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I dont know....

You ever had that moment where you felt like writing something but didnt know what to write about? Though you did have a general idea, you just didnt have the words to put it all together or something like that? I dont know....i guess i'm kinda like that at this point in time. I guess this could be classified as one of those random blogs that i fancy myself in doing from time to time. Oh and hey, 2 blogs in just over 2 weeks or so. I think thats a record for me in the latter stages of my career. I used to blog about all kinds of stupidness back in the day. I mean its not like the people nowadays who i see on my feed who go into 2-300s just blogging about some of the most stupid things but.........i forgot the point i was trying to make. Anyway moving on......

So for those who cared when i actually posted a blog about it a few months ago, the training program i instituted actually showed results but then i kinda, mighta, accidentally umm.....quit BY ACCIDENT! I have a terrible memory sometimes. I actually went from 225 in late August to umm i think i'm about 195 now. You foreigners do the metric conversion on your own. Its too early in the morning for me to care. Umm I'm TRYING to eat healthy though it doesnt work much. Veggies are still a big no no but i try i swear. Big ups to Shadow for intro'ing me to Asian man. He understands what that means. Asian man was a big factor in helping me drop those pounds during the late summer to early fall. Then i kinda quit the killer program BUT i am starting to run again. Dont have much wind; can only run for about 10-15 mins right now, but in a few weeks i should be able to build that back up to the respectable numbers. You know like the 45-60 min area. Burn all that unneccesary stomach fat and build back my killer high school abs that drove the girls crazy. As my cute little kouhai would say, i'm trying to bring the, "Rico Suave," back out lol.

On the note of fall....its finally starting to get a little cold. Its not too noticeable yet since, for some reason the weather has stayed warmer further and further into the year. I thought we finally shut Al Gore up about that warming thing lol. Anyway now that its getting colder, its finally getting to be my time to shine. I love me some cold weather. Of course depending on where YOU live, my cold might be too much or maybe nothing compared to your cold. I consider cold to be when i finally have no choice but to put on a heavy coat which is generally around the 25-30 degree area. Again you foreigners are gonna have to do your own conversions. Either way, as i walk down the street i tend to get this unprovoked smile or sense of satisfaction on my face just because of the way the wind blows and how the air feels. I dont think you all will understand that but boy do i love when the mercury begins to drop.

I kinda had a mini chat about this with Kat....its funny when people try to say that they know me. They know my mannerisms and can predict what i can or will do. Is your ego or your quest to pretend like you have a handle on every situation the reason why you falsely proclaim that you know me? HA! I dont know if i mentioned it before but just in case you hadnt heard it, you'll hear it now.....theres only one, yes ONE person who knows the real me from this site. The rest of you just get a small piece of the pie that is Nica. And on that subject.....if you've known me for more than say 2 years and you still dont know what country i come from then i dont really know what to say after that lol. *Looking at a certain Greek person among others*

I actually began utilizing this images tab again. I almost forgot i could host images here. I remember back in the day when it took AGES to upload images. Maybe thats why i forgot or something. Either way....i posted my first pics in a while and they are all of places around my home country....both good touristy side and regular side. NOTE: i didnt say bad but they're places where tourists shouldnt really go alone unless they're really familiar with the people or the areas. They become easy targets that way lol. I know every country has spots like those. You know, its likethose spots where the Travel Department and people who advertise for their countries try to hide and frown upon. Anyway yeah, those are my first non anime related pics to upload and me thinks i did a good job sharing. Praise me now!!!!

I need someone to save me from this boredom. I think i mentioned this months before but again, my memory sucks so hard at times. Mundane lifestyles and the same old same old have left me a shell of my former self again; though you guys dont even know my original self so making that statement kinda has no type of worth when i think about it. A change of scenery has always been the option proposed to me and though i would usually just scoff at it, at this point i'm up for trying it. Sure i live in one of the "Big Cities" and sure i love it, but after a while it gets aggravating seeing the same thingsover and over again. I'm one of those people who needs to constantly be entertained and grows bored fairly easily. I got into a lot of trouble with women that way over my high school years, but thats a story for another time lol. Anyway...nothing ventured nothing gained right???

Finally....we hit the end of DST which means i got my hour back! I so needed that extra hour of sleep each night. Grad school takes it toll from time to time with the constant papers and such. OH for those of you in countries with excess light who dont need to worry about it, Daylight Savings Time or DST, is when the rest of the world turns their clocks one hour forward or back depending on......well depending on which way saves daylight the most during the day.....or something lol

Wow this was slightly.....random. I guess i had a random rant without even realizing it until the end. Maybe i should change the title to Super Random Rants whatever number edition. Meh....too lazy to scroll back up. So to recap....I lost weight, its getting cold and i love it, you DONT know me, tourists should stick to the fake, nice looking sides of foreign countries lest they end up in problematic situations, i'm still bored but quite ecstatic that i got an hour of sleep back. Yeah that pretty much sums it up right there....