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I Don't Get It...

I did some soul-searching today at school. By soul-searching I mean one of my hobbies- looking at other classmates, comparing them to myself (not in a bad way) and thinking about life and my future. Well, this is what I got in a single class period.

Some people can study and work their hardest, and still fail. Others can put all their work aside play WoW and party all night and pass. I'm the kind of person who wants to live life to the max- put studies aside and live life loud, yet I still pass and have a 95% grade average and be part of the Honors Society without even trying at all. Why is that? How can one person poor their entire night into studying yet fail, and others be slackers and pass? Hmm. If you ask me, those who do study and yet fail will have a better chance in college. If you don't decide to do your work and party all night you're not going to do as good as those who do. I gotta try harder.

Another thing is that my friend brought up a good point today- kids these days got it so easy in school. Teachers are way to easy on students most of the times. If the entire class fails some teachers just give 15 extra points to everyone. Not going to happen in college. He said that right now we're in front of a desk fan, and by the time we get into college that desk fan is going to turn into a hurricane, blowing most of us away. If you fail a test latter on in life, that teacher isn't going to give you free extra credit or even let you re-take it most of the times. We gotta give it our all and aim for the top, not relying on a teacher to give you the extra push. They ain't gonna follow you after you graduate to give you the extra push if you're losing your job.

The next step related to the last paragraph- How many of us have actually done the wash, cooked, cleaned every month, or probably even bought our own clothing? I looked around the room- probably not many, but I cannot judge. I've never spent a penny on clothing (no interest...) or really cleaned anything but my room. Hmm. We cannot rely on our parents to do that stuff for us anymore. There is a time when we are all responsible for ourselves, and our parents aren't going to follow us after we get out of high school.

I believe I'll be sucessful at life if I can at least fix the major stuff listed above (all of it...) I'm just worrying about some of my classmates, some of which never turned on a washing machine. In reality, the reason we go to school is to learn... how to be responsable adults and function in society and correctly teaching out offspring- our future- to do the same. It helps to know stuff like math and english, but if you ask me knowing how to wash your own clothing is better than knowing what the literary elements in Romeo and Juliet are....

The Worst Anime I've Seen

I've been watching a lot more anime these days. I picked up Hellsing Ultimate OVA 4 a few weeks ago, When They Cry vol. 4, Origin, and I pre-ordered Ouran High School Host Clup Season 1 Part one, and as for manga I've bought Street Fighter Alpha vol. 1, Slam Dunk vol. 1, and pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time vol. 1. So I'm really busy...

So, as for the worst anime I've ever seen, it's a Resident Evil Spinoff that is just plain bad. There is little storyline to the thing. It starts out where a squad of STAR members enter a warehouse and are attacked by what appears to be a licker. They destroy it and escape, and an insect feasts on the remains of the corpse to become mutated when it then infects a rat. The ray stalks the squad, then runs into a wounded raven, where it infects that too... Then the movie flashes to the streets where a buncha zombies are walking around and... I turned it off then, it was just terrible. It's called Biohazard 4D Executer is anyone is interested. I warn you- it's bad. Hardcore RE fans may like it, but I didn't. Ugh.

Yep Another Anime, Life, etc blog.

The overall reason I love anime is because it has a deeper meaning than American Cartoons. ( I'll have more on this later...) I mean, anyone can see how different they are. Take some anime, like Code Geass or Astro Boy, and compare it to a cartoon like My Gym Partner's a Monkey or Bugs Bunny. There is a big difference between them, in terms of symbolism or any other term and feature that makes a story a story.

Lets take Astro Boy as an example. Not the crappy remakes, but the original black and white one. You know Astro was a rabot made by an evil scientist to look like his son after he died in an accident, right? Well Astro gets put into a circus of mis-treated robots. He's treated as scum, like a lowly mutt forced to do its masters will with little or no reward. He's locked away, working for this crazy ringmaster who treats all robots as an inferior race. That, my friends, is a relation to how humans (most of them) treat someone who is different to them, and is played out like when the Americans put African-Americans into slavery or locked away the Japanese because of their unusual culture. And when the circus is nearly destroyed from a fire (I think it was a fire, but its been so long) Astro jumps in and saves the ringmaster reguardles of how he treated the robotic child. Afterwards, Astro is re-forced to work for the ringmaster like he was before...

I've learned so much from anime that a teacher or anyone else could have taught me about life. It sounds strange, I know, but that's what the creation of anime was intended to do. It could be a magical girl anime that shows the life of a magical girl who is forced to fight demons during the day, but has to keep it a secret from her friends and her boyfriend or harm may befall them. It's pretty much saying that sometimes keeping things from your best friends or family is okay for the purpose of keeping them from harms way or to avoid hurting anyones feelings. There is always meaning to anime. I tried to get meaning from cartoons, but all I got was that dropping anvils on peoples heads is okay in society if.... What?! No, I'm just joking. Nothing beats the classic American cartoon for a good little laugh. Remember the Rugrats? Loved that show!

Anime, in my opinion, was totally aimed towards people who were over the age of 13 and had a triple digit IQ. Just of the heck of it, and because I like to list things, I'm going to list a few anime that totally influenced my life, for better or for worst.

Grave of the Fireflies- It's horrific to see what's happening in war to those who you fight. War tears and rips families apart. My teacher lost her brother in Iraq a few years ago, and the same happens for even your "enimies.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Even if you don't want to do something, stop complaining and get your butt to it! People slowly mature in life, sometimes at the age of 23, other times at the age of 49. Regardless of age, everyone has their own responsibilities, and should be mature enough to carry them out.

Fullmetal Alchemist- The flames of war are ever burning, and us being as sinful a creature as we are cannot avoid conflict. Man truly becomes a monster on this battlefield of disagreement, and when politics, which as you know control war and out lives, becomes corrupt, then someone must step up to say otherwise. If you don't like what's going on in the government, why not do something about it? A person cannot sit back and complain about something they don't like and just wait until someone does it for them. If you have a healthy pair of legs, why not use them? ( it doesn't just have to be on politice either.)

Gankutsuou- I really don't knoy if I spelled that right, but I don't care. Revenge is a monster that overcomes a persons mind, soul, and in the animes case- body. Why waste your humanity on such childish gimmicks as revenge?

Parents may teach you to treat others as you would like to be treated and how to tie your shoes, and teachers may teach you how to behave in society and how you must think for yourself, but anime taught me something a little more... closer to my heart and my way of life if you will. ... ... Yep, that was officially my most cheezy blog. But hey, it's true.:P

Been Unactive the Past Week /News.

Yep. I've had so much crap going on at school the past week, and when I got home I didn't feel like doing much of anything... So to make up for my inactivity, I'll just upload a new video or some pictures or something...

So, I had my first soccer game on Monday. Pretty late to tell ya'll, isn't it? Sorries... So I haven't gotten any practice, and we only have 13 people on our team. Other team had 20... Not exactly fair, but that's not really an excuse, now is it. So my team lost 11 to 0... I'll try harder next time. So I also had my first day of practice on thurs. It was fun, but I wish I had the boys coach as my coach. Lol. Yeah. The girls coach is my gym teacher, and the boys' coach is my chemistry teacher... Him being my gym teacher means he's extra hard on us. All my friends decided to skip out on the practice after a game if we lose... Hehe.

So, as for other news... You all know the game Brave Story? If you like it there is an anime for it, by the way. But getting back on topic... I was browsing the books at my library the other day instead of only looking at movies and manga, and found the book. It's huge- well over 1000 pages, but it looks really good. And as for other news, I got out the Mortal Kombat movie... It's not that good, but when it comes to game-based movies it's awesome. Yeah, they must have been on a low budget filming this one... Special effects suck and the movie is so cheezy. It's like on of those Asian movies that someone watches in English and none of the words match the actors' lips... The Host and Godzilla were pretty good movies, but because of that little highly noticable feature it made them so fake... Sigh.

Well, that's about it. For my next blog I'll probably do something on anime if you haven't already guessed. :P

Money Issues...

There is so much stuff out I wanna get, but I'm broke.... I started to make my Christmas list already:P So, yeah... I haven't gotted Spore yet, Disgaea DS, and a bunch of other games that have been out for like, thre years that I still haven't gotten... Like RockBand. Second one is coming out and I've failed to play the first. I think I'll get it for Wii since I don't have room in my room for a PS2 version, and I am not moving my PS2 to the basement. The issue just isn't concerning games, but anime and manga too... Sigh, I'm having issues finding a job. I am not working the cash register, since people always complain when you fail to pack their bags right- "Why did you put the bread with the eggs! I want them packed seperatly!" Sigh, my parents do it all the time.

That's about it... Well, I got a new game the other day. Zone of the Enders. It looks okay, but the real reason I got it is cuz it was made by Hideo Kojima. So, yep.

That's Illegal...

What's illegal? Well downloading episodes of anime off the internet of course! That was the exact reason why Geneon's mother company in ye old anime motherland stopped distributing anime for dubbing after the sudden outburst of full anime episodes appearing on the internet.

Type Naruto Shippuden in Google search for example. About 75% or more links lead to a site, like YouTube or other such sites to download and watch anime. That is piracy. Piracy I tell you.

So, Japan is getting serious about this. REALLY serious. Uploading episodes of anime without permission from those who made it is starting to get people arrested. Sure, it's worse in Japan, but what you post on the net is now veiwable even in Japan.

Well, don't get me wrong, but you are allowed to download and watch anime online... From a legal source. A website like IGN's DirecttoDrive is legal, and there are hundreds of sites that HAVE permission to upload the files from the creators themselves.

The reason for anime being so expensive is mostely because of those who slide past the laws and upload anime online which MAKES ANIME CO.s, like Funimation and Manga, LOSE MONEY, RAISING DVD PRICING! Yep. The truth plain and simple.

But do you know what is worse than those who upload anime episoded without permission? Those who do that and ask for cash in return. It's not even their work, and they ask for money for it? It's getting to a point where in Japan, even watching the illegaly uploaded episodes is illegal.

I've seen many a times where a person makes something online, and someone else uses it and calls it there own without notification of the true creator. That person who worked hard to create it gets mad, as is expected. Wouldn't you get mad if you spent days and days creating something, only to have it taken by someone else and them getting the credit for it? Hm hm, and that is just what those fools are doing who upload anime without permission.

October Releases

Here are the manga and anime releases for next month. Enjoy!


Black Lagoon: Second Barrage vol.3

Bleach the Movie 1: Memories of Nobody

Busu Renkin Box Set Two

Case Closed Double Feature

Claymore vol. 1

Death Note vol. 7

Devil May Cry vol. 3

Emma: A Victorian Romance Box Set 2

Ghost Hunt Season One Part One

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time vol. 7

Hellsing Ultimate vol. 4

Keleido Star Complete Seasons 1&2

Karin vol. 5

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Complete Collection

Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 2 vol. 8

Magical Witch Punie-Chan

Naruto Uncut Box Set 10

Negima OVA

Nighthead Genesis vol. 1

Otogi Zoshi Season One Part Two

Ouran High School Host Club Season One Part One

Rozen Maiden Traumend vol. 2

School Rumble Season Two Part One

Shonen Onmyouji vol. 3

Strait Jacket

The Story of Saiunkoku vol. 3

Witchblade Complete Collection

XXXHolic vol. 6

...And now for the Manga.....

Alive vol 6

Angel's Coffin

Astral Project vol. 1

Blank Stste vol. 1

Bound Beauty vol. 1

Dorothea vol. 3

Fate/Stay Night vol. 1

Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 17

Ghost Talker's Daydream vol. 2


The Guy Was Splendid vol. 1

Hellsing vol. 9

Kieli vol. 2

Kitchen Princess vol. 8

Kyo Kara Maoh! vol. 1

The Legend of Zelda vol. 1

Nora vol. 1

Nui! vol. 2

Oh My Goddess vol. 10

One Pound Gospel vol. 3

Papillion vol. 1

Pet Shop of Horror: Tokyo vol. 3

Rosario+Vampire vol. 3

Silver Diamond vol. 2


Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning vol. 5

The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls vol. 5

Zombie-Loan vol. 4

So, ther you have it. That's all I know about for releases for October, though there may be more and some titles are bound to change.

Something I like that isn't manga, anime, or video games....

I only really talk about video games and anime and at times, manga, when I'm online... But I do have a life, don't get me wrong! Here are a few things I like that are NOT anime, video games, or manga...


Yeah, I watch movies, but I really don't see a lot of them... No, really, I haven't been to the movies in like, three years! Movies are just expensive, and I'll only watch some once or twice... (it could be worse- it's like, $35 for a movie ticket in Japan. I'd never go to the movies if it were that much...) So, here is a(nother) list. I do a lotta lists, don't I... Oh well....

Silent Hill

I Am Legend


Yep. Those are my favorite movies. Out of animated movies, I like Spirit, and Lion King, but that's about it. Although I must say, Igor is looking pretty great right about now:P


Not EVERYTHING I read is manga or comic books (GI Joe rawks!) So, yeah. I can never really finish a book, but that's because the end is well, the END! I can never finish up games either, like Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Final Fantasy... I hate seeing the end of most things:P

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Killing Sea

Howl's Moving Castle

Reading is great, but I have to be in the mood for it... I have a bunch of video game based games that I just bought, like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and I'm going for Mass Effect if I can find it... Yeah.


I love to draw. I'm not as good as some of the other talented users I've seen, but still... I'll post some of mine someday. Most of my drawings are naught but doodles. I usually just recycle em after I'm done, but there are a few I keep. I'd say my best are the Inu Yasha and Saiyuki ones I drew about three years ago, but I have some pretty good ones I drew in the past year. Most of them are from Fruits Basket and Pokemon though... I'm not creative, but I do have a wild imagination. Most of the stuff I want to draw that are my own creations are just really bad... But I can draw anything if I got a picture to look off of.

-Weekly Junk-

Yeah, I've been sick for the past week or so now, so my blogs have been pretty lame for the last few days. Well, actually, I just have been really busy and really sick and haven't really been up to writting a blog. My next big blog might be Monday after school, since I got a mungo amount of homework to do over the weekend.

So, yeah. It started out as pink eye, then I was fine. The next day I wake up with a sore throat, but that is no reason to skip school. So I go, and come home with one evil-incarnate migrane (sorry if I misspell anything. I feel like I've been hit by a truck). I stay home the next day, and go to see my doc. He says it could be from low electrolytes, so tells me to drink lots of Gatorade and stuff. I didn't feel any better this morning, but I went to school anyway. Not that great of a choice. I come home today feeling like a pile of dog crap.... Sigh. I still gotta finish my chemistry project and read three chapters of the Scarlet Letter over the weekend...

Another thing... I was suckered in to play soccer for my school since there are only 10 girls on the team. (It's not related, but there is only a single girl in the 6th grade at my school... yeah, my school is pre-school, middle school, and high school, and still only consists of about 98 people.) Okay, that aside... I haven't gotten a physical, don't even have a uniform, don't know how I'll feel on Monday, and haven't gotten a single day of practice in yet, and I have a game on Monday... We also are short one person, si it's uneven teams, ad there are no subs at all... I'll do my best to win though.

Well, we have been playing soccer in gym, so that counts as practice. He. I punched my friend after she stole the ball. I'm competitive, which is why everyone wanted me to join. I'm a beast at everything. Faliure is not an option. (which is why I have dedicated this weekend to school because I have a 89% in Geometry right now... I know I have the highest grade right now, but that is still a B.) Not good. Well, ADHD started kicking in there, so back on track... Yeah. I'm crazy on the feild. I like boxing and karate more, but I try to do my best at everything, even if I don't like it... Though here is something about me a lot of you haven't heard before, but still probably know- I may be a girl, but I perfer it 100% more if I were on an all boys team instead. Nothing sexual of course, I just fit in with the male crowd a lot more. Most of the girls I know quit right after they get tired. My best friend and I are the only females in out class who aren't afraid to get a little sweaty and at times- bloody. I went to kick the soccer ball in gym, but was faked-out and kicked the wall instead. Now 45% of my right leg is black-and-blue.

So, that's my week. I've been playing Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 the past few days, and finished every chapter except the final one... But I forget the name. So far my favorite chapter in it was Wild Things, just because of the crazy zombified elephant and lion. I started to play Persona 3 yesterday also. I got pretty far, where Koromaru joins your team. I finally got the social link os the Sun started this morning. The Sun social link is the sadest so far... Man, that sucks.

So, my mommom is doing better. I don't think I've told anyone yet, but she has breast cancer. She just had Kimo(sp?) done, and was really sick for the past few days. She was really weak, and couldn't eat of drink... Today she is doing a lot better. I'm happy. If I could, I'd rather have her sickness so she wouldn't have to suffer through it. But you know what they say: The cure is worst than the sickness. After seeing what she's been going through for the past month, I totally believe it.

Check this out and other stuff

So, a few days ago I was just browsing the net, and found some interesting stuff.

A Tales of Symphonia Gamecube. I've seen a few pretty sweet themed Gamecubes, and I own a Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness one, but never in my life have I seen such a great-looking one such as this. I want one...

Price Drop!?

A lot of rumors about a price drop for the DS have been going around as of late. The 360 dropped, and a few days later there was word on the servers about a DS price drop too. The word was $40 for a DS Lite... I know it has to be just made up, because they are still asking $45 for a GBA SP and $120 for a nomal DS...

These are pretty old I think, but dang... They are some sweet shoes. You get two GB Colors for each shoe. This one includes a yellow GB and a copy of Pokemon Yellow. I would never wear something like this, but I really wanna pair...

So, that aside. Here are the game-based games I heard are being done. Tell me anymore if I didn't list them...

The Legend of Zelda- Don't know how true it is, but it will probably live action American crap like the DOA and Street Fighter movie...

Guitar Hero- Might be an epic fail...

Prince of Persia- Being done by Disney, from what I heard. Remember there was PoP before Sands of Time, so it will probably be PG along the lines of the Pirates movies.

Halo- I don't know what to think about this one...

Gears of War- A great idea for a kick-butt game, but how will a movie do?

Metal Gear Solid- After MGS4, Hideo said a movie was being made, most likely in anime-ish form like AppleSeed.

Game-Based movies that I'd like to see reguardless of how much they may suck...

Silent Hill 2- It was announced, but that was like two years ago.

ICO- Great and epic game, ok and epic movie... I think it's the best sounding so far.

Dino Crisis- Like the Resident Evil movies with a mix of Jurassic Park!

Kingdom Hearts- Come on, it would be awsome.

Final Fantasy 12- FF: Advent Children was great, so I'd like to see a movie based off my favorite FF game.