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I didnt stop to think about it until after i stopped and did a double take but....over the passed two weeks or so i've spent about 600-800 dollars on video games alone whether it be new release stuff or stuff outta the PS Store. This doenst bode well for the newly developed poor spending habit i have. It sucks since 4th quarter is the best time for games. I still need at the very least 2 more games (Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 3) so it doesnt look like this poor habit will end anytime soon. Anybody wanna volunteer to take my credit and debit cards away from me? Its so bad that i'm asking people over the net to take my cards away. HA!

I think i gotta switch to renting even though its something i despise. I mean on one hand i prefer to own my own things outright whereas on the other hand, i'm so good at games that i usually beat what i buy within 2-5 days depending upon how much free time i have on my hands. I currently have buyer's remorse over 2 of my recent purchases. One being the super disappointing RE 6 for obvious reasons that i dont need to go into and the other being Dead or Alive 5. Now DoA is a great game; dont get me wrong there. Its just that its more of a "rent it" type. And i saw that coming from a mile away but i guess being separated from that franchise for about a decade from the Dreamcast days overwrote any type of logic that woulda came into my head. Meh whatever. As long as i'm reunited with Ayana and i get to kick Kasumi's ass left and right then all is right in my world.

Heres a random pic on a recent outing of mine. Know where i am? Super easy hint....its currently the tallest building in the city but that'll change once the Freedom Tower officially opens up in a year or so. Well depending on the politicans i mean.


Ahh NY in the fall during a sunset. Good stuff. It was a random trip i got goaded into recently so i could only manage a lousy cell pic off a phone that wasnt even mine. I would share more of what i took but meh. Plus i dont like editing and i know some of my pics would be cut if they were posted up here. OOOOH quick fun fact; somewhere inbetween those large buildings right on the edge of the front of the park will be the largest hotel in America....or did they say in the world? I think it was America but i dont remember. Either way its gonna be a big hotel. Once it opens i know i'm gonna have to spend at least a few nights in there just to try it out. Since it probably wont open for another decade or so it gives me plenty of time to save up. In 10 years i should have about half to three quarters of the cost of a room lol. There goes my spending habit again. Already looking to spend money i dont have yet. *Sigh* Woe is me. Woe is me indeed....