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Dont you guys just LOVE my long breaks

hehe, i know you do :D


Oh got a new tattoo today

this one is gaming related...

Its on my arm... it needs some touch up but i want it to heal first. I think it looks pretty good


I have 4 other tattos... one IS a Pokemon...

but its not done yet... so... uh


BORDERLANDS 2!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it pre-ordered...nows the hard part...WAITING! but i want her!!!!



Pokemon Black/White 2... must have!

I think Final Fantasy XIII-2 sucked, i played it

Both of my parents are addicted to L.A. Noire.. even my dad, thats soooo weird

Assasins Creed 3 looks awesome!!!! (didnt think id say that...)

I wanna play Skyrim AGAIN...

but imma wait on this

but ive been playing Pokemon cuz it relaxs me and my kids are crazy! Oh my Kids!!

Look how big they are getting!

She will be 1 next week!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Her name is Violet if you forgot


Here is Zoe, my gaming 3 year old


So anyway... i havent been on here cuz i just havent... im good and stuff...

But PLEASE, tell me whats been going on wit you guys? Ive missed ya!!

I heart Instagram! who has instagram!/ follow me, and ill folow you on INSTAGRAM! cuz i take soooooo many pics :D

blah blah bahl


Gotham City Impostors, 3DS stuff and things and stuff

hi everyone!

Sorry i didnt blog like i said i was gonna... Ive had alot going on sorta... no really. Im a mother,so you gotta forgive. :D

I dont download games to my 360 ofthen... i never really had enough space til now cuz LOOK AT MY NEW 360!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup... thats my new baby. :D I didnt know it made cute gears of war sounds when you pressed the buttons! Oh i was so happy to get it!...

Anyway, about downloading games, since this 360 has a 320gb harddrive i can load up with arcade games finally... so yesturday i got Gotham City Impostors

normally i dont play games online... cuz people piss me off. :D but i played the demo for this and fell in love. Nick did too so we bought it. Totally worth $15. Guess i will finally start playing online games... cant avoid it forever.

speaking of Gothan city... how am i progressing in Batman Arkham City?... Im not... because this came out

i waited and waited and didnt buy any of the DLC for this game in hopes that this would happen. AND IT DID!! Got it yesturday too :D woo! And its only $50!!! not $60! Go out and get it!

So i got a 3DS a few weeks ago and i love it... though the game selection on the 3DS is very very poopy...

I got Super Mario land3D and of course that was fun, and Pokemon Rumble Blast. which apart from it being cute was a snooze fest... and i did manage to get one game that is my favorite 3DS gme so far...

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove

I love love loved it. I will remember it always. I beat it and unlocked EVERYTHING in about 6 hours... so its short but the dance sequences are fun, you can customize Gabrielle and the story is soooooo cute. Its so wonderful. I will be reviewing it on here soon :)

um... Netflix runs better than expected on the 3DS. Way better than my phone... :)

Got a cute purple batman hoodie

Oh!!! I went to the Cincinnati Zoo with my girls a few days ago!!! Here are some pics!

This isnt from the zoo... Its just a picture of my Violet Olivia from last week. Shes 8 months now!!

Zoe Abigail

a manatee, my favorite animal!

this was one of the nocturnal animals, its feline and i dont remember what it is but its sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

I have alot more but thats all for now... We all had an amazing time. Zoe loved it but she didnt get to see many monkeys like she wanted :( She kept saying "i wanna see monkeys, i wanna see monkeys." :D

...Valentines Day is next week, my Mr. better have something planned :P

... well thats all for now...

I plan to blog here more so be on the lookout :D

You all are awesome!!! :D


5 months worth of stuff... sorta

Hi all my friends i have missed so much! Its Naomz here and im back after being without a computer for 5 months! Well now i have two... a laptop and a desktop so hopefully that doesnt happen again any time soon... it just died!! died! ... and i have two precious babies, so i cant go spending alot of money on a nice new computer... tili save up enough... so yay, now im back!!!

First things first... SKYRIM!!!! My computer died right before Skyrim came out!!! And you all know just how freaking excited i was!!! Well was i disappointed with it?... Hell no!! Its my favorite game of 2011 for sure... but only cuz i didnt play Batman Arkham City til toady... but ill talk batman in a minute... first Skyrim...

... It has its issues... but i sorta was expecting the graphical glithes and bugs... plus the wonky missions that get all screwed up and crap... but its all ok... you dont put 200+ hours into a game you dont love do you?... well i dont. In Oblivion, the thieves guild was my favorite guild, and it was soooooooo great in skyrim!!! By far my favorite guild in Skyrim... The dark brotherhood was fun, it just wasnt as great as the thieves guild to me... i dont know...

ok... enough about skyrim for now... we all know how awesome it is...

I just started playing Batman Arkham City today and omg!!!... its sooooooooo great! I played through Arkam Asylum a few days ago to prepare myself for this awesomeness. Im not even a huge super hero fan, i knew enough to really enjoy these batman games... but even if you dont like batman really, these games are just fun!! Batman moves flawlessly and fights so gracefully. And Arknam City just has so many extra things to do! Riddler Chalenges (my personal fave) and the world is also super huge... its just real awesome. Go buy it everyone! :D

Bioshock Infinite... To prepare for this gem of 2012, i played though Bioshock 1 and 2... I played through 1 like 4 years ago... replaying itwas great!!And Bioshock 2 is really good, i just dont think itis s good... and idont like the multiplayer... but thats just me :)

Uh... Oh! I got a Nintendo 3DS the other day... as i thought, the 3D hurts my eyes... so im very limited on how long i can use tht AWESOME feature...:( But its ok, I got Pokemon Rumble Blast andSuper Mario Land 3D... I havent played Mario yet, my boyfriend wanted that one. But Pokemon Rumble Blast is awesome :D


So im giving Final Fantasy XIII another try... you all know how hard i was on it and how much i cried and moaned about all the crap i hated about it... but i think XIII-2 looks better, and im determined to play throughXIII before XIII-2... the demo was pretty good. MOOGLE!!! :D And monsters on your team... me likes!!! Serah and Noel seem like a cute happy teamin comparisonto the dark gloomy emo doom group of XIII... so i like that.


In other news,

My daughters are doing very great! My 3 year old zoe has started playing the 360 more, she even got a few achievements on her own!! *sniff* Im so proud!!! My younger daughter Violet will be 8 months old tomorrow and she can almost crawl now! Also, she sleeps through the nigh, so i now have kid free evenings... any parent will know the joy of the peace and quiet of the evenings... so ive been able to do alot more gaming at night and in the mornings! :D Yay sleeping kids... i jut gotta wake up before them:P

Oh, and one last thing!!! I got the gears of war limited edition 360 today!!!!!!! Its soooooooo nice! And now ialsohave Gears 3 finally since it came with the beautiful system... after Arkham City im gonna jump on that action :)

... hit me up if ya wanna play with me!!


ill have another blog tomorrow with like pictures and suff.

You all are awesome! Goodnight! :D

im back!!


i have missed you all so much! this blog will be super quick because my 8 month old daughter is squirming in my lap...

long story short, my computer died completely like 5 months agoand i had to resort to a super super old computer that i told i just couldnt use...

but i got a new one today! And later tonight i will have a super update blog!!!! cuz i got a laptop too so i plan to be on like a whole lot more...

Sorry for being gone.... (like anyone cares :P) but i will blog later and tell you all tons of stuff!!! k?

do you even remember me??


see you all laters!!!



Sequel and Trilogy Madness!!

Hi everybody!!!

Dont you just LOVE how i take week long breaks from Gamespot? :D

My arch enemy is a spider... a BIG one that has been lurking arounf my living room for the past 2 days... everytime i see it i have a mini panic attack and it then disappears... Now im just mad... I shouldnt have to be all freaked out in my own home! When i see that stupid spider again we are going to battle!... FATALITY! Naomi Wins!... that will happen... i hope...

ugh.. i hate spiders...

Ok, whats on my gaming mind!


Most anticipated game of 2012 for me!

Hell yeah! The first Borderlands is one of my favorite games ever! Its so fun, so cool and so so so gorgeous! I have but one (Mad Moxxi dome thing) of the DLC... and thats awesome for me, because besides Fallout 3, i dont buy DLC... not much anyway...

Gunserker!! He's too cool right! Dual weilding weapons... F*** Yeah!!! I so want this game, i cant wait to see whats in store for this sequel... the new characters, guns and enviroments!!

Arent you excited!?


I will marry Marcus Fenix and have his babies!!!! :oops:




What you say!! You thought i hated this rebooted Ninja Theory Dante?... Well ill say this... what do we really know about the game yet to be jumping to conclusions?... Nothing... So as a hardcore Devil May Cry fan, i will keep an open mind... I think the gameplay looks sweet!!! oh... and I will also marry Dante and have his babies...shhh... dont tell Marcus Fenix!! :o

and i love love love the song in the newest trailer...

... and this Dante is growing on me... he's sorta hot... omg... fangirl transformation! :oops:

ok... so thats all...

what are you most looking forward too? ... dont say Modern Warfare 3 please... :S


Cute Baby Photo!!

My baby Violet!!! She's only 2 months old and smiles soooo much! Its the cutest thing ever!!! Hehe.

Just wanted to share...

Im bored, ill post a better blog next time... :D

Im just a happy mommy. Hehe

And when they grown up, they better know how friggin' awesome I am and how good they have it!! :P


OMG! Look whats coming out!


I want to use this blog to talk about agreat gamereleasing in the next month or so that i am so gonna be getting :D And i gotta hurry... both daughters are napping so my time is very limited :P

The first one and the next big game for me until Skyrim will be this:


Wooooo!!! Ive been waiting on a sequel for ever!!! The first one is amazing and if you havent played it please go buy it or rent it or steal it from someone... its so much fun. Its a monter battleing game but you can also fuse monters and there are over 200 to find. The graphics are beautiful for a DS title and the boss fights are very good. Oh and its all Dragon Quest monters!! Aww! You can have Slimes (CUTE) and Jailcats (EVEN CUTER!) and dragons and skeletons and ghosts and knights and saber tooth tigers and... well... lots (if not most) of the Dragon Quest series monters.

Im absolutely sure that this sequel is going to be fantastic, everything ive seen looks awesome!!!!

Ive still got Dragon Quest Monsters Joker so im going to replay it i think since this one doesnt come out until September 19th...


Ok that is all for now...




Hi people i like!!!!

:D I made Flan yesturday night so I made this picture because all I kept thinking about was the final fantasy enemy... Took like 5 min on MS Paint :P I think its silly

That was the only good battle screen thing i could find online in 5 minutes! :D


Just bored and wanted to show you all that...Final Fantasyfans get it... my boyfriend didnt ... :P


Top 10 Best Video Game Buys Ive Made!

I remember everything Ive ever bought and exactly how much i paid so this will be fun!!!

See ya later!!!


Top 10 Games I Never Beat

Hi everyone!!!

I asked you all in my last blog to give me a suggestion for a TOP10 game list :D

A few of you said Top 10 games you never beat... since there are so many it took a couple days of looking trough my games and thinking... There were alot of "oh yeah, i didnt know i had this!" ... Alot of that...

Anyway! :D Here is the list!!! Enjoy!!!!



This game never got completed to to the mystery of the vanishing Gamecube memory card... I NEVER loose my stuff... im very very organized when it comes to my games and accesories... so i dont know... It really is a mystery to me... And it SOOOOOOOOO sucks because this game is AMAZING and I was super far and i just dont wanna start over :(


I was stuck in this game so i took a 6 month break and like the minute i picked it back up... I found out were to go... :D I was super happy but like 10 minutes into the game... BOSS FIGHT!!! The Omega Pirate... He kicked my a$$ over and over and over again... so i gave up... i was getting too pissed... sorry ... Also a great great game :(


... stupid main quest :(


nope... never completed one... Yeah, and i call myself a gamer... I know... but i get uninterested in mario like super fast... i dont know :P


... Ive tried ... uh... 3 times i believe to play through this game, but i cant... all i keep saying to myelf is... WHY ISNT THIS LIKE THE FIRST ONE!?... boo hoo :(

5. RESIDENT EVIL 4 (any console)

Ive played this game on EVERY console it released on... i have the cool a$$ Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller... I have a Resident Evil 4 poster in my room!!!! ... Never beat it... I was at the fight with Krauser and so was my brother... I stubbled on to him playing the game and watched him defeat him and then i continued to watch him play... eventually beating the game...

One thing about me... If i watch someone complete a game... my will to play it drops TREMENDOUSLY!!!!! I just lost the urge completely... :( And I totally love it!!!!! Leon is so super sexy... Maybe one day ill complete it... on Gamecube... though i liked it on Wii too


... LOVE this game... I played through it and got 100% of the towns and got to the final boss and ... BAM! The boss was soooooooo hard... i was so angry... i almost broke the controller! I didnt have any clue how to inflict damage on him! And that was before I had internet so i couldnt look it up... So sad too


... nope... again... and i call myself a gamer... I got to the 7th dungeon and just didnt finish it... i have no excuse for this one :P

2. GEARS of WAR2 (360)

My wonderful boyfriend and I were playing through this co-op and then at the end we just stopped... so i started a co-op game with my brother and we only got half way... then i started a game on my own and only got half way... I SUCK AT BEATING GAMES!!!!


... Ok, so this game was one of the first RPGs i ever played... and I LOVED it!!! Like a whole lot... I got super super far and then my brother started a game and SAVED OVER MY FILE!!!!!!! ... I cried... and he got mad that i cried about it!!!! He still to this day thinks i overreacted... it was like 8 years ago...:( I have the game now... but just dont wanna redo everything! Not yet anyway...



I Totally suck at beating games... i pile them up and just never finish them... i start so many but finish so few... its crazy... but im working on it :P

Any tips? hehe :D



I love top 10 lists!!

My daughters, Devil Survivor 2 and other randoms

Hi everyone!

I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to all the nice birthday wishes!!! I didn't respond to everyone cuz... well there was too many... THANK YOU!!!

I did have a good brthday... my wonderful boyfriend watched our children as i relaxed in bed and played my DS... Best present ever!!!!! Any parent of young kids and babies will understand... I love my precious girls but they can drive me a bit crazy...

Here is a picture of my daughters

Little Violet and Big Sister Zoe... Aww!! :D

In gaming news... I ned to update my "games i beat in 2011" list cuz this morning i beat one and remembered another :P


Alice Madness Returns

Fallout New Vegas

Pokemon Soul Silver

Toy Story 3

Pokemon White

Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light

Sttyle Savvy

:D Ok... updated. I forgot Final Fantasy! I totally loved it!

Next that WILL be beat!!!: Golden Sun (GBA) and Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

:D This is a great game... Im currently on the 4th floor of the Tower or Spirits :) I think Zelda as a phantom is the cutest most wonderful thing :D

Oh also!!

Im gonna play Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor ... I thought i still had it but i dont so im just gonna go get it today because look!


The first one is super good... so im gonna attemt to play through it before this releases... cuz i didnt get far at all!! Like just a couple hours in... so...

I totally suck at beating games... And its not I CANT do it... I just DONT do it... i gotta buckle down and start backlogging... *looks at PS2 games* ... AH!!!


there are.. 1, 2, 3... 70 games here i havent beat!!!!!!! Yup... 70!!! If you all want a list... ill so make one :P

Anyway... I finished watching Ouran High School Host Club last night... LOVED IT!!!!!!! So cute! And Kyoya is so sexy! :D


I was gonna say something else...

Oh!! You all know how I LOVE making Top 10 (or other random number) Lists!!!!!

Id LOVE an idea for a new one!! Game related! so please submit an idea!!!! Anything you want me to list ... uh game related :P

Love you all!!

Again!... thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!!