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Blades vs. Cards

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories is coming out in English now. Great. After a bunch of fans go and spend $70 to buy the Japanese version is comes out for $30-$40...

Anyway, I'm glad it's finally coming out at least. The GBA version was pretty bad. The manga was amazing though. But anyway, I'm just a bit annoyed at the battle system. Why the heck would they use cards to dish out attacks when Sora has a flipping kick-butt blade in his hands anyway? It's turn-based, I'm guessing, too. Dang. I'm not a big card-based video game player at all...

Has anybody played this game yet? If so, is it still a good KH game? And I heard it comes with another disc containing KH 2: Final Mix+? If that true? Meh, maybe I'll pre-order it.

What Freaked you Out the Most?

From the first time you playe a horror survival game, to the first time you watched a Hitchcock film- share you're most freaked out momments here.;) As for myself, I've gotta few that kept me awake for days or even avoiding coming in contact with another human for a week. (no, really!) So I decided to share them for a (late) Halloween blog.

Childhood Scares- I found this movie one day when I was 5 that was about fairies and a rainforest called FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Well, these lumberjacks come in and start cutting down the forest, and this big blob demon thing who feeds on pollution was born! He has a little musical part in the movie, and I was crying the entire time. I ran from the room over to my grandmother- I was so scared from a simple villian from a kids movie about fairies! The dude who played his voice is Tim Curry, who also played the Cat King in the Cat Returns, and even the librarian in Higglytown Heroes:P. Not that scary now giant fire-breathing pollution blob! Ha!

Birds already scared me- In 9th grade, we were reading The Birds in English class. We watched the Hitchcock-directed movie after we were finished, and I was just afraid to go outside. I never liked birds to start with- millions of flying birds against a single land-stranded human... When we finished the movie, I woke up for school early and walked outside. Across the street was a swarm of beady-eyed crows squaking and pearched everywhere... I ran back inside the house to change my underwear:roll: (not really, but I was still freaked out...)

I heard it was fun, so... I rented Resident Evil 4 a bit after it came out to give it a spin. I never played a horror game before this, and I always wanted to try one... The moment that hillbilly hunter zombie dude in the log cabin grabbed that hatchet and turned around to slice open your head and probably feast on your innards scared me a bit. A bit startled, I finished the job and kept walking. Ohh, horror games are fun. At least until I heard the chainsaws outside the cabin I was hiding in and saw the door burst open as a large figure ran towards me yelling with a chainsaw in the air ready to kill... Still, once I got past RE4, horror games were just like a horror movie made on a low budget- plentiful blood, cheap yet effective environments, and brief scares around every corner. But after you get past the scares, you'll be laughing at them as you play through again now aware what's going to happen.

He just wants a hug- I got past Resident Evil! I can do anything! That's what I said as I loaded up Silent Hill 3 on my PS2. I must have paused this game at least 90 times in just the first level (the mall) The subway station, as something comes up behind you and the next thing you know you're on the train tracks as a whistle blows nearby... Underground, where you think that bridge is safe until that thing pulls you into the dark waters below... The hospital, as you get locked in a little room staring into your reflection in a mirror as hell changes that room into something not of this world and all you can do is watch... The amusment park, as some crazy serial killer traps you in a haunted house and that dead boys body fallf from above you... I got the most chills from this than any other thing on this list... But the game was confusing, and I was confused. So, I rented the movie. Pyramid Head, as he corners the two female leads in the closet and tries to break in... And at the church door, when he rips the skin off a girl and throws it at the main character... I was afraid to go in my basement because he might be down there... Now, after playing SH 2 and knowing more about the series, I just wanna give him a hug:P (umm, on second thought...)

Ahhh! People!- When I was younger, I was just afraid of germs after learning about them and what they did in health class. I washed my hands every 5 minutes, and never went into a public bathroom for a month.:lol: Stupid, huh?

Yeah, I think that's about it. How about ya'll? What freaked you out the most? Some of mine make me laugh at myself now that I look back on some of them. Still, everyone was afraid of something stupid at least once in their lives. I hear docters are somtimes afraid of simple things like tin foil and butter knives after they see what can happen to people with such simple objects. Like in Black Christmas, where the killer used a candycane one time. I went to school and talked about how people can probably even kill somebody with a piece of paper or a gummy bear... Lol.

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I was invited to go out trick-or-treating with my friends. I was a nurse from Silent Hill. :P

I've made up My Mind

I'll stay on GS. Maybe I'll just take a tiny break for a few days. I love the website, and made a buncha friends. Plus it's a great website with gaming updates I can't afford to miss.:P Thax to all my friends who changed my mind.;)

Oh, and there is only a few days left to Halloween! (My fav. semi-holiday!) I'm going to get a sugar high this year! Mua-ha-ha!:twisted:

I Might Leave

Wow, two blogs in one day- Sorry:roll:

I'm in emotional confusion right now. A bunch of you can tell, right? Just because I'm tired of putting up with people's crap at school, and my parents always being in a bad mood at home.

The website is great and all, and I use it a lot. I just use the computer to escape my life problems and I'm sorry.:cry:

I'll probably make this my last week, then terminate my account. I didn't join to rant, blog, or anything like that- only to get daily gaming news. I can do that without having a profile, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.

I may change my mind, but it's unlikely.:|

That's so Hardcore

A few people still believe Nintendo is doomed because they're not making any hardcore games that modern gamers love. But, the more you look at it, Nintendo never really made a hardcore game like that of Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, or whatever. Yet Nintendo brings in a crap load of cash from doing the "family" style games. But I ask you this- can a game, that fails to be "hardcore" still be fun? My answer is- heck yeah!

Mario, a game that anyone can beat regardless of age or skill can still be enjoyed by countless people- from a kid who is introduced to video games for the first time to a blister-handed Halo nut. It may not be "hardcore" but dang is it still fun.

The definition of hardcore is overall intense or relentless- lacking mercy. ... Quite a lot of Nintendo games made in the past few years may not meet that definition, but if you ask me refusing to buy a Wii or play a Nintendo game because they aren't "hardcore" is a terrible excuse. It may just be an age thing- at least when this concerns my schoolmates. What I mean is that their gamer pride gets way up that some of my schoolmates "outrank" Nintendo.

Don't get me wrong- Nintendo games are great, and some (especially the old titles like The Legend of Zelda) can be outstandingly hard and games like Metroid Prime 3 can be quite hardcore. I just don't think that a game has to be hardcore to be enjoyable, and using that as an excuse is getting pretty old...

So anyway, I did some studying (by playing games) to find the most hardcore Wii games out there. This is what I got...

Super Smash Bros. Brawl- A fun game that'll keep anyone gripping their Wiimote for hours until they unlock everything. Try playing it (especially boss battles and that crazy hard multi-man brawl) on the hardest level available- it gets hard. Plus knocking out a player with those little bomb dudes and a baseball bat is pretty hardcore if you ask me.

No More Heroes- Gore and sexual referances around every corner- people exploding into countless bloody bits as you slice em with a beam saber. Dang. Boss battles get a little crazy too. Not many people expected this "hardcore" of a game to be on a Nintendo system.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves- It may be a game filled with nothing but minigames, but it sure is funny. Some on the short-timed minigames is challenging for anybody. If the game doesn't kill you, the really short time limit sure will. I think this is the game that gives people the most "GAME OVER" screens. (Well, besides Pac-Man lol!

Boom Blox- Blowing up people in Halo 3 may be hardcore, but blowing up cute little animals with baseballs and blocks is just priceless. Plus the game requires some skill and an understanding of physics- something rare in game that lacks hardcore-ness.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion- I think it's the hardest Wii game I've played so far... Takes a ton of skill (and the guts to see peoples insides as you cut em open) to beat this game...

Finished P3

I finished up Persona 3 today. Clappy clap clap! Woot!

Now I gotta decide what the next game I'll play through is gonna be... Hmmm...

Well, anyway- the other day I went to Gamestop, not the one I usually go to, but I've been there a few times before. Every time I try to buy something there they can never find it. I happened five times already- and I've only gone into that one 7 times. I tried to buy Ico, and they couldn't find it. How flippen hard can it be to find something- you just search under "I"! It was probably the first one in the row and they still couldn't find it! Rawr! Oh well...

Hmm, I also got my high school ring a few days ago. Yup. I wanted to get a boys medium size, but my parents said no. The girls size is so small, that 60% of the side images couldn't fit. Yup. We all had to get the same ring- everyone in my grade. Silver with a blue stone in the middle, and a knight on the one side. Because of this, only 4 other people besides me got rings... It's because, unlike private schools, we're "unified as a single body...". I don't mind the ring, but if you're going to have someone spend hundreds of dollers on a ring you think the least you could do is let them pick the kind and style they want.

When Worlds Collide

There are times when a game company places characters from one of their games into another, we all know that from the popular Super Smash Bros. series. So I'm asking this- what do you think about this, and what kind of mix-n-matches would you like to see in a game?

We all know of games where the characters from one game meet with the characters of another, like Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic Games and the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but how crazy can these mix-n-matches get?

Some games, like Jump Super Stars and Drawn to Life Spongebob Edition are just created for the purpose of getting people to buy more of their products or watch more of their shows.


In the case of Dance Dance Revolution, a song from Silent Hill was added, and in the chibi New International Track and Field for the DS, players could play as Frogger and Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Strange combo, but effective.

We all know Super Smash Bros. Brawl featured Sonic and Snake, and Nintendo welcomes other characters to join the fight as long as they appeared on a Nintendo console. That means in the future, we have a pretty decent percentage of seeing characters from Megaman or other such games.


Heavenly Sword and Zelda- You all know of Sony's attempt to partner with Nintendo before the PS came out right? Well can you imagine Zelda, Pokemon, or other Nintendo games in the hands of Sony? I looked at the possibilities of having Nintendo characters meet Sony characters, and the best combo was Zelda meets Heavenly Sword. Seems like a decent game idea to me.

Namco Bandai- Jump Super Stars was popular with the shonen fans after placing characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hitman Reborn, Bleach, Death Note, and more, so why can't Namco Bandai jump on board the anime battle train as well? Characters from .HACK, Digimon, Eureka Seven, Gundam, Wolf's Rain, etc. could all fight the crap out of each other to raise to the greatest. Making a fighting game seems to be the most sucessful approach to have characters from one universe fight characters from another.

Atlus- Square Enix seems to be doing great by adding characters from its two most sucessful titles- Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy- join together in the game Itadaki Street Special, and Atlus has a few games that would match together like whipped cream and ice cream. Have characters from Disgaea, Persona, Metal Slug, Izuna, Growlanser, Steambot Chronicles, and other titles join together in an RPG to fight off a new dark evil... Better than adding them all together to create yet another world vs. world fighting game.

So, yup. That's all for my blog. Sorry most of my blogs haven't been on gaming. I'm just busy these days and don't have enough time to play any, let alone blog about any. I almost beat Persona 3, but that's about it. I also had a freaky dream the other night- It was an Animal Crossing RPG like Gurumin, with a little of the monster using in Digimon. Yup.


Yeah, I can't really think of a good title for this, but it's about a bunch of stuff in America and whatnot...

Have you noticed how Americans can't even animate their own cartoons anymore? Not all of em, but still. Batman, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Rainbow Brite, Spiderman... All of those and more are animated in Japan. Even Disney shows like Lilo and Stitch are being done in Japan. Shows like Storm Hawks are done in Canada, and a multitude is animated in Europe. The people who did Batman made Big O, Rainbow Brite did Fullmetal Alchemist, and the Stitch! anime is being done by Madhouse...

I hate how anime and cartoons in general are put under "animation". They have genres like action, comedy, horror, etc. Even porno anime are placed under "animation"... I just believe it should be seperated by its genre and not by how it's made.

An Anime for Grand Theft Auto lovers? Yup. I came upon this anime called Tokyo Tribes. It's about rival Japanese street gangs fighting each other and has a really different animation style. It's a hardcore R rated anime with lots of cursing, blood and gore, plus sexual themes galore. It's pretty cool.

So I was studying how healthy cereals are compared to other flavors, and for the top five healthiest kinds I got Cheerios, Kix, Life, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Frosted Mini-Wheat.


100 cals, 3 grams dietary fiber, l gram sugar, 190 mgs of sodium


110 calories, 3 grams dietary fiber, 3 grams of sugar, 210 mgs of sodium


120 cals, 2 grams dietary fiber, 6 gs sugar, 160 mgs of sodium


110 cals, 2 grams dietary fiber, 9 grams sugar, 190 mgs of sodium


200 cals, 6 grams fiber, 12 grams sugar, 5 mgs of sodium

The info was from Consumer Reports, but I made sure it was accurate.

And, also from Consumer Reports, that 134 extra grams of sugar was consumed daily in 2000, a 40% rise than that of the 1950s? Dang, no wonder kids are always so hyped up these days.

... speaking of kids, next week for school I gotta tend to a bunch of pre-school kids? Everybody has to do something to help out next week, and we get school off to help ppl. Pretty cool. So I picked baby-sitting a bunch of 4 yr olds. Fine with me- I love kids so much. :oops:

They're Remaking FMA! Woot!

Fullmetal Alchemist was a great anime- a 9/10 ranked. The manga is one of the top 10 manga I've ever read... But the anime began to get ahead of the manga, and everyone knows filler episodes suck, so Studio BONES just came up with their own storyline that strayed 100% off the storyline of the manga. Since the movie came out in 2006, and the series ended, fans have constantly demanded some new FMA episoded to be released. Of coure they made a chibi special, two special filler episodes that were ment to recap the fans and entertain them at the same time, and even a short episode where the characters are kids. Well, it's never enough, so in 2009 they will remake the anime to follow the manga 100% from opening to end. Finally.

It should be announced in the next released volume, but I'm not sure...

Just a Random Question...

Even though you're older then you once were, do you still collect and watch the stuff you did when you were younger? Once or twice in a year I buy a pack of Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and never got rid of the ones I had when I was like, 6. I still turn on the TV and watch cartoons like Pokemon, SpongeBob, Billy and Mandy, and whatnot. It's just because I don't want to give up my childhood. How about ya'll?