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well still playing LOL


I am still playing League Of Legends or LOLand now I am level 30 by a long of time if you want to play whit me add me Nickolas098...

I have bought MW3 and BF3...I am waiting to get them

playing lol

I am playing LOL xD it amazing! I am level 8 right now hahahaha if you wana play whit me add me Nickolas098 y play whit master yi, I play it in a netbook xD hahaha but all the thig in low ration xD


olso whaching E3 looking for PlayStation conference and MW3 and Battelfield 3 amazing! but this E3 have a lot of buffering = C well cya guys I have to studyT_T cya I want vacations!

hi guys i need your help!...

Hi guys how are you?....yes I know is has been alot of time....I am very sorry but the university it is pretty hard!! :(

and i have not time to play ps3 and to get in GS u_u but now I have a little time to post this....well I need your help cuz I can buy new games....but my limit is only $32 bucks u_uwhat game I can by whit that money? well I have to study right now I have a test aboutpathology:cry: on monday!!...whis me luck!! = D bye have a nice day

lot of time!!

well I have a lot of time without posting so I am going to post right now xD

well the first of all is that I am in second year in the university and tekes me alot of time (right now i have to be studying).

new games that i have are Mafia II and scott pilgrim vs the world, I am near to get the platium trophie in maffia II and scott pilgrim, they are very funny.

also i want new games and I am thinking about

battefield 3

modernware fare 3

mortal kombat 9

fifa 2012

tell me about what game are you going to buy...

well that all...


here is a present for all the guys that like daft punk

(don`t know how to put video in the blog post...sorry)

/Ornament Scavenger Hunt\

Clue 01:Van Nguyen
Clue 02:Jody Robinson
Clue 03:Guy Cocker
Clue 04:Matthew Gravish
Clue 05:Chris Watters
Clue 06:Kevin VanOrd
Clue 07:Aaron Sampson
Clue 08:Alex Sassoon Coby
Clue 09:Werner Goff
Clue 10:Jan Heir
Clue 11:Randolph Ramsay
Clue 12:Andrew Park
Clue 13:Mark Walton
Clue 14:Justin Covert
Clue 15:Sophia Tong
Clue 16:Kurtis Seid
Clue 17:Giancarlo Varanini
Clue 18:Justin Porter
Clue 19:Ryan MacDonald
Clue 20:Tyler Winegarner
Clue 21:Maxwell McGee
Clue 22:James Kozanecki
Clue 23:Frank Adams
Clue 24:Sarju Shah
Clue 25:Shaun McInnis
Clue 26:Ricardo Torres
Clue 27:Tom Magrino
Clue 28:Dan Chiappini
Clue 29:Homer Rabara
Clue 30:Takeshi Hiraoka
Clue 31:Tor Thorsen
Clue 32:Jim Maybury
Clue 33:Carolyn Petit
Clue 34:Tom McShea
Clue 35:Dan Mihoerck
Clue 36:Jane Douglas
Clue 37:Brendan Sinclair
Clue 38:Laura Parker

Happy Hunting

= D

Black ops: multiplayer disappointing

Well the title said all.... I really fell defrauded about the multiplayer.

This game have too much problems in online, one of the most annoying thing is the lag!, in all the games I have played always have lag, and I don`t know why! if I have the all the bars in green, then the f***ing host migration -> can not conect to the host-> game lobby closed. this happen to me alot of time like the 98%, I can`t enjoy the game. Also talking about the host, this game choose a bad host, the only one that have al the bars is the host, meanwile al the others one have one red bar, I don`t know if this is just happening in South America? or it is only a ps3 problem?

please guys that have the game in different consoles please tell me if you have the same problems.

thank for reading and post if you have the same problem or not

(I have 15 mb in the internet connection)



(Sigh) the university have me pretty busy...but I have two last exams and I am free like for 2 1/2 months yay!

sorry I i was a little inactive...

well i have to study....cya later !


New Games...

well I have 3 new games and they are very coll

I have GTA liberticity stories, Just in Cause 2 and Call of duty black ops

the 3 of them are very cool but I am still waiting to hace AC Brotherhood that game is awesome, if same one have it plz tell me more about it

and if you want to play same black ops in ps3 add me


cya and have fun = )

need ps3 titles!!!

guys my father is going to travel to USA next week....and he will bring same games....but I don`t know what kinds of games he have to buy = /

so I need PS3 titles.....

I have been thinking for the MAG, metal gera, GTA IV

but give me ideas

well I have to study -.- so I have to go cya!