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So i'm in class right now and obviously its boring so here i am on GS. anyway something just popped into my head. who came up with this level system and exactly how high does it go? the highest i've seen so far is level 50. also who came up with the names that come with the levels. just yesterday i saw a level 16 for the first time in all my years on this site. but more importantly i wanna know what i can do to up my level without having to post so damn much. i see people with 20+ level and less than 500 posts and i think to myself how thats possible. so what can i do???

School Part Deux

so i'm going through the third week. i'm actually starting to get pre cal and things are good. thing is....for somw reason i feel that this year is gonna really work me and push me to my limits. its third year which means i'm starting my major and minor classes. i major in speech pathology and minor in english. now i havent had to work in any class in any year since 8th grade. thats 6 years of doing nothing but sleeping in class and passing with nothing less than a 3.7 which many think is hard to fathom but is true. i feel that in the upcoming months i will get severely stressed and pushed by both school and work and in a way i'm actually looking forward to that because in the end is that not a rite of passage for every college student? to be pushed and challenged to go that extra mile for the sake of a piece of paper that acknowledges your hard work and dedication? well it should be fun i know that much. i'm gone.....


School has gone on for just about 2 weeks now. i've found myself either sleeping or on gamespot on my laptop during all my classes except math. I HATE MATH!!!! especially since its cal or precal i dont know. its still math and it gives me trouble either way. anyway i just got my work study job today and its cool. working in the sports and rec center is gonna be fun. i get to pretty much workout when i want and also being a lifeguard and watching all the hot chicks by the pool aint that bad either lol.....

God of War II

I love this game and i must say this is a masterpiece and although the ending kinda sucked, I dont think there will be a game that will top this for the PS2. Right now my challenge is completing Titan Mode which is not going exactly as planned. I mean i thought that God mode on the original was hard but this is just insane. It took me 7 hours to run through it the first time and now i'm actually looking for everything the game has to offer and am just up to the battle with perseus in 12 hours. Anyway....i still have a way to go and will continue my super hard journey.....

Level 12

This is nothing special. Just wanted to say i reached level twelve and also what the hell is a rad racer??? I've been a member of this site since 03 but i didnt start contributing until late december 06. I went up 2 levels in one day and then got stuck on the next level for about 2 months. I'm getting about 10% a day so what do i gotta do to get more. You know what....i dont care. I'll take it in stride and whatever happens will happen......

Stupid people

I've seen it before and i've dealt with it around me but i've noticed a lot more nowadays as i travel throughout my unions. STUPID PEOPLE. There are a lot of stupid people doing and saying and posting stupid things and i can't tolerate stupid people. What also pisses me off is the fact that i'm the one to get reprimanded if i point out another users stupidity; which i dont hesitate to do. I make it known instantly wherever i go that i will not hesitate to make a person feel stupider than they already look ESPECIALLY if they try to challenge and cross me. But anyway....i'm gone. Stupid people beware!!!!