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I FEelz moi some SlEEpz!!

Yeah just days ago i actually found out just wf GS's rank 24 is all aboot, and only one day ago, more popularly known as yesterday, I actually turned to said rank. 8)

Anywhoo, to all others like moi who were oblivious to the wonder years of the NES/SNES, I Feel Asleep!! is a tribute to one of the many typos encountered in the NES ''port'' of Metal Gear, spoken by the very first guard you encounter.
May sound patronising to most of the more old skool gamers, well if so, Iapologise for me starting my hobbie at the year of 1995 with the ps1! :evil: lol Sure i at least ventured back to the Megadrive2 (Genesis) and Saturn but NES/SNES are still currently in my never played section :cry:

So then, I suggest to celebrate my new found information with a charity event dedicated to helping me buy myself an Xbox 360. 8)

Haircut?? Bah!...or rather Yah?...AKA pointless blog filler :P

Yeah i've usually been fully covered in hair, i mean not quite all over, i'm pretty modest when it comes to me arm hair infact buuut movin on :P my head at least could probably house a whole nest theres so much hair to be found there. Its like you'de expect, a delerict mess :lol: but i never really wana go through with a haircut, because its just so much hair it could almost be seen as another organ :(. Even still, i'm constantly being stabbed in the eye by the few loose strands, its a friggen mission to wash it and well its only occasionally that i don't look like either an oompa lumpa or my hairs giving off the impression of an atomic-mushroom cloud.

---Here we have the proof of how ''radical'' my hair-don't are :lol:
So yeah, is it time to shun away my shallow attachment n just get myself back into the 21st century?? or rather stick with it, experiment, and really get me a $tyle to look sexah with 8)...then get washed...theen start all over again :( lol
Actually with that pic i tink a more important poll is if i need to getta new friggen cam :lol:

Also heres just random pic for the adorablness of me lil brother donning a santa outfit :oops: plus it shows the curly factor stands strong for a few more generations to come :P btw dw, this isn't yah usual random piss take link, its cause with GS's now lack of image editing :roll: the pics too big to post up on me blog....Now THIS is a random piss take ofa link :lol:

Heres a piccie with a few extra doses of light just to finally reveal to some my ghostly complexion :twisted: i'm pretty close to being transparent i'm too that pale :lol:

What, am I a ****ing clown to you, I'm here to amuse you!?!

Yeah i don't usually blog so soon after, but i decided to move on from the last pretty hastily siiince it sorta got a few people confused as to just what i was reviewing :roll: :twisted:

Anywhoo, more college happeins to throw out to you all *QUICK HIDE!!* :twisted:

Soo yeah, on thursday, that acts as our own makeshift workshop for whatever we want, we've been given the freedom of being able to put in anything we so desire 8) acting performance wise i mean, well even then it could be a singing performance or a dance number.
Sad ting this project isn't actually getting marked, given were alowd to literally put in anything, anything that can handle the colleges budget of 0.00 :roll: :lol: Its acting as a sort an event just to say goodbye to our course, we can use this oppurtunity to show what we've learnt over the 2-3 years. Theres a few group pieces that i'm apart of, decided by the majority of our group, to which i'm honestly not fussed aboot. Since usually with some of the people in my group, me and a few others, well our own ideas can sorta be tossed aside usually, its aboot the numbers really, its not like i don't get along with many people in my group, just is does seem sorta split apart at times...

Anywhoo thats why i opted to put in a few solo idea's 8).
I give you my performance #1!! To which is obvously to make do with my natural affilation with comedy :P its been one of my fav weird al songs for years and i've always had the lyrics pretty much glued up there :D so i thought good enough oppurtunity to show of my ''fly'' skils :lol: though hunting down an amish costume will be a lil difficult :?

Following i give you my performance #2!!Being one of my fav movies of all time, its certaintly quite an honour to finally just to get a single scene staring me seen by an audience :D:D:D Imitating Pesci's voice though is even harder than you'de tink though :P so i'll probably decide just to talk like a british gangster instead. Me bein just as small as Joe and with a good temper to rival things i tink its a role i'll hopefully suit well :twisted:

I was also planning on performing the Forest Gump monologue from when talks to his dear, sweet Jenny after shes died...god i hope all my contacts have seen the movie :lol:....but i felt it might have me hogging the spotlight a little, since most of the group do have their own smaller performances outside the groupies, but theres only around 1 per other member, if any infact.
Then again though, being an actor is all aboot trying to get as much of the light on you as possible soo, might have a word with me tutor aboot it :twisted:

I reeealy wish there was some way to get them on the net to show off to u all :P but for one, the camera work is usuall unbelievably sloppy in our drab excuse of an educational building :roll: non the less i may try to see if it can be put onto disc or sumin similair since me as Tommy DeVitto is sumin i wana remember :P til of course i star in the remake :lol: 8)

Saints Row 2, Ultor exposed impressions..

..will now be finally reviewed by moi 8) released on april 23rd i holded it off for me post up some of my exstatic college events, to which was ignored by most i noticed O.o but whatever, a huge hearty cheerz to those who still commented through 8).

Soo SR2, Ultor exposed:

Released: April 23rd.

Pricing: £6.20/10$

Now as you may know, and can easily assume, Ultor Exposed is certaintly no Lost&Damned, its very much in twine with yah usual odd extra's in terms of content, but hay least it isn't exclusive to a specific console :roll:

U-E gives enough, I suppose to have another trip to Stillwater worth it but how long you stay with SR2' disc lodged in the tray won't be as long as you'de hoped.

It does at least deliver on everything it promised, theres a few extra vehicles, clothing costumes, new''homie'' Tera Patrickand 3 new missions.

The vehicles is certaintly the high point, which can elaborate on how poor the missions are i guess. Your given 4 new vehicles given to your garage straight from the get go, no requirments needed, you could basically start a new game and you'de already have yourself a rocket-launcher equipped mining truck at your disposal.
All four are considered unique vehicles and thus cannot be customised, which is a real shame since that means no nitro, there all at least considerbly fast, as fast as any SR2 vehicle will allow still, but its strange why customisation had to be taken fromthem in the first place, considering driving around in something that can identify you is what makes SR2 so enjoyable.

The clothing costumes are far from spectacular. Theres only a handful of quirky costumes and a few shirts with some pre-set logo's on. The costumes are all fun somewhat just to dress up as a SWAT and gun down your fellow law enforcers. As is dressing up as an alien or some sort of futuristic marine that looks like something out of Halo almost.
But I at least still just stick to my own self-made outfits only wearing the others for a quick rampage. Whats more most can't be customised either so you can't even have the SWAT uniform match the colour of your gang which is what i was especially hoping for.
A few extra hair cuts have been added too and they actually turn out to be some of the best in terms of the whole collection, theres a few to suit an older player-created character to even an anime inspired cut. Theres not that many, but whats given is satisfactory i'de say.

Then theirs of course the most advertised part of it all, Tera Patrick in all her pixilated glory. Shes still nothing special as expected, she comes equipped with an AK assault rifle and has all the same goofy AI quirks as the rest of yah homies, so besides having a substantially larger rack than every other character shes no standout as a homie.

Finally we have the 3 extra missions, which was supposed to be the highlight of it all, but turned out to be the biggest dissapointment.
You have 3 missions all aimed at Ultor, which on its own was a killing blow to the longetivity since they all have the same short length as any other SR2 mission so adding just 3 doesn't give much time to kill.
Now the missions themselves are pretty fun and the last one gives you a whole new level of epicness to go through, but the motivation of it all is lacking and the ''story'' is hardly even related.
Theres even added glitchs to having you accompanied by two Tera's, which in reality sounds lika godsend but ina game its just sorta weird.
SR2 imo, had some fantastic cutscenes, while not graphically upto par, were still full of life and very well directed. U-E however gives you opening cutscenes reminescent of you staring an activity. You'll just have your character and Tera standing there having a small conversation to open the mission, the writing is alright but still pretty devoid of personality in comparison to like, every other opening cutscene for a SR2 also doesn't help that Tera's career as a voice actor hopefully with be a short-lived one.

What I really didn't understand, is everyone is handed to you right at the beginning, which is all fine for the vehicles, but even the missions are available right from the start, you could just escape from prison at the beginning and then all of a sudden start going up against Ultor?? Whats more Tera is available from the get-go to, which is were getting two Tera's to follow you in 2 of the missions comes to mind...but completeing the 3 ultor missions will ''unlock Tera as a homie...''!? that also includes her own vehicle, which is also one of the vehicles your given to at the start so...yeah...pretty lazy organisation of it all.

Now theres also some added multiplayer maps, but i've actually ''never'' played the multiplayer soo can't really comment on that.
Coop also gets an extra incentive to have you try harder through the missions since you and your partner are scored on how many kills ect. its good for some competitive scoring but the reward being a higher sum of cash doesn't motivate much considering money becomes less of an issue fairly early on, if not by the time you've completed the game, which is of course what DLC is meant to be aimed at...

Overall its a rather dissapointing package, even the pricing seems rather steep when putting some thought into it. SR2 costs you £40/60$ which of coures gives you 40+ missions, countless combinations of clothes, 8 homies, 90+ vehicles and well of course the whole game...with something that gives you 3+ missions, 5 or so uncustomisable clothes, 1 homie, 4 uncustomisable vehicles the pricing is certaintly well off imo.

Extra narrative-2/10
Multiplayer maps-N/A

Final Score 6/10.

The End is Nigh!!

Speaking for my college course at least 8).

Yesterday the easter was made into another chapter of the past and my college course was back in the fray.
I'm now onto the last term and while we've still of course got all our new projects to sweat over, what more so brings all my hairs on stand is whats going to happen which III don't quite know :? lol
University at this moment in time is abit ofa no-go really since i'm at least past the time to actually get an audition for many at this point, and frankly it would seem a lil soon anywhoo.

I initially planned on just carrying on at the college over a Foundation course, which is like a year to sorta bring you into the University educational degree. Its a year long and you still have the other possible 3 years to go through, but its still helps in getting you into the groove of it all and wracking yah mind over all the hardcore crap your gonna stay up late writing i bet :cry: lol
Problem is though, is that the foundation course isn't even available till next year!?! So that set my after-summer plans wiped n flushed.

So what i've got in to izzzzzz not much :? I spose a job has been holded off as long it could and well thats sumin i need to put some time into, whats more though one of me tutors Saul mentioned some work that could be available working at a holiday park through the summer, I'm guessin doing mascot work maybe, which with me and my ''kid friendly'' size...probably should put a better way of explaining it:lol: buut i mean me basically being a tiny lil ****er i'de be able to live upto the pay i'de expect 8).

Amanda too also mentioned that I might be able to join upto to a 6 month physical theatre course at HOPE University, I mean since she brought it up that course could be auditioned at any time maybe, either way it sounds like something i'de enjoy since the physical part of drama is what i enjoy the most ;) :lol: Nah physical theatre is usually what revolves around liike mime work and, like you'de expect, physical comedy work, slapstick and the all what made Laurel n Hardy so popular 8). Its somethin that i know i'de suit well :P

So alot of choices maybe, most of which i know i'll need to put alot of effort just to go forward with :? but whats coming, I really dont hava choice with, spose its time i actually try n act like my age for once.

Until then, I've still got my current college projects to get inactive over GS for :P.

Nuttin all that exciting though as of now, yesterday was a term briefing mainly, but it honestly didn't give me much detail into just whats coming up. Today though had us go to some museam, to have ourselves observe, get bored over and then try and conjure a monologue from one of pieces, well getting bored wasn't on the to-do list but it came along anywhoo.
Yah usual artsy stuff, loads of nudey ((and very undeveloped imo might i add :lol: )) statues and dozens of olden chairs that you can't sit on. Overall i found it pretty difficult to understand just how we were supposed to geta monologue outa this O.o. I at least decided ona picture annnd will probably think of how i could turn it into a small monologue, I can expect it'll be easy to get me distracted over it though :P

Tomorrow were then given the chance to actually pick something we wish to perform and then work on it for the rest of the term, thats all i'm aware of though, I'm not sure if were given a choice ooor we can simply just select anything :? while the anything available sounds pretty sweet, it would actually be more difficult just trying to decide what to focus on.

Being the last term, were obviously now being given more freedom and now more incentive to put our own opinions in the fray stead of just going along witha script. Its certaintly rather daunting for me trying to come up with the monologue especially, since i highly doubt it could be turned into comedy, least from the picture i saw, and well thats like you'de expect were i excell 8).

Soo got alot to think n stress over atm :P this is not like me giving a temporary goodbye, i'll still be bloggin for the most part n of course tryin me best to keep up with everyones elses blogs, least the one i can be bothered with :twisted: lol
But unions i expect will have to take a back seat through the coming weeks, not like it'll make much ofa difference considering the dirth of activity surrounding this site asa whole anywhoo :P.

All hail the torrents!!!

Yes i'm probably a lil left behind, but hay story of my life :lol:.

I could never be bothered searching for a reliable torrent downloader, and then go through the countless search engines for one, but lucky be hold my sister actually came across a surprisingly reliable one, which has now sort of become my nans latest vice :twisted: well with ''my'' its more like her first :P

Limewire was really all i needed for countless hours of music, simpson episodes, crappy quality movies and maybe a few...miscellaneous...:P and it still is, but now with me nans torrent ting I've got plenty of movies i'de be much too cheap to pay for all at the ready for my eyes embrace 8).

I've only watched Twilight atm, which is ''ok''. Its got some pretty good action and some exhilarating vampire sequences, but the second half really sort of loses its place. As a romantic tales its an enjoyable one, when it branchs into waring vampire battles it sort of ruins the pace and well the story concerning it feels very tacked on just to give it some action, not like i wouldn't appreicate some vamp on vamp epicness but how it was executed was pretty sloppy and very undeveloped.

Besides that i've got the two 40 min Hulk VS movies to watch, possibly review and morepossibiliy forget right after :lol:

My nans been making the most use of it as of late, downloading mostly crap in all honesty, twilight for example :P lol but err dream catchers is another, knowing, inkheart annnd mostly yah generic fantasty adventures aimed at the families who just want sumin to keep their kids occupied so they don't go out n snort cokaine.

Theres been plenty of movies i've gone through that i've always wanted to watch, but of course ages after now that i've got what i need to be able to check em all, they've been rubbed off the blackboard leaving me ata blank :?

On another update concerning my Godfather woes, they no longer exist, since i've just given up on it :P it was surprisingly out of stock at gotta refund, HUYAGE-ly sincere kiss to my colon 8) and well the last of my motivation to get the game has sorta fizzled :? I'll just be saving my money for the plenty-full of ps3 exclusives coming my way 8). To which will be revealed in my more recent top 5 most anticipated games list bloggage:D

Saints Row 2, Ultor Exposed DLC impressions...

...will not be blogged tonight due to the friggen ting being delayed for another week, which very much has me at :evil:, with a fare share of :cry: but yeah mostly :evil:

But i'm at least expecting it be worth the wait :D..again :roll: since shooting down Pimps, Hoe's, MGS referencing hobo's and football mascots with Tera Patrick and her ''specialties'' ready to give you backup is hard not to get some fun out of :twisted:

Easter....what an absolute unEGGventful holiday...BWHAHAHAHAHA *shoots self*

---Roger the rabbit not so amused at having to crap out chocoeggs for all of us lucky egg-eaters

Easter, frankly the only celebration those couple of days get from me is another couple of days i've gone without having to spend time with the family :lol:

But in all fairness, i spose some do take this holiday seriously 8) to which you get my congratulations...and evil glares for not sending me any chocolate eggs!! :evil:

So yeah, my easter of course is barely even blog worthy :P but the idea of letting people know ''just'' how much its unblog worthy is surely worth a blog...:lol:

Had me some choco eggs, got abit ofa back tooth-ache from then...but like that stopped me from munching my way through my after-eight mint choco egg!! :twisted:...well actually yeah it did the pain was a lil on the unbearable side :P Got me 5 quid off me mum, which is going straight to my inFamous fund :twisted: Which i also learned is getting released on the 26th of may stead of mid june like initially stated :D though thats sort ofa blessing and a curse, i mean ''why'' exactly in this day n age when delays are like the rage would a game be pushed forward?!? :? I honestly believe its so people can get some healthy dosage of everday man Cole complete with Rorschach impression in terms of his voice, over Alex and his seemingly limitless number of abilities :? I just hope they wouldn't sacrifice the quality over a simple childish squabble though :(.

In other non-easter related news i got me Godfather 2 :) least i should of by now, i preorded like 3 days from now with no oppurtunity to shove a baseball bat down some mafiosa's throat in the mail :cry: now if GS's opinions were supreme i'de be glad to not be playing through this glitch-fest, but as of late their reviews have really misplaced their quality and well their GF2 review furthers that fact imo 8).

Anywhoo here I give you a noice lil easter treat 8) a lil homage to easter, and more importantly the tasty ''eggs'' that we so commonly associate it with...please don't mod me and my childish humor :lol:

BioShock 2 wishlist.

BioShock 2 is without a doubt one of my most hyped games for 2009, it may not of been featured in that ''5 most anticipated games of 2009 list'' blog but thats because there was barely anything on the game itself.

But now with plenty of information regarding the story to debate aboot and of course the now famous gameplay trailer streeming through the net, theres plenty of reason to get the hype overflowing from every crevace :D:D:D.

I was, well still am, a huge fan of the original BioShock and find it to be one of the greatest games of not only 2008, but the 21st century infact. I've got plenty of love to show for it which is expressed in my review if anyone wants a more detailed analysis of why i'm sucha fun 8).
I honestly wouldn't mind if BioShock 2 kept from what its gameplay trailer insinuated, and merely give us much more of the same from BioShock-1. Since it succeeded on so many levels, a few dozen plasmid powers, improved graphics and of course a totally new story is enough for me :). Even still, a few new elements to the blooming game franchise is still a wish for me and of course plenty of others who are disheartnened by the lack of innovation this sequel looks to offer.

So I've come up with just a few things I really would maybe get a lil mushy down-under with :P

Cooperative/competitive gameplay.
Not necessarily in the main story, but still some sort of arena challenge mode, much like the extra DLC available on the ps3 version has plenty of potential for some coop carnage. With plasmids being flung n flayed in every direction by even just 4 players is a cause for alot of hectic fun. I'm not putting this up because, well the popularity of FPS' stems from its multiplayer, but because i think BioShock could really benefit from such an appliance.

More variety with the morality choices!
This is certaintly one of my favourite aspects of any game, the freedom of choice. It allows some extra replay value and bestows the player with some unique character development that only they can agree on. BioShock gave a small amount of choice concerning how Jack goes aboot the fates of the little sisters, but they were certaintly very Black and White either having Jack as a compassionate hero or vile, greedy tyrant. The Big daddy character of BioShock 2 may lower the chance of much possiblitie with how he'll act, but still I'm hoping that some of more larger set pieces will feature some choice in the matter.
Maybe the Big daddy will betray Tennenbaum or even choose to siphon the remains of Altas' power, those are just 2 possible events that I think would really help in decide what type of ''daddy'' this big mutha**** is, the type that always puts his children first or the type who enjoys a good dose of alcohol down his throat more often than not followed by a good dose of child abuse :lol:
Btw those two choices are just what I'm assuming could occur, i'm not giving out any spoilers.

More melee attacks/Drill variety.
BioShock-1 mainly relied on your use of the plasmids and the large variety of weaponry. You had your trusty wrench, which due to how you customised Jack could turn into your most valuable and dependable weapon or simply something to add to the weapon roster.
Being a Big daddy at least gives you the awesome drill for you to play around with, but all they've shown is a few charge attacks. What I'de like is to actually use a drill, much like how you'de expect a drill could operate. plowing it through the splicers, or whatever they are now, picking up your foes and flinging at whatever. Drilling through walls or even pillars to create some enviromental attacks. The drill definatley is one of the most iconic features of the BioShock franchise and of course is the almost gives the Big daddies some of their identity. To which i'm hoping that BioShock 2 can further it from even further to becoming not just an iconic weapon of choice for the foes but also one of the more memorable tools for your rampant destruction.

Create your own plasmids!
Customisation of your character played a significant role in BioShock, which was one of many of what made one of my favourite games of all time. The amount of plasmids and tonics available truelly gave each player a different playing$tyle. No doubt BioShock 2 will only increase in that aspect, but what would add even more depth, is the ability to create your own, its confirmed that Fontaine Fisheries is one of enviroments apart of BioShock 2, to which of course could have Fontains labatorys of where all the infamous plasmids where concocted. It could play out similair to the hacking minigame where you would combine a number of loot to create ammo and the like, but maybe even the ability to combine complete plasmids with another to create stronger varientions or even create some uber-powerful hybrids. A plasmid that could shoot firey bee's would be pretty beasty to see :D or to not only have sentry bots give you a hand but also for them to shoot out icey bullets sounds worth the wait :twisted:

Now being so early in development, least as far as were supposed to know, all of those could of already been made apart of the upcoming sequel, but even so, its just a small list of some aspects i'de really love to make an appearance, and if they really are up on the BioShock 2 drawing board, well its only gonna add all that more anticipation frankly!! :D

Some gaming updates, that aren't mine! XP

Yeah so seems the whole family are starting to get sucked in by the advertisments of games. Of course theres nowhere to run now, there everywere, every direction has a game staring right back at u, and since they tend to watch so much TV that makes couch potatoes seem like national athletes :P so yeah games were shot into their brains for so long its no surprise why they'de finally get themselves out of curiosity and into ACTION!! :twisted:

So me lil brother Brad, sounds so american :? lol, anywhoo he was already sort of infatuated with the popular hobby of gamage. 8) but he at least gothimself two new games off Ebay recently. LittleBigPlanet, which i'm glad for since it finally has him makin use of his ps3, since before he just went withall yah usual multi-platform sandbox fare, and because i haven't got it so whats his is more or less mine i'de say :twisted:
The other was Lego Batman, which was a pretty pointless choice since i've already got it, and if he were to get any new games its best they be games i haven't already got :P.

Me sister Katie, not really one for games as much as the Sherlock brothers, but growing up she always used to watch me play through the RE series 8) she even gained a gamer crush for Carlos Oliveria :| lol Anywhoo Brad gave her his ps2, not like he wanted to, but she wanted to play through some games sinces always bored, and mum's lack of gamin know-how thought his ps2 is pretty useless if Brad hasa ps3 :roll: poor delusional mother :P I lent her my dino crisis, its what she actually asked for, most probably due to her fascination with dinosaurs n ****. But problem is no spare ps1 memory card so i'll probably thenlend her SH2 since i could see her enjoying it 8) and also never sleeping for a few days after it :twisted:

Then theirs even me mum with her Wii, now she originally bought it for her bf, buut well hes gone, well not ''gone'' but he doesn't live with her anymore :( not a happy topic but anywhoo the wii is still mums and damn if shes gonna give that up :P. She doesn't play any games besides an occasional Fail at wii sports :lol: but shes also planning on getting a copy of wii-fit. Which she said may even encourage her to try out some of the other games, i don't know how, since i expect she'll give up on wi fit like a week after just like all the videos and training manuals :P

My nan has considered gettin herself a DS for all yah usual brain-training ect. big help that'll be, it'll probably just finally have her realise how much ofa dope she is :lol: harsh, but the truth can be harsh i'm afraid :P.

Their never going to be like on the wave length as me, but still itsa noice improvement which has made my family that more tolerable, plus it finallygives me somethin to try n help out with :P. My ''mission'' in gettin Brad to have the same shameful addiction to me as games isn't going too well, but only time will tell if it'll only improve or disentegrate 8).

Until then, i'm still theonlySherlock who should be considered the hardest of games :twisted: