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Goodbye for now....

"I'm not the type to say I told you so,
(Goodbye for now)
Think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go."

P.O.D. said that. They're one of my fave bands of all time dating back to early high school days. know whats funny? Depending on the person(s) reading the title and the little excerpt, it can have entirely different inflections lol. But yeah lets cut the chase. I think its about time to retire from GS. Things have happened and so i dont really see a point to be around anymore. I mean i'm not deleting the account or anything since i do still plan to stop by on occasion to read articles and reviews and do certain other things but this place has grown stale. Constant glitching, mods with superiority complexes, overly sensitive 13 year olds and other factors have determined my move.

What will i do? Who knows. Maybe i'll latch onto a new forum and post somewhere else (maybe i've done that already) or maybe i'll just completely scale back on my net time in general. Sad cuz i was really looking to spend 10 years here but i came up slightly short AND i wanted to quit after i crossed level 63 but things happen i guess. Seeing as i'll continue to read articles from time to time, i'm sure i'll still cross that level though it'll probably be a little longer than expected. Not like i'll really be missed anyway. I stopped trying to make an impact ages ago and just fell into the monotonous tone that was GS. It grew to irk me and so this is it.

I'm starting to ramble arent i? Well then lets wrap this up. Damn there really were quite a few things i left unfinished here but whatever. So yeah this is Nicaboy456 a.k.a. The Mighty Toonkage b.k.a. The Melon Lord officially signing off....well at least for the time being....