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My Fav. Games !7-15 I think I'm on...

NUMBER 17- Pokemon Diamond

Another fun Pokemon game with tons more stuff to do than ever before! The new Pokemon are just plain awsome, and a Pokemon game has never looked so great... I love Wi-Fi, but I don't battle much in the game, mostly trade. I breed Pokemon all the time.


NUMBER 16- Ape Escape 3

Just as the name suggests, monkeys escaped and are causing trouble. You have to stop their leader, and capture every last one that escaped. Oh, did I mention you catch them in a net, you have super transformation move to turn you into a ninja or a knight, and you have an awsome lightsaber to pwn monkey butt with? The game is great and just plain funny all around.

Ape Escape

Number 15- Banjo-Kazooie

Great game hands down. You can tell by the score on just about every game rating website. I love playing this, and still do even though I beat it 7 years ago. I love to use a birds butt as a egg bazooka to shoot grenade bomb eggs at foes, and love playing as the cute lil bear.

Bears are cute =3

Who Will Win?1 Prt. 3- Tag, You're it! (SSBB Tag Btl)

Here is yet another battle to test who the most likely character will win. Todays battle is a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tag Team battle with four players, two for team, and all items are OFF!

The stage affects the gameplay a LOT, so the random stage is going to be... Distant Planet from Pikmin!

All right, the teams are Red Team and Blue Team.

Red Team-

BowserMeta Knight

Blue Team

Toon Link


My favorite anime- number 8.


In the far future, Armageddon threatens the future of humanity. Out of that darkness, a new darkness emerged- vampires. The Chtholic chruce creates an unstoppable team of priests to save humanity and defeat the blood-thirsty vampires. But things are not what they seem- from vampires sneaking into the church to church officials betraying the church for their own needs... only one rule can be trusted in this apocolyptic anime- Trust no one! The church has multiple secrets up their sleeves too. Meet Abel Nightroad- a crusnix that feeds on the blood of vampires. He may be a little dull at times, but he's sure to finish the job perfectly. His partner is the powerful cyborg Tres- the gun-weilding "show no emotions" priest who isn't afraid to make a little noise. Together with other skilled fighters, they set off to stop the threats of the hostile vampires! If you like gorey action with whoop-but action and gothic vampires- then this is your heaven come true!


Why I Joined GameSpot

I really only joined to see the walkthroughs to a couple games I was stuck on at the time. I didn't know it would become my favorite website :o Lol- I love the website a lot, and met a lot of cool people and made lots of friends. I'm happy I joined.

My favorite anime- Number 9


A monk and 3 hhalf-demons travel across Asia to the west to stop a demon witch from resurrecting an ancient demon god who nearly destroyed the world hundreds of years before. Sonzo is a Buddist monk who took over for the person who took him off the streets as a child. Too bad he doesn't believe in the Buddah, smokes, and has a tendacy to hurt things... Goku is a 500 year old monkey demon born from a mountain and was locked up for hundreds of years. He may be old, but he still looks like a child, and has a crazy appitite! Hakkai was once a human, until he murdered an entire demon clan to rescue his wife who latter killed herself. He's cool and collected, and used his kai to aid him in battle. And finally comes Gojyo, the womenizer. He was nearly killed by his own step-mother, until his brother stepped in and killed her to save him. Each has a scarred life, but they must put their troubles behind them if they wish to complete their mission!


I bought a new DS and I felt a little creative last night...

Well, I went to the mall for an eye doctor appointment around 6 PM. I got two new pair of glasses- a pair of pink ones for home and going out, and round "Harry Potter" ones for school. Well, geting back on track... I went to GameStop while my mom was talking to the doc, and I was looking at the DS's. And, believe it or not, my mom actually bought one for me! I thought I would have to wait till Christmas or something, but my mom bought it so I don't complain onour vacation in 2 more weeks.

It's a red lite, with a black bottom- my two favorite colors. I got home and put my black Wii Remote strap in the lil holes in the back. I was finaly able to finish that part in Resident Evil DS that I couldn't yesterday because of the screwed up touch screen...

So then, I was cleaning out my junk box in my room and found my flash drive thing that you put arounr your neck and keep your flash drive on. I usually mis-place my stylus, so I put my stylus on where the flash drive goes. It comes off at the bottom, so I can remove it for use. I felt pretty proud of myself lastnight.:lol:

My top 20 favorite games- 20-18

#20- Luigis Mansion

It's Nintendo's way of saying "survival horror". Think Ghost Busters meets Silent Hill. Instead of Mario rescuing Peach, this spinoff features Luigi rescuing Mario!

Luigis Mansion

#19- Sonic Riders

A great racing game featuring multiple Sonic characters, like Shadow and Knuckles, to race it out on hover boards through all kinds of terrain. It's not the best racing game out there, but it combines two of my top 5 favorite elements: hover boards and Sonic characters.

Sonic Riders

#18- Super Mario Sunshine

Ok, it's not the greatest Mario game out there, but this game was and still is my favorite Mario game out there. Mario was being blamed for all the grafitti and blob monsters running around, so it's up to you to set things right by using a water tank named FLOOD to clean up the mess.

Super Mario Sunshine

New icons poted

Feel free to use some, if you want! Heck, if I post stuff to the internet, I should be ready for someone else to use it or say they made it themselve. But I don't really care:P

Here are some random ones for a pre-view...