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My Favourite T.V Show:The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!!!

I don't know if many of you guy's will of seen this,but I do know you will all know who Will Smith is, this was a great comedy program that came on in the 1990's. And it still comes on now.It's really good and really funny.Try watch it on Youtube if you've never seen it.(But im sure you all have)

Have Any of You Guys Seen This?

Please Comment(Especially if You've seen it before)

My Review On The Wariors (PSP)

The Warriors Boxshot


Awesome Story Line,Awesome Graphics,Awesome Game...

Difficulty:Just Right

Time Spent:20 to 40 Hours

The Bottom Line:"Amazing"

The Warriors is an awesome game,and I think it's proberbly one of the best PSP games yet...And to start of,Here's the good...and the bad.

The Good:
Story Line
Fighting Combat
Extra Modes

The Bad:

The Warriors is an awesome game for PSP,the graphics are great,as well as the sound and gameplay.

And the controls are very easy,and you'd get used to it within seconds...

Also the story line is just proberbly one of the best I've seen on PSP,it's based in the 70's and is about a gang named "The Warriors",which you are supposed to be part of,and you have a warchief(Gang Leader),named "Cleon",and there are other members like Ajax,Cowboy,Ash,Swan,and much more.And you get to play as them all,in diffarent missions.

Also you fight The Destroyers,Furies,Riffs,Hi-Hats,A.C Bulls,and much,much more others.

Also the fighting combat is just amazing,and you will be able to do some awesome moves,and some great fighing,you can do light attacks by pressing square,and heavy attacks by pressing x,also you can pick up your enemy and throw them on to the floor and start to hit them etc.

Also your teammates get downed now and then,and you must have flash to help them,and you will also fight police,and if your team mates get cuffed,you can un cuff them by rapidly pressing L & R.

Also you can command your team with 6 commands,which are Wreck Em All(which means fight them all),lets go,watch my back,mayhem,scatter.And your team mates do really help a LOT.And when you are playing you can not leave anyone behind.

You can also earn rep,but to earn rep you have to do graffiti,fight,rob,mug,steal,etc.You can mug people by grabbing them and pressing triangle,then use the analog stick and move it around to force them to give you all there money,you can lock pick shops,and then go in and smash and grab what ever you can find,and you can also smash car windows and steal the radios.You also do graffiti in spare time or missions.

And there are flash backs to play so you know who joined The Warriors and why,and there are replay missions so you can replay another mission again.Also there is rumble mode where you play on an arcade machine and you have to fight gang members.

And there is also Co-op where you can play with a freind and play the story line.

And when you have completed a mission,you then go back to your hide out,and can exit the hide out and just walk around,and do what ever you want to.

So if you would like an awesome fighting action PSP game,then this is the one for you...

Was The BF3 Beta A Mistake?...

I certinatly do not agree with this,but the reason I'm saying this is because many people are saying to me "The Beta is crap,and is full of glitchs",then they say that now there proberbly going to get MW3 instead,so straight away Itell them,that NO! Theactuel game will be 100% better,with all the glitchs cleared and awesome graphics.But anyway,some people are leaving BF3 for MW3 because they think the Beta is "Crap".

And hey Guy's...

Check out this MW3 & BF3 Compare...

*Another New Emblem And My Union Now Has 410+ Members*

Another New Emblem...

Here it is guys...

E3 2011 Game Gladiator - Gold Icon

Its called..."E3 2011 Game Gladiator - Gold"

And Here's some info about it...

Are you not entertained? I followed 20 games featured at E3 2011 during the week of E3, and now not even the emperor can touch me

My Union...So far so GREAT...

The  Battlefield  Union

I think this is a great success for The Battlefield Union and think it is doing really well and it is really active with 410+ members.


Just like to say that I might be away for a while now,since I've got lots of work and revision to do for my exams.Starting tommorow...

5000 Posts & New Emblem.

I've now got 5000 Posts and a New Emblem.

Here's the new Emblem:

E3 2011 New Game Ninja Icon

Here's some info about it:

E3 2011 New Game Ninja

Hi, this achievement is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This achievement is awesome. I followed a game announced at E3 2011 during the week of E3 and inherited REAL ULTIMATE POWER.

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