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On a lighter note...

So my big two games right now are Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands. I would recommend them both to everyone. Left 4 Dead 2 Cast Left 4 Dead 2 is definitely better than the first, read my review on it for more info. I'm still working on Borderlands, the review will be up soon. What are the views on Mass Effect 2 these days? I want it but I was considering putting it off for a while when it is released.

It's someone else's opinion...(part 3, really?)

So I come back on, my last post is moderated off due to a comment I recieved. I really think he's trying to set some sort of record, two of my blogs already? Wow. This was in my inbox:

I don't know man, you're the one saying that it's your opinion. This is mine. Deal with it. You say that you aren't going to respond to them in a message in which you are responding to them. You also claim that I want attention, which also makes no sense because I wouldn't be talking to you in private messages which no one can see. You're a complete idiot and I'm done trying to tell you that your opinion is f*cking stupid because you don't understand anything.AugmentedFire

To which I replied

Look at what I say compared to what you say. Your opinion is that my opinion sucks? That isn't an opinion, thats trolling. Think before you attempt to insult. You constantly try to get a rise out of me, has it worked yet?Neon7771

At this point, I'm done associating with him. I've lost respect for him completely. If he wants to PM me more, he'll find it simply on here. Thank you Luke and Cory for your witty remarks and to Nab for the late night assistance.

It's someone else's opinion...(part 2)

So he returned! He did exactly what I expected, he tried to put forth more belligerence and childish insults to try to incite a fight from me. He posted more insults and hostility on my original blog post, which was moderated because of what he posted and eventually deleted and reposted. I did what any mature person would do, spoke back to him with no hostility. I also recieved another PM from this person:

Your only comeback was "your're a baby." Grow up and hit puberty.

Thank god you will never work as a game reviewer. AugmentedFire

To which I replied:

Why should I bother to respond to your posts on my blog? All you're doing is proving me right. You just can't handle the fact that someone else's opinion differs from yours. You are just acheing for me to respond with hostility, but I'm not going to bother. I'll be the mature person I am and just remove them. Stay away from my blog please, it doesn't need any of your crap on it. Take your belligerence and childish insults to somewhere where people care, like the first grade.Neon7771

I absolutely don't care if he doesn't agree with my reviews at this point, not that I ever did, I probably should've stated that earlier as well. Someone who acts the way he does, especially on the internet, can only be considered....a BABY! I don't need to insult him further, if you can even consider "baby" an insult. Why should I? All it'll do is start a fight I have no interest in being a part of.

It's someone else's opinion on the internet, get over yourself...

· I am sick and tired of people getting their opinion's shut down by other people who can't tolerate differing opinions. It's the internet and EVERYBODY has a right to their own opinion. If you don't like it, tough. People act like someone else's differing opinion could possibly threaten their own views on something. Case in point: I wrote my review for UFC 2009 Undisputed a few weeks ago and when I log on this morning, I see I have received a message from someone concerning my review from In this message, this person tried to put down my opinions completely with insults and slander. Here is the message in full:

Your UFC 2009 Undispited Review is simply pathetic. Please take the time to play the tutorial mode of a game and learn how to play it before reviewing it and giving it a bad rating. All you need to do to stop getting sewwped is hold the right analog stick over. Learn the game mechanics before calling them bad. You just suck at the game.AugmentedFire

Let me address this publicly line for line. In the first sentence, he outright shoots down my opinion because obviously he doesn't agree with it. Disrespectful for no reason? In the next sentence, he questions my credibility by saying I have not even played the tutorial. With that one, he is just trying attack my abilities with the game. Funny, I haven't played the tutorial and I've won countless matches in the game? I'm confused, maybe I really did play through that tutorial? And in the tutorial, seeing as how I HAVE played it, I know that all I need to do significantly more than simply hold the right analog stick over in order to now get "sewwped", as you have stated next.Seeing as how I already know the mechanics to the game, I'll go ahead and call them bad again. And your last sentence, as you have so nicely put it, that I suck at the game, is just an unnecessary insult.

As you can see, this person has issues with other people's opinions. On his blog, he linked my review to his post about how much he hates "poor user reviews". I was the second link but I have since removed and reposted the review so his link does not work. If by chance, the other two reviewers he links to in his post hear of this, please do the same. In this post, he begins to tear away at people's reviews because he just simply does not agree with the reviews. This self-elected review critic also outright insults myself and the other reviewers in his post.

The bottom line is, he is a baby who simply can't handle other people's differing opinions. Nobody forces you to read other reviews. If you see a reviewer has given a game you like a low score, don't read it. If you do happen to read it, get over it, someone else's opinion on a game shouldn't effect your own opinions on a game.

Back in the swing of things

Been trying to keep up with the game hype recently. I played the new COD, read about my experiences with it in my review. The next game
I plan on purchasing Left 4 Dead2 soonwith hopes of requalifying for the MLG brackets.I am also looking forward to Mass Effect 2, should be a hit. I am also looking forward to Dante's Inferno. In general it doesn't seem like there are that many exceptional games being released this holiday season.

Thanksgiving + Christmas

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was alright. I'm looking forward to Christmas, it's my faorite time of year. Gotta start saving up money for presents and all that stuff. Christmas usually is a happy time of year for my family, we put up all the lights around the house and the tree and all that good stuff. Can't wait for Christmas dinner and my presents! I'm hoping for Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead!

New XBOX Experience Impressions...

The NXE was just released today. Once I downloaded it and customized my avatar, I explored all the new features. I like the new look, especially the Party Chat system as well as the Netflix streamer. The only problem with it is that the system freezes on the friends list when you view someone's personal info. I suspect its because of the servers being put on overdrive for the downloading and all the people messing around with the new interface. Hopefully it'll be working normally soon.

Anticipation - The Holiday Season

I've heard good stuff about Fable 2 and Left 4 Dead so far and am hoping I get them for Christmas. I'm also looking forward to reading Halo: The Cole Protocol and Gears of War: Aspho Fields once I get them for Christmas as well. Hopefully the reviews for these items all stay positive!

Additions to the Library

So I picked up both Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty: World at War.

Gears of War 2 was basically everything I had expected and much more, as stated in my review. I know I'm going to be playing it for many months to come. Call of Duty: World at War was a disappointment though. It was extremely overhyped. All it is is Call of Duty 4 with worse maps and stupid looking guns. I doubt I'll be playing it for much longer as it is just a waste of time. Expect a review for it in the coming hours or day.

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