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A rant.....i guess?

I dont really have anything to write about but i am very bored and had nothing better to do. I did say that i would write more of these things this year and i've seen more people write these with a lot less to say over the years so i figure what the hell ya know? If they can get away with it then so can i. Never really saw the appeal of writing these things but.....getting sidetracked.

QUESTION!!!! Where the hell do these newer users keep getting my name and requesting me as a friend or tracking me? I remember Swimmy mentioning it happening to him too and calling it a conspiracy. I wont go that far but i am really curious how they end up finding us? Do they go through a list of users or just randomly pick who is currently online at the same time as them? Do we have the same interests? What the hell? My day here begins with checking my PMs and seeing how i'm being tracked by a new user. Then i go to that users page to see he/she is merely a lvl 4-9 with no type of info or blogs or anything on their page. What motivation do i have to track back? Maybe i'll get on the conspiracy bandwagon like Swimmy. I just dont get it.

I'm thinking of a theme change for pretty much everything; avi, header, sig and even the banner even though its so beautiful. I mean they're all old. The avi: 4-5 years old, blog header: 2-3 years, sig: 3 years, banner: 3 years. I have no idea for themes though. Maybe i've gotten to a point where i just dont care anymore which is quite feasible. I am in that type of mood a lot more nowadays. I am open to suggestions seeing as i dont have the power to think for myself anymore lol.

Next week i'm gonna play tourist in my own city. I'm gonna do the same things that tourists do that piss me off e.g. walking really REALLY slowly, looking up at buildings instead of looking straight ahead while walking and hell even bumping into people for no reason at all. Its amazing how NYers can pack onto a sidewalk and never come into contact with each other but one measly tourist can come into the mix and just bounce off one person to the next. Guess they just get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers in one spot. OH and most importantly....i'll do it all in spanish AND dress up all touristy. I dont exactly know how to dress the part but if i think long enough i should be able to pull something off. Maybe a fanny pack and an SLR camera around my neck or something. OH and a map with one of those god awful I "heart" NY shirts lol.

I wanna buy a tablet. Well i know i will buy a tablet. I just dont know which one i should get. I know for sure that i wont be getting the iPad mainly cuz i dont support Big Brother. Maybe some of the younger generation wont get that reference BUT if at minimum on the high school level and dont get it then i feel sorry for you lol. Some say the Kindle Fire, some say the Sony Tablet S (which i'm actually leaning towards) and some say the Galaxy Tab. I'm not too sure so i'd like some opinions and suggestions on which i really should go after. I dont know which to get but i do know that i'll be picking it up sometime next week so suggest away.

HAHAHA this is funny. The headphones that were playing the music that i was listening to as i was writing this little random blog just died on me. Well technically the left crapped out. The right is still going strong. I'm getting mono out of a stereo lol. Its sad really cuz i really liked these Bose headphones. The way they were balanced and equalized was near perfect. They gave me 5 years of reliable service but i figured they were about to die. The wires were starting to fray. Anyways....i guess thats something else you can recommend to me as well. I need new headphones unfortunately and please PLEASE dont even consider mentioning Beats. Why you ask? Cuz they're unnecessarily bass heavy. Now i'll admit that it works perfectly for people listening to rap, hip/hop, which is the demographic they successfully aimed for BUT if you use those headphones on almost any other genre of music then the notes get drowned out and thats just not good. I care for my audio and know what i'm talking about. Most of you who followed me for years and years know that i ruled over all things audio related back in Circuit City's hay day lol. Oh and another reason i dont like them? They are really fragile and i'm not gonna put my money towards something that can snap easily. Anywyay, though i more than likely will be making this decision on my own i dont mind hearing suggestions from you all about what i should get.

Well seeing as how my audio has died, i quit on writing more of this thing. I dont like the sound of me speed typing lol. So yeah until next time i bid you all adieu. Hasta....