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Technically or Actually? And some other stuff....

Wow its been a while since i did one of these. I guess this blog is meant to denote a "special" occasion on this site that i didnt even realize until i was browsing around some old unions. Well it turns out that as of the 27th i've been in and out of GS unions for 5 years. I guess one could say that it was at that point where my GS career began even though it says i've been around since '03 (hence technically or actually title). I'm not the type to really reminisce or anything to that extent but i do remember the union being about baseball. Hell i'm still technically part of that union even though i havent graced that place with my presence in a good year and change. I think i'm still an officer too. Hehe....when will you all realize. I'm the Bunshichi of unions. I'm only there and only lead in name only. Watch/read Tenjho Tenge to understand that slight reference.

Moving on....i've long since grown out of favor with this place. Bug after bug and glitch after glitch and poor code after poor code tends to irritate you after a certain point. I dont really union jump anymore and stick firmly to the second union i ever joined, TU. Once again i somehow found myself as an officer and once again i say....Bunshichi lol. Posting isnt really my thing anymore. Nothing much to talk about or much to learn. Plus the real world does take its toll after some point. Makes me wonder how i did it before when i would post 1-200 posts a night on a daily basis. Oh well. Those days are long gone and now i'll be lucky if i can muster 10-20. Retirement is quickly on the horizon for me. Will i be missed? Doubt it. Will i care? Not really.

Has anyone else noticed how damn hot it is so late into the year (no not you southern hemisphere people who are currently in summer)? I mean Christmas was 50 degrees where i live. 50!!!!! You foreigners do your own conversions. I can only count on one hand the temperature dropping below freezing. For a cold weather guy like me, this is not good one bit. And here i thought the global warming thing was put to rest. I guess it wont any real publicity until all the ice is melted and polar bears migrate further and further south in search of food until they reach America and start eating children. Of course it has to be America. No one pays attention to Canada to begin with lol.

I dunno. I feel like learning a new language. This is super random and this feeling comes to me from time to time where i get so motivated that i just have to do it no matter what. Hell its what caused me to learn Japanese and take multiple trips to Japan and meet new people. So far my learned fluent languages are Spanish (primary), English (secondary) and Japanese (tertiary). Now languages that i can get by if need be are French and maybe and i say may~be German lol. So yeah i need something new to learn. Nothing too hard but still somewhat of a challenge where it can kick my ass and yet i'll still come back for more lol. If that actually makes sense.

I wanna go back to Christmas for a bit. Did it feel like Christmas to the rest of you? I mean for me it kinda didnt. Its like it came and went without much of the usual fanfare. Sure my tree was up and sure presents were there but it just didnt feel like the right time. Maybe it was the weather once more creating a false sense. Anyways i wont dally on that. Time to end this thing. Final notes :- You know theres less than a year left before all life on Earth is wiped out lol. If you have something important to do you best do it before next December 2-......umm....2-.....damn i forgot the exact date again lol. Just do what you gotta do and live without regrets! And finally....theres this song, an addictive song, a Japanese song thats just stuck in my head and on my Ipod. Its called Dear Future by Coaltar of the Deepers. What a group name right? Anyway at first i was like meh, but as i heard it more and with each passing ep of the anime it was in Mawaru Penguidrum, i grew to really love it. Oh and same goes for Blood Teller by Faylan. I love the voices on those women. Check them out sometime and see if you're not addicted to one of those songs in time. So its time for Nica to sign off. Blog no. 2 of 2011 is complete! God how can people do this like everyday? I'll rant about that another time i guess. Tata....