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Whoopee, it's him again...

It's been a full sixty-eight days since I last posted anything, but here I am.

For those of you who haven't already guessed or who don't already know for fact, the reason I've been gone for all that time was because my account was suspended (yep, a sixty-eight-day suspension coupled with a nice big point-bomb dropped on my account (a big hint as to what happened when coupled with my inactivity.))

I don't really care to go into very much detail about the situation, so I apologize for that. However what I will say is to just stay away from forums (specifically Split Boards as they seem to be giving people the most amount of grief from what I've observed/experienced) that bombard you with moderated posts, especially if a majority of them shouldn't have even been moderated in the first place, and find somewhere else to post. If you're anything like me and you still keep wanting to go back to the forum for whatever reason, just don't. It really isn't worth hanging around unless you're actually doing something to deserve them, in which case I guess it won't matter where you go.

Now aside from that, it's looking like my Dusty Wasteland is going to be a pain in the ass to get moving again (of course that's not really much of a surprise given that about half of the eighteen users that've ever even been there have left. :P) I guess in a way it's good that it's so slow because I personally dislike super-fast-moving-ultra-crowded-forums, but I think probably a big part of the reason that about half of the people that've been there have disappeared over the course of its life, is because it's too slow (it's still growing though, so really that's to be expected...)

I was considering changing my Icon and banners, but they've been around for quite a bit now (December twenty-fourth of last year) and they've grown on me, so I'm not positive I want to go through with it (my blog banner might go though 'cause it hasn't been around for as long as the other two, I think it was March-something...) For now I think I'll just upgrade the quality of my Icon and banner (miraculously they updated almost immediately. :O) If you want, let me know whether or not you think I should change them.

By now you're probably wondering why I haven't talked about all the super-cool-mega-awesome things that've happened during my absence... >__> Well put simply, not a single interesting thing has happened since June second (at least nothing I can remember anyways...)

I guess it's worth noting that over the course of a few days, I went from about Chapter 249 of Bleach, to Chapter 415, so as you can see I did a fair amount of reading during my absence. :P

I'm considering catching up on One Piece too, but to be honest I can't even remember the last episode of the anime I watched, let alone what's happened... :? I probably won't because it was tiring catching up on Bleach (before you ask what's so tiring about reading, I was reading it for hours straight versus reading a chapter on an hourly basis or something (One Piece will be no different)), and that was only ~166 chapters versus 500-something.

Oh yes, I also managed to cut my finger on *drumroll* safety scissors. -_- Yes, of all things, I managed to cut my finger using safety scissors. I also cut myself with a knife the other day too, and on the same finger no less, almost on the same spot. -_- I'm going to have to take extra care not to cut it again, or else next time I might end up cutting the thing off (and having known myself for so long I wouldn't be surprised. :P)

And that's about all I can think of for now. Never really understood what the big deal is about commenting on people's blogs, but I guess I'll start doing more of that from now on in addition to posting in forums like I always used to. Oh yeah and since it seems to be rather popular, just thought I'd let you know not to expect a 'best user' list or whatever it is from me. Same goes for that whole tagging-song thing (yes, somebody actually tagged me while I was suspended.) Not interested.

Well thanks for reading I guess. Though still not interesting this was at least a little more interesting than my last few blogs, or so I hope. :P