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Ni-ka wa Maerimash!ta!!!! (Nica has returned!!!!)

Well not really. I just came to see how screwed up the place was after i left OH and to see how many PMs i got while i was gone (496!). I heard that GS was flooded with glitch after glitch making boards inaccessible and so on and so forth. After my group moved onto their own board, i really look back now and wonder what kept us linked to this place. So many stupid rules and glitches and plus this place isnt even the place i get my game info or reviews or previews. The unions were the only attachment and GS never really paid them any mind or improved on them. Looks good from the outside looking in. I'm happy our leader took my suggestion and posted that notice on the front page of the union to direct people to Anicomix instead of having people stuck in a dead union. Feel free to visit the place if you wanna have an uncensored anime/manga/toon/comic chat or if you just wanna shoot the breeze in an off topic manner. Anything goes and i think its better that way. Hmm...I wonder how many unions from back when we originated in '07 are still around. I'd look into it but i'm way too lazy and wont spend much time on this site anymore anyway.

Its still my goal to get off this glitch level. I heard the levels had frozen or something as well. Ahhh good ole GS eh? Maybe i'll do a bit of game updating while i'm here. Have quite a few to add like Sleeping Dogs, Jet Grind Radio and Borderlands 2. Aww man JGR....such a classic. I had to rekindle that love from back in 2000. I remember first getting that for the Dreamcast. I bet its still somewhere in my closet too. And the reviewer who gave it a 4.5 obviously didnt know what the hell he was talking about. Great music and classic visuals with fun gameplay. And yet they wonder why i dont trust the reviews here. Sleeping Dogs was a fun sand box game albeit a bit short. The music was amazing! I'm searching far and wide to find the tracks to DL but efforts prove fruitless. All i can do for now before i find a rip is just keep playing them off of Youtube. Better than nothing i guess. OH and that friggin game glitched me outta my platinum but i've already cursed Squenix enough so i'll leave that alone. If you're on the PS3 then join Jing and I as we traverse Pandora killing things left and right. If you dont know my PSN yet then shame on you.

So i'm back after just over 3 months. Its the end of summer and my fave season fall is upon us. The weather finally gets cooler. Time to turn the page from the wretched summer that had its share of ups and downs but mostly downs. But hey 'tis life. You live and let live i guess. I'm amazed at how many people are wrapping up like its winter in 55-60 degree weather. I walk around in short sleeves and people look at me like i'm crazy. Man i love cooler weather. But that reminds me....i dont have a fall/winter wardrobe. Over this year from January i shrank from 190 to 170. A WHOLE 20 LBS!!!! My entire body got thinner and now my clothes look ridiculously big and baggy on me. For someone who's going for a more fitted look thats a big no no. I gotta buy more and yet i shouldnt. Why you ask? I'm developing a MAJOR spending problem. I'm using my credit cards to buy some of the stupidest things. My plan is to actually give my cards to my closest friend to hide them from me. My friend's plan is to actually just destroy my cards and pay off my bills. Either works for me and it keeps me from going to stores BUT it doesnt work as much online as i've memorized all 3 of my credit card numbers and their CIDs and expirations. I'm really good with numbers and never forget them which is why i always tell my friends to never let me see their card numbers or Social Security numbers cuz if they piss me off enough i would still their identity just for fun. But i'm still a trustworthy person. I SWEAR!

One quick note....if you wanna do something but you also have a gut feeling stopping you from doing what you plan on doing then its best to go with your gut feeling. I didnt listen and last week i ended up poisoned with a broken rib or two and my phone stolen. Instincts always prevail but seldom do we pay attention to the signs. It hurts to turn and the doc says i really have to limit or better yet, cut out most if not all of my physical activities. That sucks so much cuz my work outs and stuff were finally paying beautiful dividends. At the very least i can still work on my arms so that counts for something. My evil friends like hugging and poking me alot now just to cause me pain. Yup those are the types of people i hang around. People who only wish to cause me pain lol. I bet a lot of you have "friends" like that as well. No biggie...once i have that surgery and get patched up i'll be back to kick their asses.

Speaking of kicking ass...i wanna take up a martial art discipline. One friend wants to push me to Muay-Thai while another wants to get me in Tae-kwon do cuz he knows how good my legs are. And then theres one friend who wants me to do Jiu-jitsu because i "Look like the silent and deadly type who could kick ass even though i look frail and fragile." I'd never been called fraile and fragile before. It hurt and i bet it was cuz i dropped 20 lbs. Tsk tsk tsk. My beautiful thick legs are gone!!!! Screw the arms but my lower body in general. It was my meal ticket and now its mostly gone. *Sigh* again 'tis life i guess. I gotta start gourging myself again. 3500 calories a day = 1 lb. Thats a lot but i'll try to manage.

My phone was stolen. The bastard(s) was nice enough to leave my SIM card though so i wouldnt track him/her down so now i need a new one. I'm debating between the S3 or the iPhone 5 and the answer should be obvious right? S3! Runs flash, has no limitations and restrictions, quad core, blah blah blah. You foolish people and your iPhones. I laugh at you. I'm welcome to more suggestions though for an unlocked phone. Sucks buying unlocked phones. No plan means you actually have to buy the damn phone which could be anymore from 200-800 dollars. Doesnt really help for someone with a spending habit.

Its trip time!!!! My friend is a researcher and she wants to take me with her and her colleagues to the Galapagos Islands to study something or another. I tuned out after that. I was just wondering if i'd get to see any of those turtles and if i'd get in trouble for accidentally making one or two or three of them die. Me and turtles dont get along btw. Would that cause some sort of environmental inbalance? That'd be cool if i could do that. Anyways besides that place i dont really have anywhere to go and i wanna go somewhere. I need a place to relax for like a week or two. This place has stressed me out lately and i need a place to nap. Suggestions? Or hell you could even volunteer to house me for a week or two. I just need a quiet place to nap lol.

I wonder why i'm ranting like this. No one really pays attention and plus its coming from someone who was gone and forgotten for quite some time. If you are one of the few who actually decided to read this then by all means write me a comment and give me suggestions on all the things i noted above. I think thats about it for the somewhat long rant. I would continue but someone just brought snacks for me. The bastard is already trying to convert me back into a semi-fat American smh. Ja mata!