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Bought Myself a PSP

I've been working my tail off for the past month, and I finally got enough to buy a PSP. So I went to Gamestop yesterday, and got the set that came with a silver PSP, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, and National Treasure 2. I had enough to buy a few games, so I got Metal Gear Ac!d 2 and Tekken. So I'm pretty happy right now. I want to upload some movies and pictures from my computer, but I need to get a USB cable that can actually fit in the PSP... And I can't find any at Gamestop, so I'm going to look at Best Buy.


I got exams all next week, so I'm sorry I haven't been on much. I gotta study my butt off... And I also have 3 US History reports due next Wed. so I've been working hard on that. Oh, and when I have some free time, I help my dad with his work sorting those little prizes kids win at school if they sell enough stuff and whatnot. I made $100 over the weekend, and I'm going to save it up so I can buy what I didn't get for Christmas. I was thinking of getting a PSP, but I don't play handheld games that much anymore.

Finished my Christmas Shopping!

I woke up at 5 am on Friday, and did all my shopping for Christmas. First stop was Wal-Mart, which was a total madhouse. Did you hear about the guy who was crushed yesterday? I forget where, but when the doors were open at Wal-Mart, thousands of people ran forward killing the person. That sucks. They won't even get to see their family for the holidays or never again... Man, people are crazy killing somebody just to get a few bucks off a TV or GPS...

So my parents were considering getting me a PS3 for Christmas. Yay! Well anyway, I woke early yesterday, and failed to sleep last night, so I'm really really tired... All my relatives are upstairs drinking right now, and my cousin and brother are running around playing with Nerf guns. My head hurts like heck, so I wish everybody would keep it down a bit... And later on today I may see Bolt, so maybe I'll try to take a nap. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving (eve)!

Happy Thanksgiving eve everybody! So, what's everybodies plans for the holiday? I'm going shopping on Friday with my mom while my brother goes to see Bolt, and on Saturday I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with my aunt, uncle, and nephew since they can't come down before the weekend... Yeah.

Well, anyway- I wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Back! And I got Animal Crossing City Folk!

For the last 4 days, my computer wouldn't connect to the internet... So I haven't been able to get on. But anyway, I got the new Animal Crossing game on Sunday. It's really good. It may just be the same old AC game but with some extra features added in, but that doesn't stop it from being really good.

I decided to transfer my DS character over. You start with that character new- no money, no nothing. Well, you can buy all the furniture you've had in the DS version, so I'm totally going to bring back my Master Sword! The city is pretty cool- lots of stores and the guy who sells balloons and likes to give people stuff. That explains where the floating presents come from. Well, all the people you've had in the DS game move on over into City Folk. And my favorite new feature is at the clothing place where you can now change the design on the front, back, and sleeves instead of all over. But using the Wiimote to design stuff is really hard if you don't have a steady hand... Anyway, it's a really fun game and just as addictive as the last two!

A Guilty Pleasure

Man, the arguments people have online are just plain funny. Especially when one side has no clue what they're talking about, or say something so off topic or use stupid sayings like "ur mom" or "Ur a girl, you wouldn't understand". I love to read these- they just go back and forth and don't get anywhere. I'm just going to list a few that were just so stupid it's not even funny.

On YouTube, I watched a trailer for Disgaea 3, and this one girl said that she thinks Laura Baily plays the voice of Rasberry (or whatever her name is) and that she also plays the voice or Tohru from Fruits Basket. This one dude commented saying that Fruits Basket is an anime for girls and no dude would watch the anime. I was like "Where did that come from" It was pretty funny.

Another one was on shooting games where one girl said that guys only want to shoot things and play war games. All these guys were like "she's a girl, they only play girly games and girld don't like shooting games." Then these other girls were like- "I'm a girl, and I play shooting games..." It went back and forth. I was thinking how stupid the guys were for persumming girls don't like shooting games or video games in general and how stupid the first girl was for saying that guys only want to kill things.

Another funny one was on this anti-yaoi website I found. (if you don't know what it is, just Google it) The website was made by a girl, and she was having an argument with these other girls who like yaoi and all their hate mail. The anit-yaoi girl was complaning how she keeps getting yaoi fans sending her e-mails about how "bad" her website was. TIP- If you don't like something and make a "anti" website/club for that thing, don't complain it you're getting hate mail because there is always going to be people who do like it. People have the rights to do these things, I just find it funny when they complain about all the hate mail they're getting when they should have the brains to actually know that that would happen.

You know what is really funny? When people write Lol when they aren't actually laughing. Lol.:lol:

I Need Some Good Music to Listen to

What's everyones favorite bands? I'm not a "musical" kind of person, so I don't listen to that many bands... The only things on my IPod are all J Pop and Final Fantasy music... And I need something else to listen to. Anything (except country) is good.

The only band I listen to is Black Sabbath ever since my friend got me into it... But I need something else. I haven't touched my IPod in 4 months. (but I was planning on uploading Spore on it)

Dead Space The Animation

While shopping at the mall today, I picked up the Dead Space animated movie on DVD on sale. The comic was great, and I have yet to play the game, so I though I should watch the movie before buying it. I'll write a review later. But, the storyline follows the events before the game, starting with explorers checking out some strange activity on an un-explored planet. They find a strange alien relic, but also something else... It's a pretty good looking horror animated movie, so I can't wait to watch it.

If Anything Bad Happens....

The president may have the voice to change the country, but without congress to back him up, it won't happen. If the president does something bad or something that will affect everybody in the country, like Bush sending the Army over to Iraq, he needs to get approval from congress. So, what I'm saying is that the presedent has the voice, but Congress has the power. Congress can always just disagree with the president. So if Mr.Pres says something stupid, and Congress agrees and makes the preperations to carry it out, they're both to blame. Just a bit of a reminder that we don't like in a dictatorship where the president can do whatever he wants without the supervision of someone with just as much power as him.

Congress passes the laws, Mr. Pres just comes up with them.

Congress decides how to spend our money, if we want to build a giant ring in space to "recreate" the Big Bang, Congress decides if they should give the money to do it or not.

Congress shapes our foreign policy. Mr. Pres may be our Commander in Cheif of our military, but Congress has the power to declare war- not Mr. Pres, though he may suggest it.

Those are the big 3 that affects everyone the most. Just remember that next time you vote.;)

I found a shiny Pokemon!

So I bought a new Diamond version a while ago and caught Uxie last night. Afterwards, I went to the patch of grass near it's cave, and a shiny Chingling appeared. Yay.

That marks my 4th or so shiny catch. I found a Raticate in Silver, Tentacool in Emerald, and a Wingull in Sapphire. Plus I got a Dialga, Mew, and Ho-oh from Wi-fi. Yay!