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More random notes....

Its time once again to go on and on about the random things i see and hear around me like the old person that i am. I wonder how many know my exact age. That would be a good question to ask certain people around that union. I'm sure to get some responses that give me a nice chuckle. Those bastards already regard me as old so i'm sure to get some that'll piss me off as well. Anyway i'm starting to ramble; though i'm pretty sure that was the point of this blog lol.

Its springtime! Well at least for us northern hempishperers(?). The weather is supposedly supposed to be getting warmer according to the revolution of something i learned back way back in primary school concerning the Earth lol. Its funnny though that although this place has seen warm weather, which has caused the bloom of so many beautiful types of flowers and stuff, its also seen some of the coldest days and nights of the year to contrast thereby killing off alot of those beautiful early blooming flowers and littering the ground with colorful petals. Damn littering trees and plants! The moral of the story you ask? Dont be early to ANYTHING or else you'll die. Sad but true. Mm-hmm.

Another downside to makes me realize that i'm missing out on one of my fave sports to play, baseball. As a hispanic, that sport is naturally in my blood; as is futbol although i renounce that so called "sport". Bunch of high priced actors if you ask me. sucks when you cant play the sport you love for one reason or another. Being kept to the sidelines when you know you're good is heartbreaking. I'm sure that even though i have what i speculate to be a partial tear in my left shoulder, more specifically the rotator cuff, i could still dominate a league. Not to be cocky or anything but i've worked around that injury for about 7-8 years now and compensated for it. It still sucks that work keeps me from seeing any action from one of my two fave sports. Know what the second one is? I'll let you all have a guess to give me a good laugh. Moral of this story? Umm....hmmm....OH! Hard work and dedication will trump natural talent and ability any day of the week. I think Rock Lee said something along those lines a long time ago but who knows. I havent paid attention to that title in quite some time.

I noticed this a while ago but the emergence of the disappointing Ninja Gaiden 3 among other better games made me realize that this current generation is SPOILED on easy games. Why do you think that is? Why did i among others who played games from the 80s and 90s the only ones to get punished with unbearable difficulties? Do developers feel that a super hard game will cause negative feedback resulting in lower sales? I mean the Demon/Dark Souls franchise didnt seem to have any setbacks. I need more games like that. Games where i can grow frustrated by like the second level by a sub boss e.g. Contra or even riding on a jet ski looking thing where i have to avoid all obstacles and just touching one kills me. For those who dont know....i'm referring to that one level in Battle Toads (arguably one of the hardest games ever created) that no one ever seemed to ever beat. Yeah i'm starting to show my age now lol. The moral? There is now! You young bastards have all been spoiled by the regenerating health and abundance of health packs and auto-save checkpoints!

Why is everyone calorie counting nowadays? "OMG i ate this and this and breakfast and now all i can eat is this little thing for the rest of the day or else i'm gonna go over my limit!" Ugh spare me. Society overemphasizes appearance and its kinda sad really. I mean i understand the point about being healthy but when you start seeing fat where there is none and then go on starving yourself, then it becomes a problem. As for myself, i have slowly began reducing my intake since i know for a fact that my metabolism has slowed from my high school days. I'm not a person who'll limit myself to 1500-2000 calories a day though, or freak out when i cross the line. I know i work hard enough daily that it doesnt matter much to me anyway. Seeing others like that does give me a good laugh though. Moral comfortable in your own skin.

I dont know if many of you know but i had somewhat long hair. I say had because i cut it all off. Yes the days of braids and ponytails on me is finally over. After a while it began to irritate me having all that hair. Sure the compliments and attention were nice, (though i never saw anything special about my curly/wavy hair) i'd finally gotten to a point where i asked myself why the hell was i still growing it. After what seemed like an eternity, i finally decided to let go. It was hard but it had to be done. My barber, who i hadnt seen in quite a few years was very shocked to see me. I'm sure he felt that i would never return to him again. Anyway long story short, i got all my precious locks cut, donated them to Locks of Love (an organization dedicated to making wigs for cancer kids) and now feel ALOT colder and smoother. I saw smoother cuz the bastard cut my mustache AND my side burns AND my beard all at once. I hadnt been completely smooth since i was around 12. It still feels weird even though it was done almost 2 months ago. I still swing my head back in the shower or from side to side randomly almost by instinct thinking that i still have long hair that needs to move from my face. Whats weird though is now that my hair is gone i'm getting even more attention. I guess girls are more into the smooth short hair guys than the scruffy long haired types. I miss that old look. Maybe one day i'll grow it back out again. Third time's the charm they say.

I have more to say but i dont have the time to say it really. So very quickly, April Fools Day came and went and was pretty unnoticeable. I think its better that way for me cuz i do not like jokes being played on me. Usually people try to do cruel jokes too that only result in me hitting them really hard. Next, i've always wondered if this box has an indent button. It irritates me everytime i do a blog and cant indent on my next paragraph. It just seems so wrong to me lol. I still dont know what language i wanna learn next. I just really have a craving to learn something new. Who is willing to teach me more foreigner talk? Alright with that i guess i'll sign off. I like how i compacted those last three. Maybe i'll do that for next time instead of writing tons and tons. More info for you and less work for me. Anything that means less work for has to be a good thing.....right? Ta-ta....