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NinjaBrownie Blog

My DS Broke....

Waaa! I was playing Resident Evil: Deadly Silence yesterday while I was camping, and the touch screen broke on me! I had a screen protector on it, but it wasn't getting my commands. I took the dumb thing off, and there was this huge slash going down the middle of the screen! Every time I touch the screen, it goes all white on me, and the bottom doesn't show up... I had the thing when it first came out, and it finally died on me... I don;t want to get a DS lite- I'v been with my baby forever.... I guess it's time I upgraded, but I can't stand to part with it...:cry:

Favorite Childhood Game...

What is your favorite childhood game? For me it's Hey You Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. I remember playing Hey You Pikachu for hours a day when I first got it. I became the gamer I am today from playing Sonic the Hedgehog... It's one of my best Childhood memories.

Mag-a pt 1


Welcome to the first entry from MAG-A, MAG's Anime releases and short descriptions monthly. This is for June-

Aika R-16 Virgin Mission

Aika goes on a salvaging trip with the treasure-hunting club, but on member holds a secret... And some members will stop at nothing to take it! A prequal to Agent Aika.

Burst Angel Collection

In the future, crime plagues Tokyo around every corner. Kyohei, a Culinary student, gets an unusual job as a cook for a strange group of mercinaries consisting of four females whos job it is to take down crime.

burst angel

Death Note Volume 5

Light and Misa are approaching their breaking point, and L's plane to test them is just beginning! The suspecion falls upon the Yatsuba group, but all investigations must stop to rescue Matsuda.

Gao-Gai-Gar Box Set

Mamoru, a child given to his parents by a mechanical lion named Galeon, is at school when an alien robot decides to attack. He gets rescued by the cyborg Gai Shishio, and soon joins the UN's 3G defense force in hopes to help protect Earth from more alien robot invaders.

Emma: A Victorian Romance

Emma, a women who escaped sale to a London brothel in Victorian England, went from begger to maid after the wealthy Kelly Stowner took her in and provided her with an education. But, her employer soon dies, and she ends up working for the elite Molders and accompanies her new mistress on trips. One fateful day, she and her mistress visit William, the son from the Jones family. The two soon fall in love, but loving eachother in this age as a poor maid and a rich man isn't easy.


Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Vol. 3

Takamichi sees througha captivating dancer's facade and learns about her plot to use hypnotized men to kill the emperor!

Kanon Vol.3

Shiori gets an unexpected birthday present: her doctors permission to attend school again. Yuich throws her a huge party, but the celebration is a somber one as the two prepare to say their final goodbyes.

Joe vs. Joe Vol. 1

Joe Yuki is an undercover gang leader and a popular DJ, a tough guy with no regard for weakness. He soon loses his pride when he loses a fight against a bully who harassed an old man.

My Team In Diamond- Reserves

My Pokemon that I keep in my PC as subs. It's pretty much my second Pokemon team. TEXT=Male, Text=Female


  • Mild
  • Hoenn (Sapphire) July 9, 2007, Arrived Lv. 50
  • Capable of Taking Hits
  • Likes Dry Food
  • Brine, Aurora Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk


  • Timid
  • Hoenn (Sapphire) July 9, 2007, Arrived lv. 100
  • Capable of Taking Hits
  • Likes Sweet Food
  • Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Protect, Fire Blast


  • Calm
  • Wayward Cave, May 5, 2007, Met lv. 17
  • Loves to Eat
  • Likes Bitter Food
  • Fire Blast, Dragon Rush, Poison Jab, Earthquake


  • Bashful
  • Route 228, Nov. 8, 2007, Met Lv. 59
  • Mischievous
  • Happily Eats Anything
  • Shadow Claw, Water Pulse, U-Turn, Thunder Wave


  • Gentle
  • Kanto (Fire Red) May 24, 2007, Arrived at lv. 23
  • Often Dozes Off
  • Likes Bitter Food
  • Earthquake, Power Whip, Rock Slide, Wring Out


  • Rash
  • Egg Hatched on Route 224, Sep. 9, 2007
  • Highly Curious
  • Likes Dry Food
  • Giga Drain, Psychic, Air Slash, Bug Buzz

My Teams in Diamond pt. 1

I decided to write a blog to list my main team, my reserve team, and my legendary team in Pokemon Diamond. text=MALE, Text=FEMALE

MAIN TEAM........


  • Timid
  • Sep. 14, 2007
  • Pokemon League- evolved lv. 45
  • Sturdy Body
  • Likes sweet food
  • Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Poison Jab, Flash Cannon


  • Bashful
  • Feb. 10, 2008, met at lv. 6 route 207
  • Quick Tempered
  • Eats Anything
  • Dark Pulse, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Torment


  • Hardy
  • Kanto (Fire Red) arrived lv. 50 May 15, 2007
  • Scatters things offten
  • Eats Anything
  • Sky Uppercut, Thunderpunch, Icepunch, Mega Punch


  • Quirky
  • Kanto (Leaf Green) arrived lv. 100 May 29, 2007
  • Ofter Scatters Things
  • Happily Eats Anything
  • Flamethrower, Surf, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam


  • Naive
  • Kanto (Kanto) Arrived lv. 30 May 10, 2007
  • Good Endurance
  • Likes Sweet Food
  • Flamethrower, Megahorn, Ice Beam, Earth Power


  • Lax
  • Trophy Garden Sep. 14 2007, lv. 18
  • Good Endurance
  • Likes Sour Food
  • Ice Beam, Psychic, Charge Beam, Signal Beam



I was bored one day, so I made a bunch of avatars for people who are tired of theirs. Check 'em out in my images if you want one. I'm also going to make some banners, for anyone who want's one.

I Wish...

They would make a 2nd Sonic the Fighters. Even more characters came out since the last one, and would certainly make a great fighting game with new characters included and more stages. Sonic the Fighters was one of my favorite childhood games- I would play it at the arcade all the time over the summer when we went camping.

My list of characters that I would love to play as in a new Sonic Fighting game...

Shadow, Jet, Rouge, Cream, Blaze, Silver, Omega, Chaos, Vector, Emeral, Big, Marine, Tikal, and Mighty.

The game should also contain more unlockables, so it doesn't get boring likr the last game. Unlockables like more characters from other SEGA games would be a nice touch- like NiGHTS and Amigo.

I doubt it would ever happen, judging by the low popularity of the last Sonic fighting game.

My Favorite Anime- Number 10....


Ichigo is just a normal high school student. Well, except for the fact he can see ghosts. When an evil spirit that eats souls, called Hollows comes and attacks his family, it's up to Ichigo to play hero. Only thing is... how the heck will he take this thing down! A mysterious girl named Rukia has a mission to kill every last Hollow that threatens the human world. The two run into each other, and Rukia grants some of her power to Ichigo so he can fight the thing. He beats it, and it turns out he took more power that is needed. Now it's up to Ichigo to become a Soul Reaper- one who kills Hollows- and save the world from the evil spirits!


2 Days

Only 2 days of school left! I have to finish 2 essays for religion and english,:cry: but still... 2 days! Then four days of exams, but that's fine, cuz I only gotta be there for 3 hours.:D