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Nicaboy456 no Shoush!tsu a.k.a. The Disappearance of Nicaboy456....

I wonder if i should get emotional like Yuki. Bet that would catch people off guard. Sorry i was just thinking back to that awesome movie. I mean she was EMOTIONAL!!!! She never shows emotion. Umm i'm getting a tad sidetracked. I guess I'll address this now since I have a little bit of free time. Some of you may already know this but most of you probably don't. I decided to semi-retire from this site citing grad school and certain other incidents occurring in my life at the moment as the reasons. It sucks too since I was just starting to jump up the top posters list, but hey unforeseen things pop up. I was already starting to lose my favor for this place, what with the constant glitches and hair trigger mods and such, so leaving this place behind for 5 days or so outta the week wont kill me in the least bit. You gotta do what you gotta do you know? And you gotta know what your priorities are in life and I know damn well that this site ranks WAY below my education and other current personal issues.

SO with that said...i guess I'll be continuing to take my leave lol. Its just a semi-retirement though so no worries my numerous admirers out there in GS land. I'll be back in a couple of months giving you that witty Nica banter that you know and love like before. My true retirement date is still set for some time 2 years from now and that's a ways away….i think? You never know with how time flies nowadays.

OH almost forgot….i would like to sincerely apologize to the teammates I abandoned in the Dwars this year. Though we didn't have a championship squad, I still think we ranked third overall. Sad to see my consecutive finals appearance streak snapped but things happen. Again though…. I gotta get those priorities straight. It makes me wonder how other users around here can practically live on this site. Must be nice to live such a carefree life like that but that's not for me; sitting in one place for hours on end makes me feel pain lol. I'm starting to ramble. Let me stop before I sound like anymore of an old man. I am old by the way. At least I feel it based on how my body feels.

ANYWAY...with all that said….this is Nicaboy456 signing off. Well at least for the time being. Ooooh its still that wretched corporate farce of a "holiday" Valentine's Day; well at least in my time zone. I wonder if I broke a couple of hearts with this announcement. That would be so cool! Anyway yeah I'm gone....