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Calling all Friends: Profile Overhaul

To everyone out there, I just added an "About me" section on my profile so everyone knows me better. I'm planning on being very active here this summer so I figure everyone who tracks me sould know a lot more about me than I've put out in the past. So hopefully it helps!

So last night there was a Luau on my campus for the entire student body. A bunch of my friends and myself decided to get rather drunk and play volleyball out there. It was one hell of a funny s**tshow for everyone who watched. After that we just hung until two in the morning outside. It was such a great night.

Shadowrun box art for Xbox360

Next, my long overdue review for Shadowrun is finally up. If anyone ever played the game or is interested in reading, head on over and give it a look through.

Lastly @ vulpix, Yeah i've been waiting for info like that for such a long time.I absolutely can't wait for it! GW2 is gonna be so awesome!!!