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NarutoFever1 Blog

Well this is interesting...

Or not, depending on how you look at it. :P

It's happened at least two times that I've seen where somebody has tracked me but I've failed to track them back (because when I click on People Tracking Me sometimes it doesn't show the new person (people) :?) and then they stop tracking me before I get the chance to possibly add them.

I'm not sure if it's just a bug saying somebody's tracked me, but if I don't add you right away, then don't stop tracking me.

Boring blog is boring...

Yeah, can't think of many things to post about in it, so this one is kind of just... here, not really doing anything... =\

Things started picking up at my forum which is always good, although XGamer549 returned only to find himself leaving again for reasons I won't go into detail about.

School is going pretty badly lately, I find myself bored with a lot of the work, which causes my marks to be a lot lower than they could be should I do the work.

My mark in gym is pretty low because I 'don't participate enough' even though this is completely false.

My other marks could be a lot higher, but I don't care enough about the work to really get them there.

Got a pond, which I think is pretty neat, provided the fish inhabiting it don't die. :cry:

Anyways, yeah not really too much else going on I don't think, so that about sums it up...

Hope my future blogs are a lot more interesting... :?

And I apologize if you took the time to actually read through that boring wall of text, I hope it wasn't too brutal. :P

It seems like forever...

Since Boys_dont_cry, XGamer, and Iris posted.

I can only assume you left for good...

Which means there are four of us at my board.

Things are a little livelier now though since the arrival of Zombified.

Here's the link again:;title;2

As previously mentioned though, you must add me to Friends first before you can come, otherwise it won't let you in because of the settings.

The Anything and Everything Board.

EDIT: Message me when you track me if you want to come so I know you're not tracking me for whatever else reason.

Board change;title;1

I will be changing it so only friends and selected moderators (none currently exist though) can go there.

In about three days time I will make the switch.

This is to make sure that any possible random trolls or offensive posters can't go there.

Note to any moderators/administrators: This is not to 'avoid moderations' or anything, since I'm almost certain you can still go there. We will still post in accordance with the Terms of Use regardless anyways.

Since it is my Anything and Everything Board, some definitions of flaming and trolling may change, but the basics such as insults and that will likely remain the same.

Make sure to add me if you haven't already if you want to go there.

EDIT: I've made the change, so add me if you are interested.

Little progress

Two more have arrived, at the cost of it seeing little use.

It's been over a month...

They haven't realized they can talk without me there I guess :P.

And they have other things going on, too.

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