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MGS4 Is Coming: My Fears and Certainties.

I have been waiting for MGS4 for a long time. It's the conclusion to my favorite game series, and the ending of a saga. My expectations for this game are low - basically I will be happy with the game no matter what. Kojima knows how big this game is, and he won't screw anything significant up. That being said, I still have a few fears. Here they are:

  1. Will my collectors edition be beat up and dented? I might cry if it is...
  2. The voice acting in the MGS games has always been spectacular, but it has always had it's moments of weakness. It was basically flawless in MGS3, but MGS2 had some cheese-ball moments. I hope they can avoid all of that for MGS4.
  3. Seriously, will the story disappoint me?
  4. I hope the the ending is just as epic and powerful as Snake Eater's. It would probably seal the envelope on this being on of the greatest games I have played.
  5. The scores. I really don't give a crap what the game gets on any of the major sites. I really don't. Nothing will stop me from charging into the store at the midnight launch with reckless abandon. I am worried that unless the game is highly successful score-wise that fanboys will bash the game without every touching it. I worry that it could effect game sales.

MGS has always gotten a lot of things right, and below are things I am not worried about. It's based off the released trailers and the MGO Beta.

  1. The graphics will be amazing. All the previews have stated how stunning the game looked, and that it competed with the best-of-the-best. The Beta looked wonderful.
  2. The sound. The MGO had incredible sound effects for everything. The game uses uncompressed audio files, and everything sounds incredibly crisp as a result.
  3. The gameplay. The controls have always been tricky for the MGS games, but not anymore. They have made everything feel perfect, pulling off the CQC, shooting, and crouching all feel very natural. Now I am just as excited to play MGS as I am to find out the story!
  4. The cinematics in the game will be mind blowing - what else is there to say?
  5. MGO will be freaking amazing. The Beta displayed the most entertaining online I have played since Halo 2. I am very excited to get in there and start leveling my character!
No matter what happens to Snake - one thing is for sure - this game will rule. 19 days left until I can sneak out. :wink: