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War of The Lions

ff tactics war of the lions is pretty awesome i just got it its pretty good but it could use some improvement

mpo +

I just recently got mpo+ and its awesome its one of da best metalgears ever

Hope 4 a new union

dere just may be hope 4 the anime gamers union i tried creating it1 lasttime and i got 3 charter membs now so the anime gamers union should be up and running soon

give up

i give up no 1s gonna join my union or become charter membs i tried recuiting in da recruitment forum but its been a week and no 1 replied so i give up on creating a union

charter members

im trying 2 get my union started but i cant cuz i need charter members so if any 1 wants 2 be 1 it would really help me out


im trying 2 start a union called the anime gamers union and if u want 2 join wen i start just join it


i just got all da voices 2day and i got uraharas second costume so now i got everything my next games gonna be naruto clash of ninja revolution
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