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Let's give this a try

Ok, let's give this a try.

Fist time blogging first time user on Gamespot. Haven't really figured Gamespot was so much more than just game news and some movies here and there. This is a frigging community, ok not Lunarstorm community but well, you get my drift.

So, who am I? To be sincere, I'm actually nothing more than a casual gamer like probably 90% of the members here but heck, let's spice it up a little shall we?

I'm 20 years old, work at a hamburger restaurant //yes I know it sounds horribly "teenager earning extra" but actually it's not like that. Well, not entirely at least. I've been working there for two years and am now a chief assistant manager so there we go, I can boss people around and get to count money and stuff like that.// and will start studiying economy in a couple of months.

Regarding computers and games, I've been playing my entire life //at least if my life began at the age of 11 wich was the age we (my family) got our first PC, not old school but pretty fanatic// and the entire first half of my gaming life was governed by action RTS games, Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Warcraft, etc.. Later my first breakthrough with my current state of mind was with a whole new world undiscovered, RPG. It was Diablo.

Anyway, from Diablo to Diablo 2 to a new type of game that made the RPG genre much more alive. I'm talking about the two M'. The sacred yet often missinterpreted M's, and no I'm not talking about the candy. Star Wars Galaxies was the name of the game and I felt I've discovered something many had yet to discover //I know I was a fool but still at that time MMORPG's weren't as popular as they are now, so you could say I was among the first... millions to discover the genre// and I fell in love. Ever since I've tried numerous MMO's and got stuck on plenty of them. But as an excellent food, with all the perfect and best quality ingredients, an MMO grows tired after consumtion day and night for several weeks.

But that's another story. //Heck I need to save some for other blog entries of I've spent all my intellect on this one//


That wasn't very spicy...

I know, it really wasn't, as I said this is probably life of many of you out there and mine is none different, but hey, it's my life and that makes it my unique story.

But I'm leaving this to that and will start to plan my next entry. I promise, more 'spice' will be included.


Nelien out.