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What Should I Get?

I haven't gotten a Wii game since SSBB. I really want to play the Wii once in a while, but what's the use if you don't have any games for it, right? So, out of the following which one should I get? Or if you have other opinions, plez tell!

Boom Blox- A party game featuring block puzzles. It acts like a giant physic engine, and really pushes the Wii in that department. I don't really have many people to play with, so one player will have to do. It's plays like those games at the boardwalk where you through a baseball at 3 stacked blocks and try to take them down in one throw. Players must throw items as efficiently as possible to knock down the most structures.

Opoona- I heard a lot of people say this game was terrible, but people have their own opinions. It's a simple Japanese RPG for younger gamers lacking anything the depth, custimization, and, well, "RPG meterial" people would expect of an RPG. It looks cute, and the graphics... well, they pass since it's a Wii game. It's just... battles seem too easy, and it lacks the "RPGiness" of most RPG games.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors- I rented this from Gamefly, and it was pretty good. It has the humor, monsters, and storyline you'd expect from a Dragon Quest game minus the gameplay. Yeah, the game doesn't consist of the turn-based party RPG of the last couple DQ games. You take your Remote, and slash at on-screen enemies until they fall. You cannot form a party to fight along side with, instead other characters will aid you now and then by healing of casting spells. It was still a joy to play though.

Or should I just hang on to my cash for something better latter?

Devil May Cry Anime- First Impressions, and 2 other anime rated...


Devil May Cry Animated

It has everything you expect a Devil May Cry spinoff to have: crazy stylish fights featuring Dante, Trish, Lady, and hundreds of terrifying demons straight from hell in this one helluva bloody anime. The storyline shows fans what Dante and others have been up to in the time between Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4. Dante finally opens shop, and boy- the calls never stop! From escorting little girls being chased by blood-thirsty monsters, to having a motorcycle race with the demon king of the highway- there is a ton off stuff every fan will enjoy! The biggest surprise in the first volume is the number of special features guarenteed to keep any fan busy. The only downfall is how short it is, and how it may leave fans wanting more.

ADV Films, TV MA, episodes 1-4

SCORE- 4/5



Albert, a child born to an aritrocratic family in Paris, travels with his best friend Frantz to Luna, the city on the moon, to escape their dull life. While there, they meet up with the very wealthy, yet very mysterious, The Count Of Monte Cristo. Albert soon becomes facinated with the Count, and doesn't notice his true motive- revenge on Alberts father... The storyline is deep, filled with plot twists every minute. Onec you start to watch, you'll not be able to stop! Stunning visuals never seen before in an anime, and the frantic danger that stalks Albert will keep you glued. It totally deservs to be Anime Insiders #20 of the top 50 anime ever made.

Geneon, 16 up, 4 episodes per disc



lucky star

Konata is an athletic and intelligent girl who is dedicated only to her favorite past-time- anime! Along with the encyclopedia-brained Miyuki, the bitter-sweet Kagami, and the cute yet air-headed Tsukasa, they must survive high school. But what happens when Konata starts to get her girly-girl friends into the world of anime and video games? Can Konata give up her favorite primetime animes to pass in school? And what happens when you need some cash, but don't want to go a minute without anime to get a job> Find out in Lucky Star! The anime is cute as well as just plain funny, and will start to make even the most hardcore otaku think about normal life for a change! Ok, maybe not the last statement, but it's still a great anime to watch. The only downfall is how random the show is- but that can also be a good thing. Now, if only I can get the theme song out of my head...

Bandai, 13 up, 4 episodes per disc


My Summer So Far...

Well, so far I went to Hershey Park 3 times, and have been working on my summer reading for English like crazy. But the real height of my summer is all the games I have been playing so far.

Here is the list of completed games so far...


Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Phantom Brave

Games I have been playing so far, but still haven't finished yet...

Shining Force Neo

Dark Cloud 2

Shadow of the Colossus- on hard mode

Silent Hill 3- 3rd run through

Resident Evil Dead Aim

Dirge of Cerberus

Phantasy Star Universe

Ratchet & Clank


Anime I have Been Watching

Elfen Lied

Lucky Star


Devil May Cry


Favorite Brawl Stages??

This is a question that rarely comes up- usually the question is "who are your favorite Brawl characters.". So here are my top 5 favorite Brawl stages and 3 I cannot stand.

Number 5- Castle Siege: I like how the environment is always changing, and how different Fire Emblem games make some kind of appearance in the stage at some point, like the Dark Knight in the background of the 1st stage change.

Number 4- Smashville: I never thought Animal Crossing would make an apperance in a SSB game!

Number 3- Green Hill Zone: Awsome music and the "half-pipe" are great for Sonic's spin dash/ Squirtle's rapid spin.

Number 2- Shadow Moses Island: It's from my all time favorite game series, so what's not to love?

Number 1- New Pork City: It's HUGE! Biggest level in the game, and has the funniest name too! Plus the Chimera can finish off the enemy in a single hit (most of the time) so you don't have to worry is you know how to use it.

MY MOST HATED LEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rumble Falls- Stop moving already! I never made it to the top because either my opponent died, or I did.

Hanenbow- I hate this level. It's so hard to fight on.

75m- Too many hazards! Ahhhhh!

My Final Top 5 Anime (rest skipped)

I just decided to get my top 20 favorite anime over with, so here are my final top 5 favorite anime of all time.

Number 5- Shaman King

Every thousand years, a tournament is held to find the strongest shaman to become the Shaman King and shape the world as they see fit. Yoh, a young shaman who uses the spirit of the legendary samurai Amedamaru (sp?) enters the tournament in hopes to come out champion. On his way to fame, he meets countless friends and rivals. But a dark and evil presence lurks within the shadows- Hao- a reincarnation of the great evil that nearly made the world come to an end in the last tournament is back to kill every normal human and make a world of powerful shamans! Now Yoh and his friends must stop him and save the world from destruction!

Shaman King

Number 4- Naruto

Come on, who doesn't know what Naruto is about? Explination is not needed.


Number 3- Death Note

Light is just your average teenage kid who's the smartest boy in Japan. But one day, he gets a little bored and comes across a notebook dropped by a death god. But it isn't an everyday notebook- any humans name written in the book will die! Light then knows what he must do- kill every human who dares comit crimes and to become the new god of the world he will make. But one thing stands in his way- the greatest detective in the world- L! Now it's a battle of wits to avoid being caught by the other!

Death Note

Number 2- Blood Plus

Saya, a normal girl living a normal life with her godfather and two brothers, holds a dark secret not known to antone except a select few. She is actually part cairaptoran, a blood-thirsty monster who feasts on humans! Now it's up to her to hunt down and kill every last one cairaptoran she finds. But her unknown and dark past starts to surface, threatening those around her. Along with her partner Haji, she sets out to descover her past and put an end to the horrors around her.

Blood Plus

Number 1- Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing is a secter organization who deals with disarming hellish vampires who threaten the lives of humans. Alucard and Seres, Hellsings own personal vampires, are the trumph card to dealing with the undead. But an evil well-known organization sets out to conquer the world and take down Hellsin- Nazis! But this time the Nazis have a little something extra up their sleaves- Vampires and werewolves!


What Games Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

I'm curious to see what everyone is interested in. I made a lil list of my top 3 on PS3, DS, 360, and Wii.


Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

Sam & Max Season 1

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Xbox 360

Gears of War 2

Infinite Undiscovery

Tales of Vesperia

PS3 (hopefully I save enough money to get one)

Disgaea 3

Little Big Planet

Resistance 2


Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

Spore Creatures

Final Fantasy IV

Wii have problems...

What the heck is the deal with Nintendo lately? It's Nintendo's system for cryin out loud, so start making some games already! I mean, out of the 365+ games, only like, 9 of them are actually by Nintendo. The Wii may turn out to be like the GameCube: no good games are going to be released for a while, and everyone is going to loss interest. Right now the XBox 360 is totally catching up to the system. Remember when it first came out, and everybody rushed to get one? Well, the whole "Sorry we don't have any in" deal died. Not as many people want them anymore. The only games that are really gret on a Nintendo system are those made by Nintendo. Sure, some games come out by someone else and are great, but it's really rare. I don't want to see the Wii end up like the GameCube at all, so start getting some great games out Nintendo. I still expect great things from Nintendo, but they gotta start doing something. At least a new StarFox or Pokemon game or something. Come on, I don't want to be playing Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, and SSBB on the Wii forever. I mean, the only game I still play on my GameCube is is Animal Crossing.