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Nikolaj-11 Blog

I don't know if anything is required in a blog.

I just thought i would post my top 5 games.

I have played more recently than before, but i am not by any means a great gamer.
My tastes vary much but i can say that on consoles i prefer rpg ad on pc i prefer simulation and stragegy.
Is Harvest Moon a simulation game? If so, then i like that for consoles too.

Well, here's the top:

1. Dragon Age: Origins(PS3)
2. Pokémon Gold(GBC)
3. Spyro The Dragon (PS1)
4. Elder Scrools Oblivion(PS3)
5. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody(Wii)

Here's the reasons:
Dragon Age: Origins is by far my favorite game, i bought it half a year after release i think, it was in November. I bought it because i liked the cover, i had no idea what kind of game i put into my Playstation 3 that day, i bought it along with Assassins Creed: 2.
At first i liked the character creator and the somewhat free role you had, you could almost do about any type of character even though it lacked pretty long hair for female wardens and had a strange thing with shallowed cheeks when you tried to give your male a beard. A Dwarf isn't a dwarf without a beard!
I started out with a Male Dwarven Noble. It was epic, and that Origin has been my favorite ever since, played seven different Dwarven Nobles. The gameplay was good, somewhat slow at times but i liked the tactical view it had rather than the hack and slash'ish alot other games used.
The story in Dragon Age: Origins was epic as well, i had never tried to feel like i had so much influence on the story as i did in this game and the character progression was realy good.
At least 70%the playthroughs i had in this game i romanced Leliana, half those playthroughs i played as a female character. This game introduced me to the romantical aspect a game could have, while i don't have any illusions towards it replacing real romance and such i still think i makes your character grow when they can have a relationship with other characters as well.
In the end i played at least 35 different playthroughs, perhaps even above 45 but i never took al of them into count, i spent hours on this game. I didn't touch Assassins Creed: 2 before i had completed the game three times.
Pokémon Gold was the best Pokémon game I've eer played. When i was younger i loved Pokémon to bits and i also played the first games, Red, Blue and Yeallow. The new series with the Johto region was vastly improved, the new Pokémon fitted the game perfectly and you could to my surprise relive Kanto after you had beaten the elite four.
Spyro The Dragon was the first game on console i ever had. I was a young boy when i received a PS1 along with Wipeout and Spyro, i never liked Wipeout (or driving/flying games in general) but Spyro caught me right off my feet. The little purple dragon was so cute and so determined to save the big dragons, i would compare it to Legend of Zelda in Dragon For with all the stages being the dungeons.
Oblivion.. Never have i played a sandbox game like this one. The character creator wasn't good but the combat and the open world was amazing. There was always something to do, even after completing the game, which i like. The game lacked a good story and more character interaction though, i felt very lonely at times.
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Is the more simpler Harvest moon i have played. (Out of that, Hero of Leaf Valley, Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade).
The game is easy to begin with, you get a house, go around introducing yourself and starts farming! There's a lot of avaivable Bachelorettes and the best ones in any Harvest Moon game i played. My favorite girls was Dia and Lyla. Lyla would be the ideal wife for me - beautiful, supportive, sweet and somewhat independant, i think it is important to also have something for yourself in a good relationship. Dia would be the sweet romance for me rather than a marriage alternativ had she been real. The rich somewhat spoiled girl who had never really bothered talking to anyone. She was shy, hurt and lonely. At first snobbish, but once you opened up to her you felt like messiah, she really cared for you - she had no one else.

Well that's it, message me what you think and if you agree/disagree, i'll be happy to disguss this.

(I also want to apologize for any bad spelling and grmmar, English isn't my main language.)