...

Street Fighter lV (multi)

For anyone who never played a Street Fighter game, you may not be all that interested. For hardcore fans of the burly fighter, you may be jumping for joy. The series returns with amazing graphics and beautiful environments. It still plays in 2D with a 3D rendered layout. The controls are, like the other Street Fighter games, consisting of just a six button input system. Players input different button commands to unleash differend attacks. Kinnda like Mortal Kombat games mixed with the insanity of the Guilty Gear games. Familiar faces return, such as Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, as well as new players like Crimson Viper, Abel, and the masked wrestler El Fuerte. From the screenshots released so far, it looks like cut scenes will be in an anime animation like those seen in the Tales series.

Street Fighter dood!

Afro Samurai

Ok, this may be a little of a late release, but it's based of of the anime of the same name. The samurai Afro fights to be the greatest fighter in the land, a litle held by the character Justice- the one who killed Afro's father when he was still a child. For the otaku out ther, the game has a Samurai Shamploo feel to it, where hip hop is plentiful and the fighting is mind blowing. The hip hop music infused fighting system affect everything, from enemies, to you, to the environment just like in the Samrrai Champloo game for the PS2. Afro can interact with the items in his environment to help him on his journey, from reaching an out of reach location to beating up your enemies. And for people who saw the anime, you can be sure there is gore and blood around every corner.

Mullet Samurai would have been lame...