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demon's mansion ch. 1 ancestor part2

As she began to growl, she tugged at my leg, pulling me to the side behind the grove. Two masked figures walked out of the house. They wore trenchcoates and leather masks, but the shape of their heads showed they were all but human.

???1: It'ssss not here!? Hrrrrr.....

???2: That'sss not right. It was said that the stones final peice was within the area. Let's return for now, we'll look again later....

And with that, the figures quickly vanished, as if they dashed away with incredible speed. My dog quickly ran to the family grave. I was tempted to follow, but instead burst into the house. As I walked in, I became atonished of the wreck. Those creatures left nothing untouched. I found a broken frame of me and my family on the floor. I had no idea such a thing of my family still existed. Without hesitation, I removed the picture and stashed it into my vest pocket. I decided to quench my curiosity and follow my dog to the grave. She just sat there, quietly staring at the tomb.

I walked closer and explained the situation. " To think that my families reting place would be desecrated like this.... Just who were those cre-"

Just as I relaxed, my dog made a terrifing bark. I was surprised and lost balance. I reahed out to catch myself on the tombstone, but couldn't reach anything. I turned aroundto see why. The grave had opened up, and I was falling in.....

demon's mansion chapter , part1: ancestor

Morning. I just realized this the way to my families house. Not that anybody lives there anymore. But it is still my tradition to stop by and pay my respects. It's cloudy today. It never shines anymore. Not after what happened at the dukes mansion. It was such a massacre from the rumors......

....I don't wanna talk about it.

I've arrived. Nothing has changed. The house still stands. You'd never know it happened to be abandoned.

.....wait. My dog is outside the door. She's a german shepard, witha beautiful gold coat.

"Sheila, what're you doing here? You shouldn't run off like that...

"BARK!! Grrrrr.....

"What wrong girl?.."

Demon's mansion

Well that's what I decided to call the story of my nightmare. I will possibly draw pictures of the character's and creatures in the future (check out my images to see a picture from my other story). It will be a midevil like age, possibly like Castlevannia.

The main character's name is Gene, age 19. He is alone for the most part, and doesn't have a real family.

On one of his travels, he comes across a rumor of a large house of a duke saying that the owners were murdered, and any attempting to investigate, never return....

He couldn't pass this up...

The disturbing nightmare...

Ihad quite a nightmare a couple of nights ago. It all started in what appeared to be an empty attic. As I was examining the place, I noticed a little girl wearing a dress sitting in a chair speaking in some strange language while her eyes had some otherworldly stare. I was somehow able to understand enough to know she wanted a key. So I thought to myself "if I can find this key for her, I might be able to get an idea of whats going on!" So I went from the attic to the 2nd floor to find that I had become the little girl! It also appeared that I was in a very large mansion! ( like from the first RE) On the first floor however, there appeared to be some kind of demon that could posses any object down there. At first, I saw yelling and taunting me as a trunk. I wasn't very intimidated at it's appearence, and was tempted to go down and shut it up. But then I noticed 2 things. #1, all stairs and ladders leading to the first floor floor were destroyed. #2, whatever it possesed seemed to always have a huge gapping mouth, and it couldn't wait to try to swallow me! It seemed fond of possesing a certain doll infact, that it was a little mutated into what the demon would look like. The head would still look like a doll (other than the mouth) but the rest looked like it came from Silent Hill. As I was jumping to another ledge, one of it's little minnions (they looked like little black balls with sharp teeth) came out of nowhere and started biting my hand! I couldn't hold on anymore, and I fell to the 1st floor. I saw the monster laughing at me as it opened its mouth and started to suck me in. Luckily, thats when I woke up! It was very creepy, but interesting. I'm thinking of making it into a story.

I'm teaching!

I have been teaching a class at Sunday school for about three days now. I've only got three students, the oldest probably being 6. I've surprisingly been enjoying it! They do tend to get off track but nothing that I can't take care of. I only had one student today named Bridget, who while I don't remember her age, is very small and very bright. I tried a new idea and brought in my manga Bible (yes they do exist lol) and since we're at the begining I read her the story of Adam and Eve as she lisened and looked at the pictures. She really liked it! Things are looking great as far as this goes and I hope I can keep the idea's coming:P

The new FFVII Sims!?

Admit it. You've alwase wondered if the Sims would make an expansion like this. Here we have a trailer of the final battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. Enjoy! :P

Click here

CU'H!!! (warriors)

Yeah your gonna see me say that a lot. No I ain't goin' pimp. That just a habit me and my freinds say a lot.....

Anyways I've recently gotten adicted to the Samurai/Dynasty warriors series for a while now. My favorite character from Samurai warriors is Mitsuhide Aketchi. He has a good sense of justice. and easily keeps his cool.

My favorite character from Dynasty warriors is Cao Pi. Once agian a very cool headed character who is very wise no matter what the difference.

Christmas...................OVER ALREADY!?

Another Christmas has passed. Guess I better starting counting the 365 days till' the next one! lol

Anywase I've recently created an account on my dad's X-box360. It's Nelo if your interested. My dad's account is the usual celtic1962. Just thought I'd let you know.


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