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Otablog-(renting anime)


Otablog is just the name I've given to my blogs that only revolve around anime and manga, in case you're wondering.

So, back to the blog... How many times do you walk into a Blockbuster looking for some anime to rent, but fail to find a big selection? And how many times does a new volume of your favorite anime is released but you fail to get the money to buy the semi-overpriced thing? Or, you live in the middle of Nowhere Town miles away from a Best Buy or Suncoast. Well, you can always just watch the latest episodes on YouTube or other such websites, but what's the use if the quality sucks and you're missing all the great extras! Not to fear, for there is another way to get all the latest anime plus tons of original titles...

You all heard of GameFly, yes? Well, if not, you're pretty behind. Or you just don't see the advertisments that pop up on almost every website or come on TV every 20 minutes. Well, it there is a website to rent games, and even a website to rent movies, why not a website that allows otaku everywhere rent anime?

You might be a Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor Moon fan. You just might love Death Note, but missed a few episodes on Adult Swim. Or you might be an old-school otaku who wants some of the oldies. And, but hopefully not, you might be one of those crazed hentai or yaoi fans...

If so, check out RENTANIME.COM! You get a 2-week free trial, no shipping, and is just 10 or so bucks a month. It's a pretty great deal that can save the everyday otaku fromspending almost 60 bucks for two volumes of their favorite anime every month.

I'm Getting Tired Of That...

I'm mad. Really mad. Not at anyone, but just what I see so many people writing on the internet, and GameSpot in particular. I respect everyone's opinions, and am not trying to get anyone mad or anything, but this is just a MY OPINION blog again- so please, PLEASE don't say I'm wrong (an opinion cannot be wrong, it's what someone thinks... unless it's mean, then it's wrong...) and that I lack proof (...HOW CAN AN OPINION LACK PROOF! I'm NOT TRYING TO PERSUADE ANYONE!!!!) Okay, and have a nice day :P

Number 1- Nintendo Failed Me- It's okay that you think that, and I'm not trying to convince people to think otherwise, but I just am seeing it so much. It died down a bit after E3 ended, but I'm still seeing it pop up every now and then. I though the same way for a bit, but that changed after a few days. A lot of great-looking games are coming out on the Wii this upcoming year, so I'm pretty excited about this coming year. Wii Shop has been getting some pretty sweet additions like Mega Man 8, Strong Bad, and even Japanese imports, so online is going well. Connecting with friends... not so much. I still hate friend codes, but they are good. Friend codes help the younger gaming crowd away from those online jerks (ugh, I couldn't stand a round of Halo 3 online for 30 seconds because of all the jerks who litter the battlefield...) They may be annoying, but really help. Back to the point... In my opinion, I think Nintendo has my full attention now. I've been waiting for some good-looking games that aren't Nintendo made, and I think I finally got my wish. From Deadly Creatures Dead Rising, and Tales of Symphonia, I think Nintendo had lots to offer this time around. And Nintendo games itself, what kind of Wii owner isn't excited for Wario Land: Shake It or Animal Crossing: City Folk!

2- Racism- No. Just no. This is RULE NUMBER 1 PEOPLE! Cracking a small joke once or twice is okay, but do it so that the millions of people online don't read it. It hurts people, and a lot of people take it bad. To say something about a certain race online (blogs most of the time) is just asking to get your butt banned from just about any website. Anyone can read that stuff you know. Online, everyone should be careful. You should even be careful around friends. That best friend you have on MySpace or Gaia Online (example, of course) that says she's really an 18 white-American female could actually be a 45 year old African-American male. You say something racist towards a certain race and you're dead (not really, but still) And don't think that just because you're online and that person who totally got mad at you is on the other side of the world can't do anything about it really can't... A couple major cases have alrady happened where that person who you offended just comes knocking on you door... It's even getting so bad (not just for racism, but for sex offenders also) that the government is getting involved. You know that at times, but not always, you're being watched... Sure, MySpace and such are the big ones here, but still. Be careful what you say.

Hmhm... Racism is the biggest thing I can't stand to see. If I see anyone do it, friend or not, I will not stop to report it in to moderators. If you get mad at me, so be it. All I'm saying is that millions of users see what you write. You don't know who your friends are, ecpecially on this website. Be careful- people take things a bit too personal (I admit, I sometimes do in this kind of subject) and you may just get your butt killed over this someday.

Just view it like this- If you write something racist or offending about a race or person, how would you react if you were offended by such a thing? Probably the same way that other person would react to YOUR racism!

I Never Thought I'd do This...

Well, before I go any further I want to get this out of the way first... A few days ago was the meeting for high school girl's soccer. We only have about 15 girls in high school at my school. Well, anyway, only a few girls signed up for soccer. Two more were needed, and all my friends begged me to join. I tried soccer, and just didn't like it at all. I'm just so bad at it, and I'm not good at sports like that. If you lose, the next day of school you get heck for "why didn't you pass the ball to me!" or just about anything else you did wrong. I didn't join, even though all my friends joined for it.

I come home and tell my parents about how everyone tried to get me to join, and they got a little mad saying I'm going to get fat since all I do is eat, sleep, go on the internet, and draw. So I'm thinking "Okay, I'll prove I can totally join a sport, and be good at it." So today during lunch, I go upstairs for a meeting in my homeroom teachers room. The meeting was for... cheerleading. Yep, that's right. I'm not a girly-girl who sits and combs her hair and thinks I'm popular and paints her nails and whatnot, so don't think I am. I'm the biggest tomboy at my school hands-down. So, yeah. Practice is Mondays and Fridays, so I'm not going to be on those days that much. Sigh. I'll enjoy it though, because all my friends are in it and I love to act stupid in front of people and am outgoing (at times). Everyone says I should either write comics or be a comedian when I grow up. My parents think I'm the shyest thing on the face of the earth, but that's just because they never saw me at school or with friends. I just think it's weird to act normal in front of my parents, so I don't. This is going to be fun:P

I'm Getting Rid of it/Awsome Test Grade

I'm getting rid of my Wii. Yep. We have three Wiis in our house, and I don't find it... fair. I got mine over a year ago, then my brother got one for Christmas. My mom ended up with one with her birthday with Wii Fit. I'll save all my memory onto a SD card, then upload it onto my mom's, which is in the basement.

So, I'm not going to ask for anything for it, just give it to someone who cannot afford a game system or give it to an orphanage in Africa so kids have something to do. I have so much while other people have so little. It's my responsability to help those I can, and to try for those I can't. When I'm a bit older, it's my dream to move to Haiti or Africa and help out those in need. I thought giving something material up that I don't really need is a good start. And of course I'll buy a few games to give with it.

The Awsome Test Grade part of this is that I had an American Literature test on Friday over our summer reading book. The Book was Peace Like a River, and was pretty good. Slow, but had a meaningful message in it. I was afraid I'd get a grade below a A, so I re-read the book (well, skimmed over forgotten chapters) to make sure I'd get a 95 or more. It consisted of a total of 65 questions- character identification and meanings, 20 short answer, five essays worth ten points each, and vocab. There was also an extra credit question at the end worth up to 3 points. My final grade... 101. I missed two vocab, but did the extra credit. That left me with an extra point. I'm happy about my grade. However, I didn't really study much, just re-read the chapters that were still a little obscured to me. Oh, and at my school, every teacher takes off a point for mis-spelled words. But that isn't until after Christmas break that that takes effect. I don't think I'll be getting over 100 points then... Sigh, goodby DS...

This makes me sick

I'm tired of seeing this. Kids buying M rated games at a young age. When I was young, I had a Gamecude. I was about 10 or 11 years old at the time. I would only buy E rated games. Super Smash Bros Melee came out, and I wanted it so bad. I wasn't old enough, I didn't buy it. My parents ended up buying it for me when I turned 12, and I cried because I just wasn't old enough. I was at GameStop a few days ago, and a mother had bought her kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, the Jaws game and Spider-Man 2 video game. I was like, why? Why?

I'm a huge Silent Hill and Resident Evil fan, you all know that. My first M rated game I bought was when I was 15. My brother- he's 11 right now- has about 18 M rated games. I tried to play GTA- and played it once. It was terrible. I sold it the next day. I gave it a good score, but the game itself made me sick. There is a HUGE differance between American M rated games and those made in other countries. Of course there is Hentai in Japan, but you all know you can only get that on the web around here. After playing GTA, I tried Bully. Hated it just as much. God of War, as fun as it is, was just something I refused to play agai after beating it once. Well, back to the point...

I just hate seeing kids playing M rated games. My bros friends are 9 and 5 years old. They got a PS3 for no apparent reason. What kind of games on a PS3 is for a child who can't even read yet that isn't on the Wii or DS? I was like- Oh my... Why touture your own kids so! I looked at every PS3 game one day to pick out every game aged at most E10, and the results wern't that great. A Wii would have been great. I'd much rather see a 5 year old playing Super Mario Galaxy and Animal Crossing over Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA anyday. Humans will be there own downfall, no doupt about that. I'm getting out of this God-forsaken land as soon as I get out of high school.

Hey, Is This Also Happening For You?

I was just looking at my school's calander to see how many days I've got off, and Oct. 31st I don't have any school. It says Holiday in the spot... My brother who started middle school has the same thing, along with every other school around my house. (6 total, high population demands schools. 7th is being built) I was just wondering if anyone else has off on Halloween too. If Halloween is becoming a national Holiday, then all my awsome wishes are coming true! I've always loved trick-or-treating, even though I don't like sweet food... I loved the scary houses, plus it gives me a chance to cosplay. Last year I was my own Naruto character:P

My Top Ten Most Wanted DS/Wii Games List

Yeah, I decided to make a list of my top ten DS and Wii games that I just can't wait to get my hands on! An XBox 360 and Playstation 3 version is coming soon.


10-House of the Dead: OVERKILL

9- Sonic Unleashed

8- Little King's Story

7- Samba De Amigo

6- Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

5- Castlevania: Judgement

4-Wario Land: Shake it!

3- Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World

2- Deadly Creatures

1- Animal Crossing City Folk


10- Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

9- Elebits: Adventures of Kai and Zero

8- Time Hollow

7- Disgaea DS

6- Kirby: Super Star Ultra

5- Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

4- Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

3- Spore Creatures

2- Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood

1- Chrono Trigger

I took Dragon Quest IV off the DS list just because I'm not that big of a fan. The 8th was great, but wasn't as great as I was hyped up for when I first heard about it. DQ Monsters: Joker was the lamest DQ game I've played, and the Wii DQ game was great, but controls were annoying. I'm just not as hyped up for this release.

Cheat Codes- Good or Bad?

Cheat codes can be both good or bad, depending on your view. As for me, I'll use them only as a last resort or if I really want to to help me get the best out of a game.

So how about you? Do you find them as a helper to beat a really hard part of a game or something that people use because they are too lazy to try to beat the game? My reactions to cheat codes are mixed. I think people should actually try to beat a hard part in a game before using a cheat code. I use cheat codes, so don't get me wrong. But the only thing I'll use them for is getting past a really hard part I'm desperate to get past. I refuse to use them to unlock a secret-rare item or to get really high stats. If I'm playing online (which is rare for me) and I see someone who uses a cheat just to win, then I log off with no questions asked.

If someone has to rely on cheat codes to beat other players (like Halo or other online games) then they shouldn't be playing. For those kinds of reasons I refuse to use them. The only, and I say only, game I used cheats to raise status and get rare items was Pokemon Diamond. Everyone else cheated also, so I'm not the only one. But I waited until I finished up the entire game before using those cheats.

Of course cheat codes have their own downfalls also. You think you're getting the best out of a game when if pauses on you or you loss everything in your item bag. Glitches make me careful about what games I'm using them on and how many cheats I'm using. An example of this is when I used an Action Replay on Pokemon Ruby. I used the cheats Infinite Cash, Every TM/HM, and Infinite Rare Candies/Master Balls. I started up the game, and saw that the graphics have gotten disorientated. I though that was just because I was using cheats, so I saved and turned off the game. The next day when I played it again, everytime I went into my Key Item bag the game would pause followed by a loud screeching noise. I had to start a new game at the cost of a Deoxys and non-cheated Jirachi. Thus I never used those kinds of cheats again.

So, here are a few games I used cheats on...

Resident Evil 4- infinite health, but it still didn't stop me from dying on some parts like bosses and chainsaw peoples.

Pokemon Diamond- Infinite Rare Candies to raise my PKMNS level up to 100.

FF12- Infinite health on the bosses.

Silent Hill 4- I was having some major issues with the ghosts in the game. Plus having infinite health on makes me feel a lot more safe...

That's about it... Of course there are a few more, but I can't think of them right now... I used the in-game cheats for games like Guitar Hero 3 and Banjo-Tooie, but that's it.

What Should I Get?...

So I pre-ordered two games- Animal Crossing: City Folks and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, along with two anime When They Cry vol. 4 and Hellsing Ultimate OVA 4. Since I have to work a bit to pay all that off, I'd thought I'd keep some extra money for a new game off EBay if I can find any of the following pretty cheap. I've seen quite a few selling copies of older yet increasingly rare titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Chrono Cross and the such, so I thought I'd browse for some more great PS games.

So here's the list... Tell me what y'all think I should get if I can find it for a pretty decent price.

Dino Crisis

Ape Escape

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Spyro the Dragon


Monster Rancher 2

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile