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I didnt stop to think about it until after i stopped and did a double take but....over the passed two weeks or so i've spent about 600-800 dollars on video games alone whether it be new release stuff or stuff outta the PS Store. This doenst bode well for the newly developed poor spending habit i have. It sucks since 4th quarter is the best time for games. I still need at the very least 2 more games (Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 3) so it doesnt look like this poor habit will end anytime soon. Anybody wanna volunteer to take my credit and debit cards away from me? Its so bad that i'm asking people over the net to take my cards away. HA!

I think i gotta switch to renting even though its something i despise. I mean on one hand i prefer to own my own things outright whereas on the other hand, i'm so good at games that i usually beat what i buy within 2-5 days depending upon how much free time i have on my hands. I currently have buyer's remorse over 2 of my recent purchases. One being the super disappointing RE 6 for obvious reasons that i dont need to go into and the other being Dead or Alive 5. Now DoA is a great game; dont get me wrong there. Its just that its more of a "rent it" type. And i saw that coming from a mile away but i guess being separated from that franchise for about a decade from the Dreamcast days overwrote any type of logic that woulda came into my head. Meh whatever. As long as i'm reunited with Ayana and i get to kick Kasumi's ass left and right then all is right in my world.

Heres a random pic on a recent outing of mine. Know where i am? Super easy hint....its currently the tallest building in the city but that'll change once the Freedom Tower officially opens up in a year or so. Well depending on the politicans i mean.


Ahh NY in the fall during a sunset. Good stuff. It was a random trip i got goaded into recently so i could only manage a lousy cell pic off a phone that wasnt even mine. I would share more of what i took but meh. Plus i dont like editing and i know some of my pics would be cut if they were posted up here. OOOOH quick fun fact; somewhere inbetween those large buildings right on the edge of the front of the park will be the largest hotel in America....or did they say in the world? I think it was America but i dont remember. Either way its gonna be a big hotel. Once it opens i know i'm gonna have to spend at least a few nights in there just to try it out. Since it probably wont open for another decade or so it gives me plenty of time to save up. In 10 years i should have about half to three quarters of the cost of a room lol. There goes my spending habit again. Already looking to spend money i dont have yet. *Sigh* Woe is me. Woe is me indeed....

Ni-ka wa Maerimash!ta!!!! (Nica has returned!!!!)

Well not really. I just came to see how screwed up the place was after i left OH and to see how many PMs i got while i was gone (496!). I heard that GS was flooded with glitch after glitch making boards inaccessible and so on and so forth. After my group moved onto their own board, i really look back now and wonder what kept us linked to this place. So many stupid rules and glitches and plus this place isnt even the place i get my game info or reviews or previews. The unions were the only attachment and GS never really paid them any mind or improved on them. Looks good from the outside looking in. I'm happy our leader took my suggestion and posted that notice on the front page of the union to direct people to Anicomix instead of having people stuck in a dead union. Feel free to visit the place if you wanna have an uncensored anime/manga/toon/comic chat or if you just wanna shoot the breeze in an off topic manner. Anything goes and i think its better that way. Hmm...I wonder how many unions from back when we originated in '07 are still around. I'd look into it but i'm way too lazy and wont spend much time on this site anymore anyway.

Its still my goal to get off this glitch level. I heard the levels had frozen or something as well. Ahhh good ole GS eh? Maybe i'll do a bit of game updating while i'm here. Have quite a few to add like Sleeping Dogs, Jet Grind Radio and Borderlands 2. Aww man JGR....such a classic. I had to rekindle that love from back in 2000. I remember first getting that for the Dreamcast. I bet its still somewhere in my closet too. And the reviewer who gave it a 4.5 obviously didnt know what the hell he was talking about. Great music and classic visuals with fun gameplay. And yet they wonder why i dont trust the reviews here. Sleeping Dogs was a fun sand box game albeit a bit short. The music was amazing! I'm searching far and wide to find the tracks to DL but efforts prove fruitless. All i can do for now before i find a rip is just keep playing them off of Youtube. Better than nothing i guess. OH and that friggin game glitched me outta my platinum but i've already cursed Squenix enough so i'll leave that alone. If you're on the PS3 then join Jing and I as we traverse Pandora killing things left and right. If you dont know my PSN yet then shame on you.

So i'm back after just over 3 months. Its the end of summer and my fave season fall is upon us. The weather finally gets cooler. Time to turn the page from the wretched summer that had its share of ups and downs but mostly downs. But hey 'tis life. You live and let live i guess. I'm amazed at how many people are wrapping up like its winter in 55-60 degree weather. I walk around in short sleeves and people look at me like i'm crazy. Man i love cooler weather. But that reminds me....i dont have a fall/winter wardrobe. Over this year from January i shrank from 190 to 170. A WHOLE 20 LBS!!!! My entire body got thinner and now my clothes look ridiculously big and baggy on me. For someone who's going for a more fitted look thats a big no no. I gotta buy more and yet i shouldnt. Why you ask? I'm developing a MAJOR spending problem. I'm using my credit cards to buy some of the stupidest things. My plan is to actually give my cards to my closest friend to hide them from me. My friend's plan is to actually just destroy my cards and pay off my bills. Either works for me and it keeps me from going to stores BUT it doesnt work as much online as i've memorized all 3 of my credit card numbers and their CIDs and expirations. I'm really good with numbers and never forget them which is why i always tell my friends to never let me see their card numbers or Social Security numbers cuz if they piss me off enough i would still their identity just for fun. But i'm still a trustworthy person. I SWEAR!

One quick note....if you wanna do something but you also have a gut feeling stopping you from doing what you plan on doing then its best to go with your gut feeling. I didnt listen and last week i ended up poisoned with a broken rib or two and my phone stolen. Instincts always prevail but seldom do we pay attention to the signs. It hurts to turn and the doc says i really have to limit or better yet, cut out most if not all of my physical activities. That sucks so much cuz my work outs and stuff were finally paying beautiful dividends. At the very least i can still work on my arms so that counts for something. My evil friends like hugging and poking me alot now just to cause me pain. Yup those are the types of people i hang around. People who only wish to cause me pain lol. I bet a lot of you have "friends" like that as well. No biggie...once i have that surgery and get patched up i'll be back to kick their asses.

Speaking of kicking ass...i wanna take up a martial art discipline. One friend wants to push me to Muay-Thai while another wants to get me in Tae-kwon do cuz he knows how good my legs are. And then theres one friend who wants me to do Jiu-jitsu because i "Look like the silent and deadly type who could kick ass even though i look frail and fragile." I'd never been called fraile and fragile before. It hurt and i bet it was cuz i dropped 20 lbs. Tsk tsk tsk. My beautiful thick legs are gone!!!! Screw the arms but my lower body in general. It was my meal ticket and now its mostly gone. *Sigh* again 'tis life i guess. I gotta start gourging myself again. 3500 calories a day = 1 lb. Thats a lot but i'll try to manage.

My phone was stolen. The bastard(s) was nice enough to leave my SIM card though so i wouldnt track him/her down so now i need a new one. I'm debating between the S3 or the iPhone 5 and the answer should be obvious right? S3! Runs flash, has no limitations and restrictions, quad core, blah blah blah. You foolish people and your iPhones. I laugh at you. I'm welcome to more suggestions though for an unlocked phone. Sucks buying unlocked phones. No plan means you actually have to buy the damn phone which could be anymore from 200-800 dollars. Doesnt really help for someone with a spending habit.

Its trip time!!!! My friend is a researcher and she wants to take me with her and her colleagues to the Galapagos Islands to study something or another. I tuned out after that. I was just wondering if i'd get to see any of those turtles and if i'd get in trouble for accidentally making one or two or three of them die. Me and turtles dont get along btw. Would that cause some sort of environmental inbalance? That'd be cool if i could do that. Anyways besides that place i dont really have anywhere to go and i wanna go somewhere. I need a place to relax for like a week or two. This place has stressed me out lately and i need a place to nap. Suggestions? Or hell you could even volunteer to house me for a week or two. I just need a quiet place to nap lol.

I wonder why i'm ranting like this. No one really pays attention and plus its coming from someone who was gone and forgotten for quite some time. If you are one of the few who actually decided to read this then by all means write me a comment and give me suggestions on all the things i noted above. I think thats about it for the somewhat long rant. I would continue but someone just brought snacks for me. The bastard is already trying to convert me back into a semi-fat American smh. Ja mata!

Goodbye for now....

"I'm not the type to say I told you so,
(Goodbye for now)
Think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go."

P.O.D. said that. They're one of my fave bands of all time dating back to early high school days. know whats funny? Depending on the person(s) reading the title and the little excerpt, it can have entirely different inflections lol. But yeah lets cut the chase. I think its about time to retire from GS. Things have happened and so i dont really see a point to be around anymore. I mean i'm not deleting the account or anything since i do still plan to stop by on occasion to read articles and reviews and do certain other things but this place has grown stale. Constant glitching, mods with superiority complexes, overly sensitive 13 year olds and other factors have determined my move.

What will i do? Who knows. Maybe i'll latch onto a new forum and post somewhere else (maybe i've done that already) or maybe i'll just completely scale back on my net time in general. Sad cuz i was really looking to spend 10 years here but i came up slightly short AND i wanted to quit after i crossed level 63 but things happen i guess. Seeing as i'll continue to read articles from time to time, i'm sure i'll still cross that level though it'll probably be a little longer than expected. Not like i'll really be missed anyway. I stopped trying to make an impact ages ago and just fell into the monotonous tone that was GS. It grew to irk me and so this is it.

I'm starting to ramble arent i? Well then lets wrap this up. Damn there really were quite a few things i left unfinished here but whatever. So yeah this is Nicaboy456 a.k.a. The Mighty Toonkage b.k.a. The Melon Lord officially signing off....well at least for the time being....

More random notes....

Its time once again to go on and on about the random things i see and hear around me like the old person that i am. I wonder how many know my exact age. That would be a good question to ask certain people around that union. I'm sure to get some responses that give me a nice chuckle. Those bastards already regard me as old so i'm sure to get some that'll piss me off as well. Anyway i'm starting to ramble; though i'm pretty sure that was the point of this blog lol.

Its springtime! Well at least for us northern hempishperers(?). The weather is supposedly supposed to be getting warmer according to the revolution of something i learned back way back in primary school concerning the Earth lol. Its funnny though that although this place has seen warm weather, which has caused the bloom of so many beautiful types of flowers and stuff, its also seen some of the coldest days and nights of the year to contrast thereby killing off alot of those beautiful early blooming flowers and littering the ground with colorful petals. Damn littering trees and plants! The moral of the story you ask? Dont be early to ANYTHING or else you'll die. Sad but true. Mm-hmm.

Another downside to makes me realize that i'm missing out on one of my fave sports to play, baseball. As a hispanic, that sport is naturally in my blood; as is futbol although i renounce that so called "sport". Bunch of high priced actors if you ask me. sucks when you cant play the sport you love for one reason or another. Being kept to the sidelines when you know you're good is heartbreaking. I'm sure that even though i have what i speculate to be a partial tear in my left shoulder, more specifically the rotator cuff, i could still dominate a league. Not to be cocky or anything but i've worked around that injury for about 7-8 years now and compensated for it. It still sucks that work keeps me from seeing any action from one of my two fave sports. Know what the second one is? I'll let you all have a guess to give me a good laugh. Moral of this story? Umm....hmmm....OH! Hard work and dedication will trump natural talent and ability any day of the week. I think Rock Lee said something along those lines a long time ago but who knows. I havent paid attention to that title in quite some time.

I noticed this a while ago but the emergence of the disappointing Ninja Gaiden 3 among other better games made me realize that this current generation is SPOILED on easy games. Why do you think that is? Why did i among others who played games from the 80s and 90s the only ones to get punished with unbearable difficulties? Do developers feel that a super hard game will cause negative feedback resulting in lower sales? I mean the Demon/Dark Souls franchise didnt seem to have any setbacks. I need more games like that. Games where i can grow frustrated by like the second level by a sub boss e.g. Contra or even riding on a jet ski looking thing where i have to avoid all obstacles and just touching one kills me. For those who dont know....i'm referring to that one level in Battle Toads (arguably one of the hardest games ever created) that no one ever seemed to ever beat. Yeah i'm starting to show my age now lol. The moral? There is now! You young bastards have all been spoiled by the regenerating health and abundance of health packs and auto-save checkpoints!

Why is everyone calorie counting nowadays? "OMG i ate this and this and breakfast and now all i can eat is this little thing for the rest of the day or else i'm gonna go over my limit!" Ugh spare me. Society overemphasizes appearance and its kinda sad really. I mean i understand the point about being healthy but when you start seeing fat where there is none and then go on starving yourself, then it becomes a problem. As for myself, i have slowly began reducing my intake since i know for a fact that my metabolism has slowed from my high school days. I'm not a person who'll limit myself to 1500-2000 calories a day though, or freak out when i cross the line. I know i work hard enough daily that it doesnt matter much to me anyway. Seeing others like that does give me a good laugh though. Moral comfortable in your own skin.

I dont know if many of you know but i had somewhat long hair. I say had because i cut it all off. Yes the days of braids and ponytails on me is finally over. After a while it began to irritate me having all that hair. Sure the compliments and attention were nice, (though i never saw anything special about my curly/wavy hair) i'd finally gotten to a point where i asked myself why the hell was i still growing it. After what seemed like an eternity, i finally decided to let go. It was hard but it had to be done. My barber, who i hadnt seen in quite a few years was very shocked to see me. I'm sure he felt that i would never return to him again. Anyway long story short, i got all my precious locks cut, donated them to Locks of Love (an organization dedicated to making wigs for cancer kids) and now feel ALOT colder and smoother. I saw smoother cuz the bastard cut my mustache AND my side burns AND my beard all at once. I hadnt been completely smooth since i was around 12. It still feels weird even though it was done almost 2 months ago. I still swing my head back in the shower or from side to side randomly almost by instinct thinking that i still have long hair that needs to move from my face. Whats weird though is now that my hair is gone i'm getting even more attention. I guess girls are more into the smooth short hair guys than the scruffy long haired types. I miss that old look. Maybe one day i'll grow it back out again. Third time's the charm they say.

I have more to say but i dont have the time to say it really. So very quickly, April Fools Day came and went and was pretty unnoticeable. I think its better that way for me cuz i do not like jokes being played on me. Usually people try to do cruel jokes too that only result in me hitting them really hard. Next, i've always wondered if this box has an indent button. It irritates me everytime i do a blog and cant indent on my next paragraph. It just seems so wrong to me lol. I still dont know what language i wanna learn next. I just really have a craving to learn something new. Who is willing to teach me more foreigner talk? Alright with that i guess i'll sign off. I like how i compacted those last three. Maybe i'll do that for next time instead of writing tons and tons. More info for you and less work for me. Anything that means less work for has to be a good thing.....right? Ta-ta....

A rant.....i guess?

I dont really have anything to write about but i am very bored and had nothing better to do. I did say that i would write more of these things this year and i've seen more people write these with a lot less to say over the years so i figure what the hell ya know? If they can get away with it then so can i. Never really saw the appeal of writing these things but.....getting sidetracked.

QUESTION!!!! Where the hell do these newer users keep getting my name and requesting me as a friend or tracking me? I remember Swimmy mentioning it happening to him too and calling it a conspiracy. I wont go that far but i am really curious how they end up finding us? Do they go through a list of users or just randomly pick who is currently online at the same time as them? Do we have the same interests? What the hell? My day here begins with checking my PMs and seeing how i'm being tracked by a new user. Then i go to that users page to see he/she is merely a lvl 4-9 with no type of info or blogs or anything on their page. What motivation do i have to track back? Maybe i'll get on the conspiracy bandwagon like Swimmy. I just dont get it.

I'm thinking of a theme change for pretty much everything; avi, header, sig and even the banner even though its so beautiful. I mean they're all old. The avi: 4-5 years old, blog header: 2-3 years, sig: 3 years, banner: 3 years. I have no idea for themes though. Maybe i've gotten to a point where i just dont care anymore which is quite feasible. I am in that type of mood a lot more nowadays. I am open to suggestions seeing as i dont have the power to think for myself anymore lol.

Next week i'm gonna play tourist in my own city. I'm gonna do the same things that tourists do that piss me off e.g. walking really REALLY slowly, looking up at buildings instead of looking straight ahead while walking and hell even bumping into people for no reason at all. Its amazing how NYers can pack onto a sidewalk and never come into contact with each other but one measly tourist can come into the mix and just bounce off one person to the next. Guess they just get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers in one spot. OH and most importantly....i'll do it all in spanish AND dress up all touristy. I dont exactly know how to dress the part but if i think long enough i should be able to pull something off. Maybe a fanny pack and an SLR camera around my neck or something. OH and a map with one of those god awful I "heart" NY shirts lol.

I wanna buy a tablet. Well i know i will buy a tablet. I just dont know which one i should get. I know for sure that i wont be getting the iPad mainly cuz i dont support Big Brother. Maybe some of the younger generation wont get that reference BUT if at minimum on the high school level and dont get it then i feel sorry for you lol. Some say the Kindle Fire, some say the Sony Tablet S (which i'm actually leaning towards) and some say the Galaxy Tab. I'm not too sure so i'd like some opinions and suggestions on which i really should go after. I dont know which to get but i do know that i'll be picking it up sometime next week so suggest away.

HAHAHA this is funny. The headphones that were playing the music that i was listening to as i was writing this little random blog just died on me. Well technically the left crapped out. The right is still going strong. I'm getting mono out of a stereo lol. Its sad really cuz i really liked these Bose headphones. The way they were balanced and equalized was near perfect. They gave me 5 years of reliable service but i figured they were about to die. The wires were starting to fray. Anyways....i guess thats something else you can recommend to me as well. I need new headphones unfortunately and please PLEASE dont even consider mentioning Beats. Why you ask? Cuz they're unnecessarily bass heavy. Now i'll admit that it works perfectly for people listening to rap, hip/hop, which is the demographic they successfully aimed for BUT if you use those headphones on almost any other genre of music then the notes get drowned out and thats just not good. I care for my audio and know what i'm talking about. Most of you who followed me for years and years know that i ruled over all things audio related back in Circuit City's hay day lol. Oh and another reason i dont like them? They are really fragile and i'm not gonna put my money towards something that can snap easily. Anywyay, though i more than likely will be making this decision on my own i dont mind hearing suggestions from you all about what i should get.

Well seeing as how my audio has died, i quit on writing more of this thing. I dont like the sound of me speed typing lol. So yeah until next time i bid you all adieu. Hasta....

Curious about something....

I came across a piece of crap game. I wont bother divulging the name either but with so many crap games that come out, i dont think i need to say anything. It was a game that frustrated me and made me wonder something. I'm sure other people who played crap games wondered thihs as well. Like as you play it or immediately after you finish it you think to yourself, "Wow, it was someone's job to get up everyday and to work on that game." So it poses a question to those workers really take solace in knowing what they've done? Or are they like in denial when they put out the game to the public? You know like they know its bad but they have to lie to themselves and people who preview it to convince them that its good. Also i wonder what are the point of Quality Checkers if a game still ends up poorly dubbed and filled with glitches or other major issues. Wonder if the Duke Nukem team actually believed what they did was good. Or did they believe that they could put out crap and the loyal fanbase would still eat it up. But then that leads me to wonder about independent games and stand alone titles with no previous history like the Cursed Crusade or Dante's Inferno; both of which were god awful. See what i did there? Crusade, Inferno and God. *SIGH* i guess its more of an advanced joke i guess. Either way it just irritates me to no end how we can be deceived into believing something is good when its actually quite disappointing.

On another note....i destroyed my tv today due to another irritation brought about by another game. It wasnt bad or anything but certain things just got me really frustrated. I wont mention the name of that game either but after a while it got to me. Bad camera angles and broken fighting styles along with repetitive action takes a toll on you ya know. So for now i'm Tv-less which means no gaming and a severe cut in anime time. Though for some reason i've lost my love and enthusiasm for anime lately. I know i know, ME of all people not liking anime anymore. Never seemed possible but maybe i'm evolving; for better or for worse. With all that new free time though, i wonder how i'll spend it? I dont really have much to do nowadays besides work. Ugh....damn game killed my tv! I'm pissed beyond end....

Technically or Actually? And some other stuff....

Wow its been a while since i did one of these. I guess this blog is meant to denote a "special" occasion on this site that i didnt even realize until i was browsing around some old unions. Well it turns out that as of the 27th i've been in and out of GS unions for 5 years. I guess one could say that it was at that point where my GS career began even though it says i've been around since '03 (hence technically or actually title). I'm not the type to really reminisce or anything to that extent but i do remember the union being about baseball. Hell i'm still technically part of that union even though i havent graced that place with my presence in a good year and change. I think i'm still an officer too. Hehe....when will you all realize. I'm the Bunshichi of unions. I'm only there and only lead in name only. Watch/read Tenjho Tenge to understand that slight reference.

Moving on....i've long since grown out of favor with this place. Bug after bug and glitch after glitch and poor code after poor code tends to irritate you after a certain point. I dont really union jump anymore and stick firmly to the second union i ever joined, TU. Once again i somehow found myself as an officer and once again i say....Bunshichi lol. Posting isnt really my thing anymore. Nothing much to talk about or much to learn. Plus the real world does take its toll after some point. Makes me wonder how i did it before when i would post 1-200 posts a night on a daily basis. Oh well. Those days are long gone and now i'll be lucky if i can muster 10-20. Retirement is quickly on the horizon for me. Will i be missed? Doubt it. Will i care? Not really.

Has anyone else noticed how damn hot it is so late into the year (no not you southern hemisphere people who are currently in summer)? I mean Christmas was 50 degrees where i live. 50!!!!! You foreigners do your own conversions. I can only count on one hand the temperature dropping below freezing. For a cold weather guy like me, this is not good one bit. And here i thought the global warming thing was put to rest. I guess it wont any real publicity until all the ice is melted and polar bears migrate further and further south in search of food until they reach America and start eating children. Of course it has to be America. No one pays attention to Canada to begin with lol.

I dunno. I feel like learning a new language. This is super random and this feeling comes to me from time to time where i get so motivated that i just have to do it no matter what. Hell its what caused me to learn Japanese and take multiple trips to Japan and meet new people. So far my learned fluent languages are Spanish (primary), English (secondary) and Japanese (tertiary). Now languages that i can get by if need be are French and maybe and i say may~be German lol. So yeah i need something new to learn. Nothing too hard but still somewhat of a challenge where it can kick my ass and yet i'll still come back for more lol. If that actually makes sense.

I wanna go back to Christmas for a bit. Did it feel like Christmas to the rest of you? I mean for me it kinda didnt. Its like it came and went without much of the usual fanfare. Sure my tree was up and sure presents were there but it just didnt feel like the right time. Maybe it was the weather once more creating a false sense. Anyways i wont dally on that. Time to end this thing. Final notes :- You know theres less than a year left before all life on Earth is wiped out lol. If you have something important to do you best do it before next December 2-......umm....2-.....damn i forgot the exact date again lol. Just do what you gotta do and live without regrets! And finally....theres this song, an addictive song, a Japanese song thats just stuck in my head and on my Ipod. Its called Dear Future by Coaltar of the Deepers. What a group name right? Anyway at first i was like meh, but as i heard it more and with each passing ep of the anime it was in Mawaru Penguidrum, i grew to really love it. Oh and same goes for Blood Teller by Faylan. I love the voices on those women. Check them out sometime and see if you're not addicted to one of those songs in time. So its time for Nica to sign off. Blog no. 2 of 2011 is complete! God how can people do this like everyday? I'll rant about that another time i guess. Tata....

Nicaboy456 no Shoush!tsu a.k.a. The Disappearance of Nicaboy456....

I wonder if i should get emotional like Yuki. Bet that would catch people off guard. Sorry i was just thinking back to that awesome movie. I mean she was EMOTIONAL!!!! She never shows emotion. Umm i'm getting a tad sidetracked. I guess I'll address this now since I have a little bit of free time. Some of you may already know this but most of you probably don't. I decided to semi-retire from this site citing grad school and certain other incidents occurring in my life at the moment as the reasons. It sucks too since I was just starting to jump up the top posters list, but hey unforeseen things pop up. I was already starting to lose my favor for this place, what with the constant glitches and hair trigger mods and such, so leaving this place behind for 5 days or so outta the week wont kill me in the least bit. You gotta do what you gotta do you know? And you gotta know what your priorities are in life and I know damn well that this site ranks WAY below my education and other current personal issues.

SO with that said...i guess I'll be continuing to take my leave lol. Its just a semi-retirement though so no worries my numerous admirers out there in GS land. I'll be back in a couple of months giving you that witty Nica banter that you know and love like before. My true retirement date is still set for some time 2 years from now and that's a ways away….i think? You never know with how time flies nowadays.

OH almost forgot….i would like to sincerely apologize to the teammates I abandoned in the Dwars this year. Though we didn't have a championship squad, I still think we ranked third overall. Sad to see my consecutive finals appearance streak snapped but things happen. Again though…. I gotta get those priorities straight. It makes me wonder how other users around here can practically live on this site. Must be nice to live such a carefree life like that but that's not for me; sitting in one place for hours on end makes me feel pain lol. I'm starting to ramble. Let me stop before I sound like anymore of an old man. I am old by the way. At least I feel it based on how my body feels.

ANYWAY...with all that said….this is Nicaboy456 signing off. Well at least for the time being. Ooooh its still that wretched corporate farce of a "holiday" Valentine's Day; well at least in my time zone. I wonder if I broke a couple of hearts with this announcement. That would be so cool! Anyway yeah I'm gone....


My ability to come up with good blog titles never ceases to amaze me lol. Once again i have no idea what i'm gonna write about so once again i have no idea what the title should be. I just had nothing better to do and felt this could occupy my time for a slight bit. Makes me wonder how people can do this like everyday or once a week and stuff. Who the hell has that much stuff to say and an even better they think we really care about what they have and how frequent they say it? Must be some self gratifying type thing i'll never understand. Meh....moving on....

I guess the first thing i'll point out is that i crossed 50k posts a little while back. Nowadays with the big posters around GS (which i'm part of for some reason) my number doesnt really stand out (outta the top 75 posters of GS i rank somewhere in the 40s) BUT when you considered that about 75%-80% of those posts over the span of my 4 years here were on only TWO unions, then it truly becomes a feat to behold. The other people probably spread their posts around this wretched site in union after union sharing opinions and talking to other people in those mod filled GS forums. Not my cup a tea really. So even more special achievement i believe than most. Praise me! I have spoken.....

Another thing. Believe it or not, i'm still getting Christmas presents! Yup indeed. Turns out that shipping is kinda slow from certain other countries. This was to be expected though so its no biggie. Whether it be snacks, booze and manga from Japan, booze from Germany, booze and snacks from Czech Republic or even _________ from _________, i welcome it all. OH and did you notice the ongoing pattern from my international presents? My international friends know me so well. Screw that materialistic crap like the lot of you! Give me some good booze and some decent snacks and i'll survive longer than the rest of you. I cant eat a phone or a game! Oh and the blank was made because of that last international present that somehow hasnt reached me yet which puts me in much sadness. I was also trying to work my kouhai over for another bottle of wine but she said the only time she would get more for me was my B-Day. Once again....much sadness there.....

The break is coming to an end. It went rather quickly i must admit. For those who dont realize, i was off since i think the 9th of Dec. By the end of the first week, i was dying to go back to school. There was just nothing to do in that time...well besides exercise, but i'd gotten tired of that for a while. Money still continues to be tight which means that no new game entered my PS3 this or last quarter. I think soon if i keep this up i'll.....i'll.....i might grow out of gaming as a whole and give up on my PS3! I never thought it possible but i'm starting to reach the limits. Its something i'd rather not fathom but still quite a possibility.

And finally i have one question...or better yet a couple of questions jumbled into the main question....

When I think of life, I think of a small journey. A journey that only lasts for a short time compared to the universe we were born in. Why do we try to survive when we know our existance will soon after fade. Why do we live? Is there a reason we're born into this world? But as my mind wanders, I realize that it doesn't matter why we're here. We're here to live life to the fullest. We're here to explore. To make friends. Or maybe enemies...But the point is we're here. And as long as im here, I want to live my life to the fullest..with the people I love. Such a short lifespan is given to us...and for what purpose? We learn so many things...But for WHAT?

Does anyone know an answer to that one? Its something to wrap yoour young little minds around. I guess thats all for now. Maybe i'll get bored again and write another one of these thingies in a month's time or so. Until then....

I dont know....

You ever had that moment where you felt like writing something but didnt know what to write about? Though you did have a general idea, you just didnt have the words to put it all together or something like that? I dont know....i guess i'm kinda like that at this point in time. I guess this could be classified as one of those random blogs that i fancy myself in doing from time to time. Oh and hey, 2 blogs in just over 2 weeks or so. I think thats a record for me in the latter stages of my career. I used to blog about all kinds of stupidness back in the day. I mean its not like the people nowadays who i see on my feed who go into 2-300s just blogging about some of the most stupid things but.........i forgot the point i was trying to make. Anyway moving on......

So for those who cared when i actually posted a blog about it a few months ago, the training program i instituted actually showed results but then i kinda, mighta, accidentally umm.....quit BY ACCIDENT! I have a terrible memory sometimes. I actually went from 225 in late August to umm i think i'm about 195 now. You foreigners do the metric conversion on your own. Its too early in the morning for me to care. Umm I'm TRYING to eat healthy though it doesnt work much. Veggies are still a big no no but i try i swear. Big ups to Shadow for intro'ing me to Asian man. He understands what that means. Asian man was a big factor in helping me drop those pounds during the late summer to early fall. Then i kinda quit the killer program BUT i am starting to run again. Dont have much wind; can only run for about 10-15 mins right now, but in a few weeks i should be able to build that back up to the respectable numbers. You know like the 45-60 min area. Burn all that unneccesary stomach fat and build back my killer high school abs that drove the girls crazy. As my cute little kouhai would say, i'm trying to bring the, "Rico Suave," back out lol.

On the note of fall....its finally starting to get a little cold. Its not too noticeable yet since, for some reason the weather has stayed warmer further and further into the year. I thought we finally shut Al Gore up about that warming thing lol. Anyway now that its getting colder, its finally getting to be my time to shine. I love me some cold weather. Of course depending on where YOU live, my cold might be too much or maybe nothing compared to your cold. I consider cold to be when i finally have no choice but to put on a heavy coat which is generally around the 25-30 degree area. Again you foreigners are gonna have to do your own conversions. Either way, as i walk down the street i tend to get this unprovoked smile or sense of satisfaction on my face just because of the way the wind blows and how the air feels. I dont think you all will understand that but boy do i love when the mercury begins to drop.

I kinda had a mini chat about this with Kat....its funny when people try to say that they know me. They know my mannerisms and can predict what i can or will do. Is your ego or your quest to pretend like you have a handle on every situation the reason why you falsely proclaim that you know me? HA! I dont know if i mentioned it before but just in case you hadnt heard it, you'll hear it now.....theres only one, yes ONE person who knows the real me from this site. The rest of you just get a small piece of the pie that is Nica. And on that subject.....if you've known me for more than say 2 years and you still dont know what country i come from then i dont really know what to say after that lol. *Looking at a certain Greek person among others*

I actually began utilizing this images tab again. I almost forgot i could host images here. I remember back in the day when it took AGES to upload images. Maybe thats why i forgot or something. Either way....i posted my first pics in a while and they are all of places around my home country....both good touristy side and regular side. NOTE: i didnt say bad but they're places where tourists shouldnt really go alone unless they're really familiar with the people or the areas. They become easy targets that way lol. I know every country has spots like those. You know, its likethose spots where the Travel Department and people who advertise for their countries try to hide and frown upon. Anyway yeah, those are my first non anime related pics to upload and me thinks i did a good job sharing. Praise me now!!!!

I need someone to save me from this boredom. I think i mentioned this months before but again, my memory sucks so hard at times. Mundane lifestyles and the same old same old have left me a shell of my former self again; though you guys dont even know my original self so making that statement kinda has no type of worth when i think about it. A change of scenery has always been the option proposed to me and though i would usually just scoff at it, at this point i'm up for trying it. Sure i live in one of the "Big Cities" and sure i love it, but after a while it gets aggravating seeing the same thingsover and over again. I'm one of those people who needs to constantly be entertained and grows bored fairly easily. I got into a lot of trouble with women that way over my high school years, but thats a story for another time lol. Anyway...nothing ventured nothing gained right???

Finally....we hit the end of DST which means i got my hour back! I so needed that extra hour of sleep each night. Grad school takes it toll from time to time with the constant papers and such. OH for those of you in countries with excess light who dont need to worry about it, Daylight Savings Time or DST, is when the rest of the world turns their clocks one hour forward or back depending on......well depending on which way saves daylight the most during the day.....or something lol

Wow this was slightly.....random. I guess i had a random rant without even realizing it until the end. Maybe i should change the title to Super Random Rants whatever number edition. Meh....too lazy to scroll back up. So to recap....I lost weight, its getting cold and i love it, you DONT know me, tourists should stick to the fake, nice looking sides of foreign countries lest they end up in problematic situations, i'm still bored but quite ecstatic that i got an hour of sleep back. Yeah that pretty much sums it up right there....