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finally only 1 more day to go :D

it shouldnt be hard since i only have one final left (out of the 2 i had this week :P ) i just made this blog cuz i wanted to say sorry for missing all your blogs and stuff for the last week or so :(

but it wasnt all school stuff tho, i have just borrowed my friends 360, and gotten so addicted to halo again :lol: this is the second time i have had his xbox now, first with his regular xbox back with halo 2, and now the 360 with H3, so if anyof you guys wanna play i think i am only gonna have it a little longer since it is basically summer (his parents dont let him play during school)

so if anyone does want to play just pm me for his gamertag :D

again sorry for not being all that active :?


Well...the other day...

it was a pretty uneventful day i mostly just say around watching tv and stuff...until i went out and got 2 games!!

i got MK wii and another one called Baroque...i didnt kno anything about the second one, but it looked cool so meh :?

so i mainly just made this blog to tell anyone that has MK that i do too now, so my FC is 0344-9901-7750

:D hope to race you guys!


New Banner

K well i finished it, but im still not happy with the middle pic, the focus turned out horrible.

Also i had to butcher the pics to make them fit in right >_>

anyways here is the banner i might try working on it more the next couple days

if you didnt kno the guy in the banner and my ava is Drizzt Do'Urden (probably spellled the last name wrong) from RA Salvatore's Forgotten Realms series



Hey guys...and girls...i was just making a blog to tell you that i am making a new banner when i have time...probably this weekend, you can also see that i changed my ava

that's about all i was gonna say, just wanted to tell you guys to look for it ;) im excited about making it :D



Well i have been waiting so that all these things have happened at one here it is. I have just passed 5K posts, i have been tagged (by Angelbless), and i just passed out of lv20

so first of all 5 things...

1) i just got 3 new CDs, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, and +44
2) the only sport i have play a lot of in all my days has been soccer
3) i am a junior (11th grade) in high school
4) which makes me 17 :P
5) ike is my fave character in brawl

(i dont really want to choose anyone, but PM me if you want to do one and i will edit the blog...)

and then....PARTY! passing 5K and lv20 deserves a celebration :D i got some of the food (and brawl :P) what r you guys bringing? ;)

also btw, this is my fave song from brawl
once i find the CD i am going to make a stage just for it :D, does anyone kno how to? cuz i want it :cry:


yep, i got tagged, so just like everyone else i guess i will do that 5 things you probably dont kno about me...

1) i just got a dog today! first dog we have ever had, always cats before...
2) most of you kno this but for the ones that dont my name is Nick....hence the NK
3) Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite game ever! :D
4) i have 4 AP cl@sses out of my 7 ;)
5) The Sword of Truth series (by Terry Goodkind) is my favorite book series

Now to tag: ljlrj, Shadowman89, angelbless, CcJj09, and wiwwynils

A little game no one has ever heard of...

....Super Smash Brothers Brawl :P

i bet everyone has already made a blog about this by now...but i just wanted to let everyone kno it = w1n 8)

sorry i havent been on for the past couple days/weeks technically but i was busy with my Brawl Birthday Party! :D My birthday was on the 14th, it was a really fun party. it was a spend the night party and we got like no sleep :P It was fun but it did get kinda boring winning the whole time :P

So i bet you guys have already done this everywhere else, but i was just letting you guys kno my Brawl FC is: 4725-7692-9337

so if anyone wants to brawl just let me kno ;)


Good bye for a little while

my parents are getting mad at me and they said no more GS for a if you guys are wondering that's why i wont be here for a little hoping a few days/weeks

just letting you guys kno ;)


*insert creative blog title here*

darn, it's been a while since i have done a i guess now is as good a time as ever :?

well not much has been going on lately, i've been playing FF6 over again, i just finished finals last week (still havent gotten grades back yet :?)...yeah

I guess the main reason i did this blog is because i finally got to lv20 :D...:(



I am now officially back at home! My trip was fun, it was good to see my bro and sis again. We mainly just hung out around the condo or went out around the town/towns. But now i only have a few more days until school is back :cry:

Oh well, gotta start my homework :cry:

...then again there's always Sunday night... :twisted:

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