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Definitely the best news I've heard about this game ever. I too was in the beta and was utterly surprised of how unfinished the game was, it was like playing a badly optimized engine test. I thought the setting could have worked out now with the 300 movie and Rome series being so successful but honestly not before at least 2 years more of development.

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"Battle system is called the Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.). The article states. "While you'll certainly be able to tackle enemies in real time using first person shooting, V.A.T.S. lets players pause time and select a target at their leisure". Battle system still uses action points, but once you've used them up you'll still be able to fight targets in real time while they charge back up."

Herrick does not understand this part. If you can still fight in real time, then what is the purpose of the action point system? Anyways, I have a subscription for Game Informer. It'll be cool to read about the real deal in a few days.


My guess is that the AP are used for more advanced actions (such as aimed shots, change of weapons, item usage, etc.) while you can still shoot/bash wildly to defend yourself while out of AP.

However this is only a guess on an article that is impossible to know the credibility of. I myself don't believe GI was given that privilege when Bethesda is so keen on keeping everything Fallout 3 as secret as possible. A playable demo? Nah, I don't think so...

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I thought the demo was ok. The graphics were nice (ran on max without frame-issues) and the setting seemed like something one can be amused of for a while. However I too agree with the previous poster saying it's too scripted, I felt the game was mostly about finding the interactable objects and just clicking away not much brains behind that. Through the entire demo all you had to do was click your minions away and that was that.

Cool idea but poor gameplay.

I won't get this game.

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Motion sickness is nothing you should see a doctor for, unless you also have bad hearing or regular pain in the ears. Some people have more sensitive balance organs (which are located in the ears) and thus are more subject to movement than others, nothing strange about that. However if you do feel you have problems with your ears (or regular headaches) it could also be an ear infection or other balance-organ related problems. Check it up!

Anyway, I too got motion sickness from HL2 (and many other games) and something that truly worked was to change the FOV as was mentioned earlier. To do that in HL2 you bring up the console and type fov 90. That will put the Field of View to 90 instead of default 75. To change the default I think it is with the default_fov command but I don't know for sure (don't have HL2 installed so I can't check it out.

Oh and one more thing, taking pills for motion sickness is not something I recommend, what they do is generally numb your related senses down and makes you feel sleepy which isn't something you want when playing an FPS right? :)

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It all depends on how close you are to the server. Consider using GameSpot UK. Anyway, I'm from Eastern Europe, and the site loads fast for me (and I have an even worse connection).Abi79

Well well, there you said something.. Silly enough I'm in Europe and never tried the uk hosted GS site (www. was just so natural). Trying it now and to my great surprise it's actually considerably faster! I'm not going to end my case here since I haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but I can say that more people should try this and see if their speed goes up!

A hint to GS though is to have the server automatically redirect European users to the UK version so that people like me doesn't fall in the trap again. Shouldn't be hard to do right?

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I agree, the site is too slow. Even if I use firefox, its still slow. Even Alexa ranks it as "Very Slow", with 93% of other sites being faster.Bourbons3

Now we're talking, with sites like Alexa giving GS such a horrible ranking it should open the eyes of the developers. Well, can we hear some response? Are you working on anything or do you wish to loose paying customers due to this?

I actually became a Total Access member yesterday because I simply love the site anyway but if GS wish to offer good service to it's customers something should be done. I payed for one year and I can assure you that if nothing has been done by the end of my membership I won't renew it.

Cheers ;). 

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Amazing how so many of your first games are so... modern. :P


My first game I ever played was a classic F1 racing game that I have no clue of the name but I've seen references (in images) of it on several retro occations and was on my dad's work-computer back in late 80's. However I don't consider that as my first "real" gaming experience as I was quite young and computers weren't really introduced in my life back then (the circumstances didn't really give me that option). My first real PC experience was actually with an Age of Empires demo back in 97-98 and from then on I was hooked.


My most remembered experience was however with Contra on the good old NES together with my brother in co-op. Was also the first game I ever "finished", wow what an experience.

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Unfortunately many Morrowind modding sites went down when the popularity dropped and the "waiting 4 oblivion" started. Now that Oblivion was such a disappointment it's sad to see so many wonderful mods gone for ever.

Luckily though I saved most of the mods I ever used on my PC and has since then backed up all MW mods I liked (almost 200). Many of the ones I have I know for sure are very hard (to impossible) to find. So if you find a reference to a mod that you like but can't find the mod itself send me a message and I might have it in store for you!

As far as finding mods that can be found the above posted link is an excellent source as well as good ol' trusty google. But aside from those two I strongly suggest this site: It's an extremely extent listing of Morrowind mods sorted very smart by category and theme like mods that make MW more realistic or Asian theme mods, etc.. Check it out!


Oh right, I also strongly recommend that you get the two expansions (if you don't have already), they offer excellent extended gameplay and more sources for mods!


EDIT: Uh, right, "s.t.y.l.e" is a censored word..... Changed to "theme". 

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Both EQ2 and LOTRO have very good and mature communities if you find them. Lotro has more kiddos as it is right now but that's mainly because it's new and fancy and well, kids like new and fancy. In any case, if you like roleplaying I strongly recommend LOTRO above EQ2, I've seen some well formed and very mature kinships (guilds) in Lotro RP-servers that shouldn't let you down. The world of Tolkien is just a perfect place to roleplay, one just have to have the paitence to ignore those who don't.

So in the end you should look into both games and try to find one that you like the best based on the game itself, great community can be found in both, my experience however is that RP in LOTRO is more established (considering it's so new) and more fun than in EQ2 aside from LOTRO being a more fun game ;).

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Maybe this is a localization problem? US users might have an easier time with the loading times than EU users? PS3RULE: where do you browse from?

Maybe I'm talking gibberish here but it would explain why some of us have speed problems while others don't (aside from ISP-differences). 

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