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My Favorite Pokemon By Type/ Legendary by Region

Grass- Torterra

Electric- Manectric

Dark- Umbreon

Ghost- Banette

Water- Gastrodon

Ice- Glaceon

Normal- Zangoose

Dragon- Dragonite

Poison- Nidoking

Rock- Rampardos

Ground- Marshtomp

Psychic- Ralts

Steel- Lucario

Flying- Tailow

Bug- Yanmega

Fire- Charmeleon

Fighting- Hariyama

KANTO- Zapdos

JOHTO- Entei

HOENN- Groudon

SHINNOH- Shaymin

(insert long Sigh here...)

School started for me today. So you know what that means: homework, tests, and more homework!

Here's what I got...

Spanish 2 (funny teacher)

American Lit.

God and Son (yay!!!)

Chemistry (oh joy...)


American History

Study Hall (might change to gym...)

Geometry (I suck at math, so I'm lower that I should be...)


Yeah, Sorry...

I had to go to Virginia yesterday for a wedding, and totally forgot about it on Friday... I didn't even know who was getting married, since the last time I saw them I was like, 6 or so... Anyway, the wife (whos name I forget...) is from my stepdad's side, so I'm not really related... We got to go to Kings Dominion, which was pretty fun. Yeah, I didn't go on all the roller coasters I wanted to got on because it was only from 3 to 7... I wanted to go on the new Dominator.... It was fun, but I didn't really know half the people there.

Oh, and my computer is broken, so don't expect me to be on much. I'm using my dad's computer, which really isn't that great. I'll try to be on a little bit each day until my computer (which became my mommom's computer once I moved back in with my mom, so that explains why it's so screwed up...) is fixed... Don't know how long it will take, but blame my parents for

a) Installing 3 different anti-virus crap that we all know don't work these days )if you're reading the news)

b) Getting an Acer which I never even heard of until we bought it for $70... (it was TOO cheap, but then again, so are my parents...)

c) Banking checks and crap like that online since my parents are too lazy to start their car and drive 2 blocks to the bank (computer never works after that, and everyone of my family knows yet denies it...)

A Little Tape Goes A Long Way...Maybe

For those of you who don't know, I managed to get the first Silent Hill game off EBay for $20. The only problem was that it was in really, really bad condition when it came in the mail since it was an old Blockbuster copy and God knows how many people took that game home with them let alone how they treated the poor thing...

Well, I haven't played it yet since I still need to find myself a memory card for a PS1. I smashed my old PS1 memory card into a thousand little bits after my mom bought me it thinking it was just a really cheap PS2 memory card. Yes, I'm really destructive...

Well anyway, the disc's plastic covering on the top came loose, and I knew if I'd place that in any system it would get caught and there would be one heckuva awful day... So half the plastic was sticking up, so I only had two options- cut it or use some tape... The game was in such bad condition to begin with, cutting the awsome little logo off the poor mistreated disc would be just like throwing your favorite teddy bear away... So I tapped the plasticky thingy down with some Scotch and hoped that would be enough to work... I'm afraid to put it in my PS2 now since I don't know what will happen. Knowing me, my Ps2 would explode and burn the hose down, or the disc will go flying out and cut my head of like in one of those lame-o movies (cough- Hancock-cough) Yeah, I just wanna play the dang thing.

Top 5 Favorite Espers

Like the title suggests, I'm writing a blog on my top ten favorite Espers from the Final Fantasy universe. Why just five? Well to tell the truth- I relly can't think of a tenth, so I widdled it down to just my top 5 favorite instead. Okay, sharped your blades, mount your chocobo's, save up some MP, and pray that you have enough Phoenix Downs'.

NUMBER 5- Valfore (Final Fantasy X)


Valfore may not be the most powerful Esper in Final Fantasy X, but the reason I like him is simple- he was my first ever Esper summon I made. That should be reason enough for him to be one of my top 5 Espers.

NUMBER 4- Bahumut (Final Fantasy VII)


Well, Bahumut along with just about every other Esper has appeared in multiple games, but Final Fantasy VII was the first time I saw the thing. For anyone who watched Advent Children, the beast Kadaj summons is Bahumut, and dang did that thing look sweet.

NUMBER 3- Anima (Final Fantasy X)


Does anyone remember that cutscene in Final Fantasy X when Anima appears for the first time about maybe %45 through the game or so? The thing looks so twisted. It's one helluva powerful Esper at that.

NUMBER 2- Hashmel (Final Fantasy XII)


Hashmel represents Leo, and uses attacks of the Earth element. And for those of you who didn't know- Earth is my favorite element. Out of every Esper in Final Fantasy XII, this is the one I summon most. I love the things Limit Break, it looks awsome.

NUMBER 1- Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy XII: Revenent Wings)


Gilgamesh is one of my favorite Final Fantasy bosses, as well as my favorite non-human character (second is Red XIII). He travels through demensions, looking for the greatest blades of all time. From Sephy's Marsamune, to Tidus' Brotherhood blade. He also is quite funny. Sure, I haven't even opened my FFXII:RW yet, but just knowing you can summon him into battle is good enough for him to make him my number one favorite Esper.

Comics and Manga for Video Game Fans


Torhu Honda is an orphan who lives with the huge Shoma family that hold many secrets. One day she just happens to find one of them out when she bumps falls and bumps into three of her house-mates and they transform into animals! Confused, she wonders what's going on, when Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki tell her (in animal form too!) that each member of the Shoma family turns into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the oppisite sex! Kyo, the one who turned into a cat, is the animal who was left out of the Zodiac is thus left out of the family. Now, as a token for helping her and giving her a room, Torhu feels it's her job to help him get included, and to break the curse that binds them for their entire life. While living at the Shoma house, she meets multiple members of the family and learns more and more about the dreaded curse, and their head of the family, Akito, who holds them to it. But will she be able to break the curse, and how will she handle school and her unsaid feelings for Kyo and Yuki, and how will she handle seeing Kyo's "true" form, and his terrible fate awaiting him as the member who was left out?...

Fruits Basket (cover-Haru, the Ox)


It's the end of the school year, and students are on a train back from their feild trip to Tokyo. While going through a tunnel, something terrible happens leaving the train in ruins and everyone dead. From this accident, only three survive- a young boy who wants to go home, a psycho boy who is always bullied, and an unconsiouse girl. They soon relize that both exits are blocked by rubble, and that they have limited food and water. Plus they only have a flashlight and a radio that only picks up static. Unsure of how they will get out, they stay together and wait until someone rescues them. But one day they hear something on the radio, and what they thought was just an earthquake turns out to be much worse- the entire world is dealing with the same problem. Soon one boy goes psycho, saying that monsters are out to get them, and the other boy becomes horribly homesick. How will the threesome survive, and what will become of the girl? Is anyone else alive down there, and are those "monsters" actually real? And what is really happening to the world outside?

Dragon Head- A terrifying horror manga.

Comics and Manga for Gamers!

Some people are Metal Gear Solid fans, who yearn for another adventure of Snake. Other people are Wow fans who just like to sit in front of their computers all day and level up their characters. Some people are just over-excited fanboys (or girls) of Final Fantasy. Some people are just into the ****cs from Nintendo, while others just gotta unleash their inner child with some Pokemon battles. Whatever you're into, there is always fans like you out there who draw comics for their favorite video games for other hardcore fans. I'm gonna list a few manga and comics that have been out for a while, along with some upcoming titles.

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter Series

The Street Fighter video games have spawned a wide amount of manga- from fan made to the storyline of the Street Fighter video games. The newest one is Street Fighter Alpha. Pictured above is volume one of Street Fighter 2, while Street Fighter 3 is coming soon to bookstores near you. Though they may be a little pricey ranging from $10.99 or more, it's worth is for any Street Fighter fan.

Hellgate London

Hellgate London

The Hellgate games have been getting pretty popular, from a series of toys to novels and even a manga. If your a fan of the series or just a person who likes hellish, apoctolyptic futures with fearsome beasts and random holes leading to other hellish demensions, then this is a must-read.

Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry Series

Devil May Cry 4 may lack a manga, but every game that came before has one on sale now. If the manga starts to get a little old, you can always swap for the novels. If you're just a DMC fan who wants to relive the first game, or just wondering what kind of demon-killing missions Dante is doing in his time away from the video games, look no further than the Devil May Cry manga.

Atari Force

Atari Force

We all remember those old-school games we used to play at the arcade before we went to get some pop at the roller-skate cafe when lava lamps and bell bottom jeans were all the rage. So how about reliving all those ****c arcade wonders by getting your joy-stick hand on Atari Force- a comic crossover featuring characters from Defender, Berzerk, Star Raiders, Galaxian and more. Better save up some of those quarters!



You played the games, saw the movies, and are actually someone I know who actually is a big fan of BloodRayne. If you apply to everything listed above, then you should check out the 8-shot series of BloodRayne. The comic features scenes not seen before in the games or movies, like a battle against werewolves.

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Okay Call of Duty fans, settle down now. It might not be COD, but Brothers in Arms is practically the same thing. For anyone who is starting to get tired of WW2 video games, try some comics instead. The Brothers in Arms feature the characters in the games, but unlike the games in focuses much more on friendship and brotherhood, among those is not letting your team mate get a bullet through the head while you laugh- since you're probably the one who did it...

Captain N

Captian N

Have you always wanted to see what it was like in your favorite Nintendo games as you save a princess or rescue planets from an invading alien force? Then look no further than Captian N, where a single boy and his dog must team up with Nintendo characters like Pit Mario and Samus to save the world on Nintendo!

City of Heroes

City of Heroes

If you love Spider Man, Bat Man, Ghost Rider, or any other superhero comic book, then you should try this out- even if you haven't played the games on the PC. The comic follows the story of heroes Apex, a martial artist, War Witch, a witch with elemental powers, and Horus, an Egyptian themed hero as they fight off evil together via Justice League ****

Dead Space

Dead Space

The game has yet to be released, but now you can pick up the comic to see what this demonic alien-survival game is about. This is a prequel to the video game, so it won't spoil any of the game for you but instead probably help you understand the characters' situations a bit more. If you want the animated comic, then click here- Click Me!



This one-shot pre-release focuses on the backstory of the Technocyte virus, a disease that transforms people into violent mutated beasts. When the virus gets out of control and becomes a threat to the entire world, a single infected CIA agent must find a way to stop it from spreading.



This is one crazed-up manga even for people who never even heard of the game should try out. It has everything, from a catwomen who was raised by nuns and wants to be a musical star, a werewolf karate master, and a zombie who slam dunks his enemies like a basketball.



Okay, this is a really bad mistake that never got to see another volume again because of its terrible dialogue, horrible take on the storyline, and really inaccurate deplictions of in-game weapons. But if you're a hardcore DOOM player, you should pick this up- that is if you can find it since a lot of people probably recycled it...

Gears of War

Gears of War

Gears fans will be happy to hear (if they haven't all ready) that a Gears of War comic is on it's way Oct. 2008. Pre order now, fans, this might become hard to find once the 2nd game is released. While you're at it, pick up some action figures from BigBadToyStore today!



While you go to your local GameStop to pre-order you copy of Halo Wars if you haven't all ready, stop by your local Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of this wonderful Halo comic. While at the book store, make sure to pick up some of the Halo novels- another nice addition to any Halo fans collection. You can display this awsome book among your hundreds of Master Cheif action figures!

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Those of you who finished up the 4th and final game are most likely already wanting more of Snakes adventures. I mean, some people are playing Brawl just to play as Snake one more time. These comics may be rare since a limited amount were published, but it's worth it to endure another of Snake's adventures. And remember Metal Gear Solid fans with PSP's- Metal Gear Solid Didgital graphic novel is available, though both offer the same story based off the first game.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Won't your parents be proud to see their child reading a Mortal Kombat comic book! But hey, at least it's not Grand Theft Auto! Still, if the comic is as violent (yet as strangely addicting) as the games, then you should totally pick this up used on EBay. It's worth it to see your parents faces once you show it to them (only if the know what MK is, let alone what a video game is- a lot of parents don't...)

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

I know a lot of people who love these games. And hey, the newest Perfect Dark game is being developed as we speak (or type). So do yourself a favor and pick this up before it becomes even more harder to find... Oh, and there is also a novel called "Initial Vector" for anyone interested.



The game might not be out yet, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up a copy of the comic, that was (or is) being released this month. Alex Mercer is a mutated shape-shifter who wakes up with a terrible case of amnesia. Now he sets out to figure out his forgotten memories.


Resident Evil CODE Veronica

Resident Evil may just as well be as popular as Halo or Gears of War... If you are a crazy Resident Evil fan who loves the series, a horror fan who isn't afraid of a ltlle blood, or just someone who likes to see people get their insides eated out by a zombie- then this is for you. It has the same horrific plot and action of a Resident Evil game minus the annoying controlls and crappy camera! Lets just hope no zombie dogs will be jumping through windows...

Silent Hill

Silent Hill

There are multiple Silent Hill comic series out there including Dying Inside and Among the Damned, all of them are just really hard to find. If you enjoy the terrifying and hellish storyline of the video games or the movie, then you should try these out. It may be noticably more American than the video games, and it is a little bit confusing at times, but any fan should read at least a volume of them.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is probably the most well-known videogame-based comics out ther, and shares nothing with the games at all. From fighting Dr. Eggman's destructive machines, to stopping an evil hedgehog from taking over the world, it has everything a Sonic fan would want. Even though it's clearly aimed for younger fans of the series, that doesn't mean a senior fan can't get enjoyment out of this old-school comic.


Super Mario Bros.

No, just no.... Trust me: unless you're a hardcore Mario fan or a collector of the top worst comics, then don't get this. It DOESN'T even feature Mario, but instead his idol Dirk Drain-Head as he fights off Bowser and saves...pipes... Yeah.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Like other crossovers like The Darkness and Witchblade, the Tomb Raider comic doesn't follow the same exact storyline. It is also available in black-and-white manga form.

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper's comic follows the same concept as the video games- the master theif Sly Cooper and his two friends sneaking around and pulling off the biggest heists others have failed to do.


World of Warcraft

The Wow fans have seriously increased in the last few years. You may be one fan in millions who loves anything Wow. If you're a high-ranked nerd of the game who sits and plays non-stop, or just a fan who enjoys the immense story of the game, the Wow comic is a great addition to youre gaming fandom collection, or you can display it right next to that $800 statue of your lv. 72 blood elf.



There are three .hack manga out right now- Legend of the Twilight, a chibi version of the first games based more off the anime, XXX, one that is closer to the first games and features a more grown-up feel than Legend of the Twiligh, and GU, based off the semi-new games that takes the popular online game The World and places it in a more relistic futuristic World than the last one- where Player Killers roam the streets and the legendary Key of the Twilight's mystery returns as the few that believe it exists chase after it, leading them to dangers worse than a Game Over...

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia

If you're a hardcore Tales fan who enjoys Symphonia the most out of 'em all, then you should get this. Even if you can't read Japanese, it proves how big of a fan you really are. Who knows, it the Wii Tales of Symphonia game becomes big, this might just get translated to English...

Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Mr. Wright sure made a lot of fans since the first game was released, huh? If you're a fan of the game or just someone who likes Case Closed, CSI, or any other detective show, you might want to check this out. It's comming to America sometime this year, so get ready!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

-Favorite Manga-

Number 10- DR. SLUMP

Dr. Slump is a comedy about an android girl who goes to a normal school and takes multiple adventures using her creators many strange inventions. By Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball.

Dr. Slump

Number 9- MUSHI-SHI

Ginko is a mysterious man who travels the world helping people and desrtoying the mushi- strange beings that plague humans like parasites. By Yuki Urushibara



Michiru is a clumbsy girl who keeps to herself and has the strange power to see rings around peoples necks that tell when they will die. She suddenly sees rings around two of her ****ates necks, and soon gets involved in the Zombie Loan buisness that they drag her into- a buisness where they must kill those who live beyond their time as the undead to get their lives back- but if she fails, she'll become a zombie just like her ****ates she is being forced to help out! By Yen Press

Zombie Loan


Armageddon has struck Earth, giving rise to the legendary Second Moon and also to the hellish vampires that threaten the already dying world. Abel, a clumbsy priest for the Vatican who was sent to combat the vampire threats, crosses roads with the tough street-girl-turned-nun Esther, and the two team up to take down any undead that threatend humanity. By Sunao Yoshida.

Trinity Blood


The door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed, but Sora's friends Riku and King Mickey were trapped inside. Sora, Donald, and Goofy soon find themselves inside the strange Castle Oblivion, where thay search for their missing friends, as well as their own memories. By Shiro Amano

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Number 5- Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

Yugi offers to help Yami, an ancient spirit trapped inside his Millennium Item by going to Egypt in search of Yami's hidden and unknown past. But soon after they get their, they get split up, and are attacked by Bakura, another spirit trapped inside one of their friends Millennium Items! But Bakura isn't here to give the party of heroes hugs or a good duel, but instead avange the death of his village by the previous Pharoh by destroying all of Egypt! By Kazuki Takahashi.

Yugioh Millennium World

Number 4- DISGAEA 2

Laharl, the overlord of the Netherworld, has just gotten back from uniting the Netherworld and Celestia together in peace. But this lazy overlord just wants to lay around and play Phantom Brave all day, so that's why his vassel Etna got up and left to become overlord herself. In other news, an really powerful overlord of another demension called Zenon has turned every human into demons! Adell, the only human to resist the spell, decides to go defeat him and restore peace. But in his families effort to summon him, they instead summon his bossy, spoiled daughter Rozalin! Great, now becaused of the botched up summoning, Adell must keep his promise to return her to Zenon and to not lay a finger on him... Great.

Disgaea 2

Number 3- YOTSUBA

Yotsuba is a cute little green-haired hyperactive girl who moves to a new house. Now Yotsuba and her new best friends do what friends do- watching fireworks, going shopping, eating cake, catching beetles, and even playing gangster pretend with water guns after watching a police show. But this crazy little girl's antics add fun and excitement (as well as pure-hearted comedy) to everything she does. As well as annoy the heck out of her dad and ruining her dad's friends tempts to woe one of her best friends. By Kiyohiko Azuma, creator of Azumanga Daioh.


Silent Hill: Homecoming and Resident Evil 5/ other stuff

Silent Hill: Homecoming is not being done by Team Silent... I guess that's why you play as a soldier who knows a thing or two about combat, and can take more damage than the last main characters. The Janitor from the Silent Hill movie is being added as a boss this time around, after Japanese critics saw the Silent Hill movie and really liked the Janitor. I'll still play the game, but I won't enjay it as much as the other releases. Reasons why- Not made by Team Silent, Pyramid shows up again even thought James from the 2nd game created him and he should only be hunting down James, combat is starting to become more violent and whatnot than the last games- you have a finishing move just like the ones in Origin, it's a little too much like the first game- you're suddenly knocked out to awake in Silent Hill to chase down your missing son.

Resident Evil 5- Resident Evil 4 was totally different than the last games, and fanscould tell. The game became more of a shooter than a survival-horror. And in Resident Evil 4 it didn't really feel like you were fighting zombies like before- they looked like humans, spoke like humans, and even used weapons like humans. I didn't like that... And I know as a fact that Resident Evil 5 will feature the same knid of enemies- human ones that can talk, use weapons, build like modernized humans can, and even figure out how to use explosives and we all know zombies cannot use explosives. I hope the combat in this game isn't as shooter-orientated than Resident Evil 4, and actually has some scary moments like games before the 4th game.


Little Big Planet

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Viva Pinata DS

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Sonic and the Dark Knight

Ps- IGDetail, you set your profile to private, how come?

Pokemon Platinum Update- Check It Out!

Pokemon Platinum is being released in Japan September 13-22, and is Q4 a release in America around the middle of October. It will follow the same story as Diamond and Pearl, but offer much more.

Pokemon Platinum- new box art.

Picture Above- The Japanese box art for the new upcoming Pokemon Platinum Version.

Emerald version was a remake of Ruby and Sapphire with much more content and story than the games it was reincarnated from, and Platinum will offer the same.

Players will pick from either a male or female character, but this time they will sport a new collection of clothing than the last games. The game will also feature a more updated battle system with improved attack effects than Diamond and Pearl.

In the previous released Pokemon games, the two main Pokemon the game featured was either Dialga or Palkia depending on what version players were playing through. But for Platinum, the main focus will be the dragon-ghost type Girantina, who also had an updated character design than the last games. The Pokemon, Shaymin, a grass type legendary who could only be obtained by cheating in Diamond and Pearl, will also be a main Pokemon that plays an important role through the game. But this time around, just like the changing Deoxys, Shaymin will have an all new form called "Sky" form. It is supposed to be a grass and flying type pokemon, a first for a Pokemon game. It is said among fans that Shaymin will also have other elemental forms in other upcoming games, like a "Aqua" or "Earth" form, but that is still to be confirmed. It may just be like Deoxys, who had its own different form depending on the version he was found in, such as "Defense" or "Speed" forms.

Shaymin= grass/flying type?!

Picture above- Shaymin sports a new form, which is supposed to be a grass and flying type.

Shaymin and Girantina may be the stars of this great-looking game, but that doesn't stop other legendary Pokemon from being hidden all over the region. Among them are Palkia and Dialga- both of which are bothe available in the game as bothe Groudon and Kyogre were available in Emerald. It has also been confirmed that all the Regi's (Registeel, Regirock, and Regice) will be catchable in-game, and that players can also catch Regigas- a giant of a Pokemon only able to be caught if a player has every Regi in their party.

Dialga and Palkia- both available in-game

Picture Above- Both Palkia and Dialga will be available in the game, much like both Kyogre and Groudon bothe being available in Emerald.

Re-exploring Shinoh may be old news for players who have already explored the area in the last two games, so that's why Nintendo has added all new areas and caverns for players to adventure in after finishing up the main story. The biggest news for Pokemon fans is the new area called "Torn World"- a whole other demension where players get to explore with their Pokemon team. What lies in the new demension is still unknown- it could be a shadowy realm where Girantina rules, or an altered Shinoh where Dialga and Palkia are available for trainers to catch. No other news about 'Torn World" has been announced as of yet.

As for Wi-Fi and battling, a new "Wi-Fi Club" is available where up to 20 trainers can meet world-wide to battle and trade. There will also be a "Battle-Recorder" where trainers can catch their own battles on film and share them to other players.

Well, that's all the news for now. I uploaded some pictures for those of you who are interested in the upcoming game.

Japan's CoroCoro Magazine

CoroCoro magazine announces Girantina's all new look.

Another CoroCoro Magazine Page on Pokemon Platinum

CoroCoro magazine tells Pokemon fans all the latest on Shaymin's new form!

Regigas vs. Regirock!

All the Regi's are available this time aroun!

Legendary Showdown!

Our new male hero battles the legendary Girantina!

If You Still Wanna be my Friend, Read This!

No one is really messaging or talking to me anymore like they used to. I understand that school, college, vacation, and many other things are and should be more important than the internet, but I want to see who is really my friend and who isn't. People track me, and I track them back to become friends. Two days latter, it's like they vanished from existance never to be heard of again. I admit that I'm not as active as I used to have been when I first joined, and arn't active in most of my unions, and I say I'm sorry. People who I don't know yet are strangely on my friend list even though I really never talked to them, nor them to me, are sending me union invites every day. For those who constantly send out those union invites, I ask that you please be active in my blog or send me a private message asking my permission beforehand. I am in way too many unions to be getting invites from people who I don't know as a friend. For those who do, in fact, daily check my blogs or spend a little time messaging me I will accept your union invites by leaving some of my other unions I don't have interest in.

I am going to be checking up and watching those under my friend list to make sure they really want to be my friends for the next couple days. Those who I do not find trustworthy or wanting my friendship will be deleted. That is all, feel free to post any complaints you have in the comment section of this blog- it just may as well help to keep you on my friend list.