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The "regulations" and why they will cause me to leave GameSpot.

1. time renders all things trite

I have been here for years now, I have posted in thousands of times, viewed more then two million threads and have really enjoyed my time here. I spent so much time on this site because it has been a supplement to one of my favorite hobbies: gaming.

Lately, however, these boards have been having the inverse effect on this hobby I enjoy so much. What once acted as a support has evolved to crutch, a crutch that is not holding my interests in the same way it used to.

Simply put: I am bored. The internet side of video games runs a nauseating circuit with reoccurring phrases, mannerisms and opinions. It's one big, massive, cliché that is beginning to drive me insane.

The following phrases and words have worn out their welcome:

"(blank) brings nothing new to the table."


"breath of fresh air."

"(blank) was a cinematic experience."

"(blank) vs. (blank)."


What is so wrong with these phases/words? Let me explain.

Using pre-made sayings and commonly used words breeds two kinds of actions. First, they encourage unimaginative writing and, asa result, unimaginative thinking. "I believe that (this game) doesn't have enough original concepts and ideas to highlight itself against the massive amount of other titles," soon turns into a simple, "(this game) brings nothing new to the table."

The second thing that happens is that you are on a board with 10,000+ people and everyone has the same damn thing to say.I don't come onto these forums to see a modified version of the same post when I click on a topic. I want to see original ideas, ways of expressing one's self. Ways that are different then my own. One of the best aspects of the internet is dying, rotting away on top of these words that are expressing the same thing over and over again.

2. Unpopular opinion be damned.

There is something that I like to call the common brainin System Wars, and (in some cases) the internet in general. People develop opinions about certain titles, developers and genres, and slowly those opinions are expanded. The two ways that this happens is through original development of the opinion or through repetition. Original development would include someone's own opinion being mutated or changed by way of people voicing their thoughts over and over again until we begin to agree with them purely because it what we have grown used to.

Before you know it you have a board full of people who have adapted this "common brain" and are all thinking exactly alike. It may seem strange, but here's a short list of things that have seemed to circulate around System Wars:

"Japanese RPGs contain characters depicting spiky haired boys who are confused about their sexuality."

"Western RPGs are the hight of the market and are the most developed."

"Popular = poor. Only the niche will survive."

"Disk swapping is a bad thing."

"The Mario series holds the best platforming and cannot be bested by any other of its kind.

"The Wii doesn't have any good games."

"'Real' action games will be defined by their ability to have intricate combos and combat that's ocean deep."

These are just a few of the many ideas that circulate through the minds, onto the keyboards and out into the vast abyss of the internet. Before you know it you have drones and drones of people who are just assemblages of other people's thoughts. If that's the case, then what is the point of being an individual? If you are one of the few who has denied these ideas, then damn what you say.

3. Age will illuminate all things...

It seems that as time goes on, we look back on things and say "Yeah, it was good back then." A most recent example might be my High School career. When I was involved in my work and practically drowning in it, I swore it was the most horrible thing in existence. However, I look back on it now an think "You know, that was actually one of the best times of my life."

To defy the first point I made about pre-made phrases: The grass is always greener on the other side. My thoughts about the old High School I attended apply directly to games as well. We look back at all of these series that have given us hours and hours of entertainment and which entries do we believe to be the best? The old ones.

Subject 1:Let's take Final Fantasy as a most recent example. With the launch of Final Fantasy XIII approaching next year, we find a series of posts not excited for the title - but the exact opposite - people are up in arms about the game. They want the old Final Fantasy formula back with the world map, non-linear design, etc. It's fine to express passion for the way a series used to be designed, but what about evolution?

Subject 2: Halo is one of the most commonly known series of all time, hell, my mom even known about Halo. What do people say about Halo? That the series has degraded over time and that Halo: Combat Evolved is still the greatest in the series. Does anyone even remember Combat Evolved? It had copy and paste level design, one horrible level in particular (The Library) and another level where you went backwards through the same level you just visited except it was at night.

The bottom line is that the series has only developed stronger and stronger as new entries have been release but people don't seem to acknowledge that. It's like they are so entangled with their memories of what once was that they don't even realize.

Shake hands with the past, but embracethe future lest we fall into a cycle of constant dissatisfaction.

4. The internet is a popularity contest and I am losing.

First and foremost: this is a personal matter. There really isn't anything that would drive you read any of this unless you are interested.

Basically, I am

Tired of being made so very, verysmall.

As I stated at the beginning of my post, I have been here for years and years. I have dumped hours onto this site expressing my views and trying to give something back to the community with my God of War III, Dissidia and SoulCalibur IV Hype Threads, but it has yielded me very, very little.

Fors some bizarre and unknown reason, my efforts to be a staple of the community have died. No one really respects me, agrees with me or has much regard for my posts and thoughts. That's fine but after so many years, I guess I was hoping for a little more. It's a silly thing to complain about, I know, but it's left me with a rotten taste of disappointment in my mouth and I am not satisfied.

Anyway guys, I don't really think I'm going to be around here much longer. I think I will finish up my God of War Hype Thread and throw in the towel. I have had a lot of fun over the years but it just isn't enough for me anymore.

So long, GameSpot. I hardly knew you.